October Tenth, was considered to be a day of celebration for all those in the village in Konoha. It was the day that the Yondaime defeated the great nine-tailed fox bijuu, Kyuubi by sealing it inside a small child. Of course, this day wasn't a day of celebration for everyone in Konoha. For some it was a day of mourning to the loved ones they lost to the fox demon, but to one person in particular, it was the day he feared because of the beatings he received. This child's name was Uzumaki Naruto, and he feared this day more then anything else in his life.

Uzumaki Naruto was the child that the Yondaime used to seal the great fox demon in five years ago. He was an orphan, but he didn't live at the orphanage because they always kicked him out or beat him for something that he didn't do. His life would be considered hell by anyone who saw what he was forced to endure, but to the villagers it was believed he was getting what he deserved because of all the destruction he caused many years ago to their village. They failed to realize that Naruto was just the jailor for the fox and not the fox itself. It didn't matter to them what the truth was though, they just needed a scapegoat and Naruto was the perfect candidate.

The Sandaime tried to protect the boy by passing a law that forbid anyone from talking about the truth of what happened to Kyuubi, but it didn't work because the younger generation took after their parents and shunned the boy as well. The old Hokage never thought he would ever be ashamed of his village before, but the villagers were slowly proving him wrong with their attitude towards the small child. He could only sigh before returning to his paperwork that plagued him everyday.

Unknown to the Sandaime, right this moment a group of ANBU had beat Uzumaki Naruto to within an inch of his life and were currently depositing him somewhere far outside the village.

"Finally our village will be rid of this monster," said Han with a smirk as they traveled to the borders of the Land of Water.

"Serves the demon right, too bad no one will know it was us," said Yuri as she glared at the bag that contained the demon.

"Come on you two, the sooner we get rid of this trash the sooner we can return home," said Ray as he picked up the pace. The two just nodded before following their squad leader to the borders of the Land of Water.

It didn't take long for the three to reach the borders of Fire Country and Water Country. The trio were about to drown the child in the ocean, but before they could a voice interrupted them.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? Three Konoha ANBU in the Land of Water, must be my lucky day," said a large shark-like man, with a bloodthirsty grin on his face.

"We have no business with you, we are just here to get rid of a plague to our village," said Han as he discreetly reached for a kunai.

"I could care less why you are here, I just want a good fight," laughed the man as he removed the large Zanbato off his back.

"Ray-sempai, take care of the demon while we deal with this nuke-nin," said Yuri as he drew her ninja-to.

"Be careful, I will be right back," said Ray before taking off into the woods while Han and Yuri charged towards the large man.

"Ha-ha, you actually think you stand a chance. Samehade will take great joy in feasting on your blood," laughed the man as he easily forced the two ANBU on the defensive with his impressive speed and superior sword skills.


"Damn demon brat, causing us so much trouble," growled Ray as he threw the bag containing the boy into the ocean, but before it could fall into the water, the water took the shape of the man that he had just run away from about two minutes ago and caught the bag.

"You seem to be in a real hurry to get rid of this bag, I wonder what is in it," said the man as he slowly opened the bag and was disgusted what he saw inside of it. There was a child no older the five inside the bag and he looked to have multiple broken bones with many bruises and cuts.

"What is this?" growled the man angrily as he looked down into the bag.

"I am merely getting rid of a demon, you wouldn't understand," said Ray as he took a defensive stance.

"I will show you a true demon," said a voice from behind the man. Ray turned around in fear, but before he could do anything, the man had cut him in half vertically.

"Hmm, now let's see what I should with this child," said Kisame as he placed the boy on the ground and took a good look at him. He noticed that the boy had red chakra flowing off him and was healing all of his injuries. In a few hours, the boy would be perfectly healed and not even have any scars to show for the rough beating he probably took.

"So the boy is a Jinchuuriki, interesting," said Kisame as he started a small fire as his clone caught some fish for his dinner. He didn't get to think more on the matter before he felt Samehade pulse slightly and he removed his sword from his back and looked at it surprised.

