This is my first fan fiction…. Sort of strange to be writing something like this. This was based on a very random conversation I had with my friends.

Disclaimer: I don't own Lucky Star or any of its characters (I wish I did!)


Another boring day…

Konata: Hey, Miyuki…


Konata: Why do we call a pair of pants a pair of pants? It's singular, after all.

Long silence…………………………….

Miyuki: Ah, ah, ah…. Sweatdrop

Kagami: Well, there are two holes for your legs, right?

Konata: Then why don't we call it a pair of pant legs?

Tsukasa: Well, maybe it's because it doesn't sound good that way!

Kagami: That's reasonable…

Miyuki: But there are three holes; one for your hips and two for you legs!

Konata: Hm…

Kagami annoyed: Why are you asking, anyways? What brought this up?

Konata: Well, I was getting up in the morning, and I was really tired since I just pulled an all-nighter. I thought my shirt were pants and I tried to put them on. And then the idea just popped up.

Tsukasa: Ah! I do that too sometimes!

Kagami: Eh, Tsukasa? You never told me that.

Miyuki: Yes, that happens to me a lot as well.

All stare at Kagami………………………

Konata speaking with her head turned: I see… Kagami is too cool to admit that she does this some times.

Kagami: It's not that! I don't do it at all!

Tsukasa: That's right, Kagami is never very clumsy.

Konata: Eh? But with the weight she's putting on, she's bound to trip or something sometimes.

Kagami: Don't put me in your league, Konata.

Miyuki: Ah, class is starting soon. We'd better hurry.

Funny music plays…


Idiotic I know... Well, it was harder to write about anime than i thought it would be...