The Surprising Act of Nathan Scott

That night the gang had a great laugh as they watched the video Rory and Lorelai captured of Dan and Nathan, during their meeting, the tape also showed Deb in the background holding in her giggles while clutching her stomach. Many of the kids asked for a copy of the tape, they all thought the same thing after they finished watching the tape, "this year is going to be extremely interesting with the Gilmores around." They finished the night by falling asleep while mocking the new Willy Wonka movie, with Johnny Depp in it. They all fell asleep in the theatre/ screening room.

The Next Morning, Rory and Jake were the first to wake up. They went up to Rory's room and took turns using the shower to get ready for school. Rory came into her room in a towel.

Rory looked at Jake, "Hey Jake...."

Jake looked amused, "Yeah Ror?"

Rory pouted while requesting a favour, "While I get dressed, can you follow the map, that I gave you, and grab the tape my mom and I made last tonight?"

Jake sighed, "Sure Ror, anything for you."

Rory looked excited, "So when you're down there you want to put on some coffee!!!"

Jake acted unsure and jokingly replied, "Umm I will have to think about that, I don't know."

The two did not notice everyone had woken up and now were watching them argue.

Rory pouted, "Please pretty please!! I will forever be in debt to you for making me coffee!!!"

Jake groaned, "Don't look at me like that!"

She continued to pout as everyone else continued to watch the pair in amusement.

Jake finally gave up, "Fine I will go get you coffee if you stop looking at me like that."

Rory just nodded and happily turned to collect her clothes.

As Jake walked away he started to mumble, "Stupid look should be illegal."

This is when Lucas decided to pipe up, "She just moved here and she already has you whipped."

The two spun around, and noticed everyone including Lorelai not only looking at them with curiosity but also pure amusement. As soon as everyone was noticed they laughed hysterically.

Lorelai then started to pout as well, "I was about to say that it is not nice to steal my words, basketball boy. It's really really mean!"

Which then caused Lucas to groan and rush to say, "Ok I'm sorry how about I get you some coffee to make up for it?"

That made Lorelai nod quite enthusiastically and everyone else just laugh some more including Jake this time.

Jake laughingly retorted, "Looks like I am not the only one whipped by a Gilmore Girl."

Lorelai nodded excitedly, "Every man ends up like it eventually. No man can resist the Gilmore girl charm."

After that statement everyone went to get ready for the day as Jake did the tasks Rory had asked him to do.

When they were finished getting ready they all got in their separate cars and headed for school. Lorelai had agreed to watch Jenny for the day; the two girls were going to spend the day planning out the hotel at Karen's Cafe.

When the group got to school they split up and Haley, Lucas, Jake, and Rory ended up walking to their lockers together. While they were at their lockers talking, Nathan and Tim walked by; the group was holding in their laughter.

Rory stopped them and nonchalantly asked, "Did you enjoy meeting my mom last night?"

And with that she walked off arm in arm with Jake and Haley, heading to her first period class, World Literature.

Nathan and Tim looked dumbfounded. Only when the bell rang did they realize that they had to quickly get into their first period classroom as to not be late. Once in class and doing work Nathan's mind started to wander. He had basketball after school which meant there was cheerleading practice and he would get to see Rory. He focused all of his attention during class to come up with a way for Rory to notice him. After the next game he would just have to have a party because then she would come since all the cheerleaders are always invited. That way she would come with Peyton and Brooke and he would be able to get some alone time with her and convince her to date him. Plus it would get her away from Jake because Jake was never at the parties because he had something else he needed to occupy his time with. Nathan continued with his thoughts of Rory the entire class and when the bell rang he did not even realize it had until Tim put a hand on his shoulder. With that Nathan ignored all thoughts of Rory and continued onto his next class, which he just so happened to have with Rory and Peyton, so once he got settled into his seat he once again had his thoughts run off to a place dedicated to all his Rory thoughts. He didn't even realize that the teacher was calling him until she put her hands on his desk and loudly reprimanded, "MR. SCOTT if you could start paying attention so we can get on with our lessons that would be appreciated!" With that she went back up to the front of the room and continued the class. Nathan turned to see the girls and they were looking at him laughing at him quietly in the corner of the room where they sat. Nathan thought Rory looked gorgeous today, and that thought once again started to make his mind wander. This continued on during the rest on the period and when the bell went Nathan was considering slamming his head against his desk because it might be the only way he could concentrate. He decided he had to do something to make it just as hard for Rory so he walked out of the class quickly and caught up to Rory who was in the library for her free period, when he got to her he turned her to face him then kissed her lips as passionately as he could, and surprisingly to him, she started to kiss him back. They made out for about five minutes, and then Nathan pulled away from her, gave her a look and walked out of the library heading to the gym to meet the basketball players who also had a free period.