"Ha-ha, it seems you have caught the interest of my sword Jinchuuriki, but we shall see if you are strong enough to survive my training," laughed Kisame with a crazed grin on his face as he stared down at Naruto.


"Ugh, where I am?" asked Naruto as he slowly sat up.

"It is about time you woke up, I was getting tired of waiting for your lazy ass," said Kisame. Naruto looked up and stared at Kisame in fear because of his terrifying appearance.

"Who are you?" stuttered Naruto fearfully as he started to back away. He then grabbed his head in pain as he remembered what had happened to him by those ANBU. Of course, he didn't get to think on the matter before long when he received a hard kick to his chest that sent him skidding across the ground.

"Pathetic, I thought you would prove to be a little interesting, but looking you sit on the ground in fear just makes me want to feed you to Samehade," said Kisame with a disappointed look. He truly expected more of someone who could catch the interest of his sword since Samehade was the most powerful of the seven swords of legend and it had never taken a direct interest in anyone except for himself.

"Why does everyone hate me?" muttered Naruto as red chakra started to swirl around him and his features started to change.

"Now this is what I am talking about, show me your true power Jinchuuriki," laughed Kisame insanely as he watched the child become engulfed by the red chakra.

"Why can't people just leave me alone?" roared Naruto before blurring out of existence. Kisame was surprised by the boy's speed, but easily raised his left hand and blocked the punch thrown by the rage-induced child.

"You have to do better then that if you want to prove a challenge to me," said Kisame with a smirk before slamming Naruto to the ground. Naruto just roared in pain before his eyes turned blood red and he escaped from Kisame's grasp.

Kisame could feel Samehade pulsing in excitement by the killing intent rolling off the boy and Kisame could only smirk at the child. Anyone whom could make his sword feel this excited definitely earned his respect because very few had the power to challenge the true power of his sword.

"Don't tell me that is it," taunted Kisame before disappearing from view. He reappeared behind Naruto, was about to shave his arm off, but the boy managed to dodge the attack, and released a powerful red chakra claw at him. Before the chakra claw could reach him, it disappeared, which confused the boy and made him angrier.

"Nice try, but Samehade is able to drain the chakra from anyone so using purely chakra based attacks is pointless," said Kisame with a smirk before using the flat side of his sword to knock the boy into the nearest tree, where he slumped to the ground and the red chakra disappeared.

"Why?" coughed Naruto in pain as he glared at Kisame. He was tired of the glares, the hate, and the blame for everything, but most of all he was tired of being weak. The smiling mask was gone because he knew that this man would kill him so there was no point in hiding behind a stupid mask. If only people knew how smart he really was, they would have never underestimated him or looked down on him, but it didn't matter anymore because he was going to die.

"Ha-ha, I like your style boy, but there is no denying the fact that even though you are a Jinchuuriki, you are a weakling," laughed Kisame as he placed Samehade on his back.

"Jinchuuriki?" asked Naruto confused.

"A human sacrifice, someone whom contains a bijuu of great power within them that has probably been sealed away by their kage," said Kisame. Naruto's eyes widen in realization because now everything was making sense. The hateful glares, the beatings, and everything else only happened because he contained a demon within him.

"I see you understand, it seems you are smarter then you look," laughed Kisame, which caused Naruto to glare at him.

"It doesn't matter anymore anyway, you are going to kill me so there is no point in me caring about what I am anymore," replied Naruto with a hard look in his eyes.

"Do you fear death boy?" asked Kisame as he drew his sword quickly so that the tip of it was directly in front of Naruto's right eye.

"No," answered Naruto firmly as he glared right back at the shark man.

"Ha-ha, good because the training I have in my mind for you is going to put you at the brink of death," laughed Kisame darkly as he withdrew his sword.

"Training?" asked Naruto confused.

