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EVeryone was in the Akatsuki hide-out because Pein called in for a meeting.

"Okay, the hokage down at Konoha has brung Naruto back to life" Pein said.

"So what's so fucking bad about that" Hidan said.

"It means that Naruto knows where the base is he is going to rat out on where we are" Kiba said.

"That is correct Kiba" Pein said.

"WHat are we going to do leader samma?" Deidara asked.

"I want you to send bombs around the perimeter of the hide-out incase they come. I also want you and Kiba to go back to Konoha and blow it up again. Hidan I want you to watch the hide-out with Konan. Itachi you are going with Deidara and Kiba on this mission just in case they need more back up. Kisame I want you to go spy with Zetsu incase things get rough. Kakuzu stay here in the hide-out. Incase Hidan starts getting beheaded. I will watch from the hide-out on the roof. Now go!" Pein ordered.

Everyone was out. Deidara packed some more clay and began making little clay bugs. He let them wonder around the perimeter of the hide-out. They dug themselves under ground waiting for command. Deidara dug some more clay out of his bag and made a large clay bird. Both Kiba and Deidara hopped on it and they both took off.

Meanwhile in Konoha the counsel was deciding on a new hokage. They all ruled in favor for a strong masked copy-cat ninja.

"Me?" Kakashi asked, shocked.

"Yes. It seems that Naruto knows about the where abouts of the hide-out now and we need someone strong to be leader. We are sending in a squad full of our best shinobi and the new hokage to go after the Akatsuki" One of the council said.

"What happens if I say yes" Kakashi asked.

"You will go on the mission" another one said.

"Who is on the squad on the mission" Kakashi said.

"Naruto Uzamaki, Sakura Haruno, Shino Abrame, Hinata Hyuuga, and Neji Hyuuga. We will also give you an assistant for this mission"

"Who's the assistant?" Kakashi asked.

"I am" said a woman's voice behind him. He turned around to see Kurenai.

"Alright. I'll do it" Kakashi said.

'Glad that you are Kakashi. We need a hokage like you in Konoha' Kurenai thought to herself.

"Alright, you guys will be leaving in one hour. Go to the Konoha gates by then" another one said.

Kurenai was already however she had a backpack on filled with medical supplies, and weapons.

She waited at the Konoha gates and in 5 minutes she saw Kakashi.

"Hello new hokage" Kurenai said, being a smart ass.

"WHatever Kur" Kakashi said. Kurenai giggled.

50 minutes later they both saw Naruto running there way.

"KAKASHI SENSEI!" Naruto ran and screamed at the same time.

Naruto then skidded to a hault.

"I heard you became hokage! NO FAIR!" Naruto screamed.

Just then Sakura came in.

"Congrats Kakashi" Sakura said.

"Thank you" Kakashi said.

Shino, Hinata, andNeji all came in.

"N-n-Naruto-kun" Hinata studdered.

"We just heard you became hokage Kakashi, congrats" Shino said.

Neji didn't say anything.

"Lets get going shall we" Kakashi ordered.

Everyone was off to the AKatsuki base. Naruto leading the way considering he knew where he was going.

Naruto's mind was traced with thoughts about Kiba.

"Kiba, I will kill you" Naruto thought to himself.

Kiba and Deidara were all in the sky on the bird. Kiba sniffing out for enemies. Itachi staring at him. Deidara was controlling the bird. They weren't talking to one another after what happened with Itachi and Kiba the other day. They finally made it to Konoha.

"Lets make an art show shall we, un" Deidara took some clay out of his bag and made a few birds of them. It was when someone jumped up in the air next to the bird. It was Kiba's sister Hana.

Kiba jumped at her and pushed her before she landed on the bird. Unfortantly he still had his hood on and Hana had no idea that Kiba was an Akatsuki member.

"Who are you?" Hana screamed.

"I thought you would reconize me dear sister" Kiba said.

"Wait your" Hana said as they fell from the bird.

Kiba took off his hood showing his face.

"K-K-K-Kiba" Hana studdered at who she was seeing.

Deidara looked down and so did Itachi looking.

"KIBA!" Deidara screamed.

Kiba let go of Hana and he landed in the trees. (I forgot to say Akamaru was with them).

Akamaru looked down at his owner. They both looked down at the trees where Kiba landed. Kiba jumped back up into the air and landed on the bird.

Deidara and Itachi stood back up.

"Sister issues?" Deidara asked. Kiba nodded his head. Itachi just stared at him more.

After Deidara was done making more clay bugs he threw them on the ground. One landed on the ramen stand and the other one landed on the hokage's office. He made a few birds and just let them soar the city.

"Katsu!" Deidara yelled. The bombs went off in a skinny minute. The clay birds destroyed almost half of the city. Just then they heard a rustle in the bushes. Itachi looked down to see Hana coming back up. She landed on the bird on one knee in a fighting pose.

"Why Kiba, why would you betray your own village. Lady hokage risked her life for Naruto because you and the Akatsuki killed him" Hana said, tears in her eyes.

"Have you ever had that feeling of someone beliveing in you. When I was in the chunnin exams and I had to fight Naruto and lost Mom beat the living shit out of me for loosing to a weakling and I had a lot of people believe in me on that day but I let everyone down. Here in the Akatsuki I have power. I'm stronger now and I am going to show them what I am made of" Kiba said.

"But betraying something for power is a weakling" Hana said.

"Shut up!" Kiba quickly grabbed her by her neck and choked her.

"I did not leave this village because of power. I left it because the Akatsuki believed in me and I loved that felling. I also love someone" Kiba said, looking at Deidara.

Hana was shocked.

"NOW DIE!" Kiba yelled. He took kunai and cut her cheek with it and threw her off the bird.

Hana fell in the trees and landed on some branches. She was still alive.

"Lets leave here as quickly as we can" Kiba said.

"Sure, un"

Everything was on fire and burnt to the ground. Everyone was running around, mothers trying to protect there children, and husbands trying to save there wifes. Kiba actually smiled at this.

"This is art" Kiba said.

They left as soon as possible flying away. Kiba looked back on what was his so called home and looked at Deidara.

"You did good" Kiba said.

"Thank you, un"

Kiba gave him a peck on the lips. Jealousy was seen through Itachi's eyes. He snarled at Deidara and turned away.


Naruto was guiding the squad to the Akatsuki hide-out which was right across the forest. When they got there Naruto paused.

"We're here" Naruto said.

Just then a large clay bird flew over them. Kakashi squinted his eye and saw Kiba, Deidara, and Itachi on it.

Kakashi quickly activated his sharingan, and Neji and Hinata activated their Bykugan. Shino quickly got his bugs ready and Sakura got in her fighting pose.

"KIBA!" Naruto yelled angrly.

"What's the matter douche bag?" Kiba said.

"I am going to kill you for everything you did to the villange, to me, and to lady Tsunade" Naruto said.

Kiba folded his arms, closed his eyes, and smiled. "Lady Tsunade killed herself all on her own. It doesn't matter. She killed herself out of saving you. She was a dumb ass for killing herself for the likes of you."

Naruto got even more angry and so did Kakashi.

Itachi, Kiba, Deidara, and Akamaru jumped off the bird and in front of them.

"Don't forget about us" the three of them looked to see Hidan and Konan.

"Well lets get this fucking started" Hidan said, holding his skythe in a fighting posistion.

Chapter 4: When all is lost one ninja is gone

A very skilled ninja has died. Who is it? Who will win? Find out?


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