I opened my eyes for the first time.

"And you shall be known as Gabrielle," a soft musical voice says.

"W-who are you? What am I?" strange sounds came out of my mouth, yet somehow I know they are words, and understand their meaning.

"I am The Creator, and you are an angel," says The Creator.

"Why am I here?" I ask, puzzled, trying to figure out what an 'angel' is supposed to do.

"I've planned for a long time on how the world will be. There will be lots of evil, but it will only make the good stand out. There will be born a child who will grow to be a pin-point of light among a species of monsters. His son will be your other half, your soul-mate. I made you to find him. You won't be happy without him."

"How will I find him?" I ask, frightened, if I don't find him, I won't know happiness.

"I shall incarnate you as a human, and give you a few abilities so you can survive. I f you perish, you will turn up again here, and I will send you back, hopefully, better equipped.

"Good bye Gabrielle. Good luck!"