Disclaimer: Okay this is a story about someone who joins the Akatsuki. Find out who it is.

Hana Inuzuka was in the woods with her dogs. They were trying to find Kiba. Kiba had been gone missing for 3 weeks. Hana was getting worried. Was he in danger? The dogs came back with nothing.

"Where are you Kiba" Hana said to herself.

Just then she heard an explosion. It was coming from Konoha. She and her dogs went to see what was going on. When they got there the place was set on fire as if someone put a bomb on it. Just then she saw a huge white bird in the sky. On the bird there were 2 people wearing black robes with red clouds on it. She looked down to see a bloody Iruka chasing after it.

"COME BACK WITH NARUTO!" Iruka said, before he fell to the ground. Hana ran to his side and helped him up.

"Hana they got Naruto, and that's not all. One of them is-" Iruka fainted before he finished.

Hana took him and set him against the tree and went on to find some more people to safety.
Naruto's POV

Naruto woke up on a large bird to see the man that killed Gaara. Deidara. He got up mad as hell.

"YOU!" Naruto screamed at Deidara. He charged at him, but a huge dog the size of a horse was in his way growling at him. He turned to see another Akatsuki member. He couldn't tell who he was considering he was wearing a hood.

"Good boy, Akamaru" Kiba said.

"Akamaru?" Naruto said in confusion. The dog was simular to Kiba's and it to was named Akamaru.

"Kiba?" Naruto asked. The man took his hood off, revealing his face.

"Sit down and shut up" the man said.

"KIBA!" Naruto screamed. He looked at Kiba. The headband on his head had a huge scratch on it and he wore the robe.

"YOU JOINED THE AKATSUKI!?!?" Naruto screamed again in shock, he looked at Deidara who was paying attention to wear he was going. NAruto was about to attack, but Kiba pounced on him making fall to the ground. Kiba had a kunai held up to Naruto's neck.

"You hurt Deidara and I will kill you" Kiba said.

"HE KILLED GAARA!!! YOU WANT TO PROTECT A MONSTER!!!" Naruto screamed in anger.


"NOW SHUT IT!" Kiba ordered.

Naruto never saw Kiba like this before.

"Why? Why did you join them?" Naruto said.

Kiba stood up and looked at the sky.

"Because I never had a lot of people believe in me. My mom kept making comments about the way me and Akamaru fought and she was a big push-over. All I wanted was someone to believe in me. The entire Akatsuki did that. With that I got stronger and Deidara trained me to be strong by believing in me. Now shut up!" Kiba said.

"What about Hinata and Shino? Did you kill them in that explosion?" Naruto said.

"Me and Deidara took them and dropped them off out of Konoha. I didn't want them to get hurt" Kiba said.

Naruto looked at KIba with anger yet sympathy.

"We're here, un" Deidara said.

The Akatsuki cave was by the large stream where he chased him and Gaara. A large boulder moved out of the way giving them the entrance to the cave. The bird flew in and they saw right in front of them the Akatsuki leader.

"We're sorry we're late,un" Deidara said.

"Its about fucking time" That sounded like Hidan.

Kiba lifted NAruto off the ground and wrapped an arm around his neck. He shoved him to the middle of the large boulders. There was a large statue in front of them. Kiba took a bunch of chains and chained Naruto's wrists and ankles. The chains were nailed to the ground.

"Kiba, if you join the Akatsuki you are weak" NAruto said.

"Look who's talking" Kiba said with a smile on his face.

"Come on Kiba-kun. Its time, un" Deidara said.

"Just to let you know Naruto, I have been going out with Deidara" Kiba said.

"WHAT?!?!?" Naruto couldn't believe it. He's been loving Deidara for a long time.

Kiba jumped up on his rock. The rocks began to glow and on the rocks were Japanese letters of symbols.

"If you get the time Naruto, tell the devil I said hi" Kiba said.

Just then Naruto can feel the demon being pulled out of him. He screamed in pain. When every last bit was gone, Naruto fell to the ground dead.

Kiba smiled. He triumphed over Naruto. He always wanted to get back at him eversince the Chunnin exams.

"What do we do with the body?" Kakuzu said.

"I say Deidara and Kiba go to Konoha and drop the corpse on top of the memorial statue, not only to piss Kakashi off, but to show a message that we rule now" Kisame said.

"Sounds like a plan" Kakuzu said.

"I agree" Pein said."Deidara, Kiba take the body and put it on the memorial statue."

"Yes leader-sama, un" Deidara said.

Kiba unchanged the corpse of Naruto Uzamaki and took him. He set the corpse in the mouth of the bird and hopped on. Deidara hopped on with Kiba and they took off.

When they got to Konoha Deidara helped Kiba get the dead Naruto out of the bird's mouth. They placed the corpse on the statue. Deidara went behind Kiba and wrapped his arm around Kiba's neck.

"We did good" Deidara said.

"You did good Dei Dei" Kiba said.

Kiba faced Deidara and gave him a long kiss on the lips.

"Lets go before they find us" Kiba said.

They both hopped on the bird leaving the dead Uzamaki there. When they disappeared into the skies. However the copy-cat ninja came there a little late. He saw Naruto's corpse on the statue. A tear rolled down his face. Asuma, Kurenai, and Guy were there shocked. Kakashi fell to his knees when he saw the body. He punched the dirt really hard.

"Where too late" Kakashi said, sadly.

Kurenai heard moans coming from the bushes. She walked over there to see Hinata on the ground unconcious.

"HINATA!" she bent down to her side and lifted her up.

"Kurenai-sensei" Hinata mumbled.

"Who did this?"

"Kiba did this, he said it was for our own good" Hinata said.

"Why Kiba?"

"He told me that he found a new path to be stronger" Hinata said. She fainted in her arms.

"I found the Abrame" Guy said, lifting Shino up.

"Kiba must have known the explosion was going to happen and brought these 2 over here. But why did he knock them out and leave?" Kurenai thought to herself.

Shino was gaining consious.

"Kiba was acting different. And what he was wearing. His headband had a slash on it and he wore a black robe with red clouds on it" Shino said, trying to give them some info.

Kakashi knew right away. Black robes with red clouds, slashed headband.

"Kiba got into the Akatsuki!" Kakashi said.

Kurenai, Guy, and Asuma were shocked.

"Now I understand. Kiba brought Hinata and Shino up here so they wouldn't get hurt and then knocked them out so they wouldn't follow him. It makes sence now" Kurenai said.

"I don't care if he is your student or not Kurenai I will kill Kiba" Kakashi said.

"I wouldn't blame ya. Lets get these guys to the medical nins. They'll help them out. We'll bring Naruto with us" Kurenai said.

Kakashi stared at the blonde haired corpse. His mouth wide open and his eyes opend rolled to the back of his head. Kakashi got Naruto. Naruto's shirt was up a little. Kakashi saw that the seal is gone! They took the Kyubbi out of him.

They all rushed to the paramedic center.

Chapter 2: Save a life give a sacrifice

On the next Inuzuka Akatsuki:

Sakura is given a desicion to bring Naruto back, but for her own life. Will she do it?