Author's note: this was a very sarcastic piece that I wrote when I became entirely fed up with all the rediculous sue partnerships (like the all too common Legomances) dispersed throughout the website. Meant to be slightly saddening (how would you feel if you were the daughter/son of a runamuck sue?), but its mostly sarcasm. Enjoy.

There are few words to describe the feeling of exile. Every morning I wake up to look into my mirror, the glossy surface happily reflecting glimpses of early sun into my face, illuminating the features. Rarely have I stared back into the piecing brown eyes of my mother and not flinch at the painful contrast between them and the fair skin of my father. The tips of my ears sliding through the blond long locks of my hair, ending in disproportionately long points: a mere mockery of the elegant features of the woodland elves. Every morning I slip into the beautiful dresses of the nobility, feeling out of place as the gorgeous designs drape over my skin.

I feel so old and yet so young, my mind fully aware of every passing moment but my body indifferent to the years that flow ceaselessly past. We still know not of what shall become of my life, if I will be an immortal like my father or die at an elderly age far later on. For now it does not matter though, I simply must suffer through the awkward glances that my fellow elves shoot from across the dinning table. Never once in the history of Mirkwood has there been an impurely blooded being been considered a kin. I suppose it is something that we all must acclimate to, including the other nobility elves...will they ever notice me?

Sigh...But I can not blame either of my parents for this. My mother, my dear sweet mother, was thrust against her will into this realm to fulfill her prophecy of saving Middle Earth. It was she that single-handedly forced back a wall of orcs closing in on the Fellowship in Mordor, her courage burning fiercely as her swords danced about. She had then fallen weakly into the arms of the man of who was to become my father, the fate of Middle Earth secured by her actions. They had fallen instantly in love with one another, and married as soon as they returned to Mirkwood…and they both rejoiced when I was born.

They both loved me dearly, my father still expressing his happiness towards me with the few short times that he may spare to speak with me. But my mother……It was the will of the Gods that she return to her home land, only four years after my birth, for some higher purpose. "I'll come back for you, I promise," were the words she spoke before she was swept away by blinding streaks of light, leaving me and my father alone in the forest clearing where we departed. I remembered weeping instantly at her brutal disappearance, clutching the leggings of my father who stood beside me for a long time. He did not speak anything to comfort me, his own eyes choked with tears that threatened to pour down his face. "I'll come back for you, I promise…"

Eighty and four years it has been since she spoke those words, and they still ring in my mind as I sleep at night. Every night.