D.W. gets hauled off to the mental institution

D.W. was talking to her best (imaginary) friend, Nadine. "You're my best friend in the whole world!" She said to the air in front of her, "Let's have a tea party!" She set up chairs for her stuffed animals, and one for "Nadine." "The Tibbles annoy me so much, Nadine." D.W. said as if she was carrying on a conversation with a normal person, "They always eat my crayons and draw pictures of Bionic Bunny in my Mary Moo Cow books!" The air in the chair just sat there. Arthur and Buster came outside, holding their Bionic Bunny comic books. "Oh, sweet!" Arthur yelled as he got out his video camera, "I can finally humiliate D.W. in front of the entire Elwood city!" Arthur pushed the record button as he and Buster fought to make themselves stop laughing. "Arthur and Buster annoy me so much, Nadine." D.W. said to the air, "Buster's so weird and his ears are too big. And he smells like rotten cheese!" Buster almost lunged forward to beat up D.W. "Buster, no!" Arthur whispered loudly, "If you beat up D.W., we won't get a video of her acting crazy!" Buster stopped himself abruptly. He and Arthur had nothing else better to do, anyway. "There." Arthur pressed as he pushed the "stop" button on the video camera, "We finally got proof." "WHAT PROOF?" D.W. yelled psychotically. "That you're a psychopath!" Buster yelled as he made the cuckoo sign. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" D.W. yelled as she jumped at Buster and attempted to beat him up. "Arthur, help!" Screamed Buster, "she's eating my Rubber Chicken Puffs!" (Don't ask. Seriously, I am a very random, weird person. I don't even know where that word came from.) Arthur ran into the house. He knew just what would put a stop to D.W.'s crazy behavior. He knew she loved Rubber Chicken Puffs. He had made these a long time ago: Chloroform-filled Rubber Chicken Puffs that he would use when he had finally had enough of D.W. Why hadn't he used them earlier, you might ask? It was a diabolical experiment that he and the Brain had come up with. He would give D.W. the "Sleeping Pills", if you will, and she would get knocked out for a couple of hours. The next thing you know, she would wind up in the mental institution, and D.W. would be gone forever! Arthur's ultimate plan… Arthur walked out the front door, carrying the "sleeping pills", a little swagger in his step. "D.W…" he coaxed, "I have something for you." "RUBBER CHICKEN PUFFS!!!!!" D.W. yelled as she made a beeline for Arthur and her favorite treat, "GIMME GIMME GIMME!!!!!" D.W. then fell into a deep sleep…

The next thing she knew, D.W. was in a white jacket with the arms crossed, and she was sitting at a big table with everyone she knew surrounding her. "What am I doing here!!!!" D.W. screamed as she tried to break free of the straight jacket. "D.W.," said Grandma Thora, "we think you need help. Arthur brought to my attention a very serious issue." "Yes, D.W.," her parents said, "We know you have anger issues." "I don't have anger issues!" D.W. yelled, "Arthur's just stupid!" "D.W.," Nadine said, "don't listen to them." D.W.'s eyes suddenly dilated and she turned back to her "calm" self. She was always like that when she was around Nadine. "Nadine says not to listen to you." D.W. said in a slightly psychotic voice, "We're going to transform the world into unicorn land!" She got up and started doing the Soulja Boy dance. "D.W.," said Arthur with a slight smirk on his face, "these men are going to help you." "WHAT?" D.W. yelled. Suddenly, two security guards in white suits grabbed D.W. by her arms. "Don't worry." They said as if they were talking to an idiot, "We're going to take you to a nice, happy place." "NOOOOOO!" D.W. yelled as Arthur couldn't stop laughing.