"That's right, from now on you will be my apprentice and you shall learn all I have to teach you or I will let Samehade feast on your flesh," said Kisame seriously, as he tossed a couple of cooked fish at Naruto.

"Why should I train under you?" asked Naruto as he started to eat the fish with gusto.

"You don't have much choice boy, until you are strong enough to kill me you will be my apprentice," laughed Kisame. Naruto just glared darkly at the man before nodding his head in acceptance since he didn't have much choice.

'I will get stronger then and then I will kill you,' thought Naruto as the being inside of him started to laugh in glee at the change in behavior of his vessel.


Naruto was sleeping peacefully when he awoke by a strong kick to his stomach that sent him flying into a tree. He opened his eyes slowly, stood up, and glared at Kisame whom was standing in front of him with a smirk.

"You better learn real quick how to become aware of your surroundings or I won't be so gentle in the future," said Kisame with a smirk before tossing a ninja-to at Naruto, who caught it with some difficulty.

"I will teach you the basic of my sword style using that since you don't have the strength to wield a zanbato yet, but don't worry, we will rectify that in due time," said Kisame with a grin at the end of his sentence.

"Hai," replied Naruto as he placed the sword across his back.

"Good, now come, we need to find a better place to train at since this is too close to my former village," said Kisame before taking off at a slow speed. Of course, what was slow to him was damn fast to Naruto, but he didn't complain because he knew it would only serve to cause him trouble in the long run.

'He's learning,' thought Kisame with a smirk as he kept up his pace.


"Have you found out anything regarding Naruto and where he could have gone?" asked the Sandaime with a hopeful look in his eyes.

"I am sorry Hokage-sama, but the boy has completely disappeared," said Kakashi with a bored expression. It wasn't that he didn't care, but there was nothing he could do about what happened even though he wished he could have helped.

"Thank you for your help Kakashi-san, please tell the others I have asked to help to stop there search," said the Sandaime with a painful sigh as he got up slowly and looked out his window.

"Hai Hokage-sama," said Kakashi before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. The Sandaime just stared at the Yondaime's face on the monument with a painful expression.

'Forgive me Minato-san, but it seems I have failed to watch over your son,' thought the Sandaime as a small tear rolled down his cheek. Naruto had been gone for two weeks now and no doubt, the chances were he was kidnapped or killed during the celebrations. Damn the villagers and ninjas for their ignorance because of them, an innocent child had to suffer a life no one should have had to deal with.


Naruto was panting heavily as he tried to remain standing on top of the water. He had just mastered the tree walking exercise a few days ago and now he was being forced to master the water walking exercise. The downside was, that if he fell into the water then he would instantly become prey for one of Kisame's many water sharks.

"Your chakra control still sucks," said Kisame as he watched Naruto struggle to stand. Naruto just growled at the man, but kept his mouth shut because it would only make the man think of more sadistic ways to train him.

"Hai sensei," growled Naruto as he went back to practicing running on the water without falling in. Thank Kami, for the large chakra reserves he possessed otherwise, he would probably be dead by now from chakra exhaustion.

Kisame was growing bored of watching Naruto practicing his chakra control so after twenty minutes of watching the boy go through some sword katas on water, he started to make it interesting by having his sharks attack the boy while he was going through his katas. He found it extremely amusing how the boy was barely able to dodge the sharks and received many wounds from them, but didn't complain not once. Many might wonder what is the point in injuring one's student during a training exercise, but Kisame could easily see that with each cut the fox healed, the muscle became stronger and his skin tougher. If he kept up this training style for the boy, no doubt, he would develop good muscle definition and his skin would become as hard as his own in a few years would if not sooner.

Naruto just gritted his teeth in pain as he received another bite across his chest, but didn't dare take time to stop to look at the wound because it would only leave him open to another attack. He had to keep moving otherwise the sharks would kill him and he refused to die. As much as he hated to admit it, he could feel himself becoming stronger and faster with each passing day. Soon, he would be powerful enough to defend himself from any threat and that would be the day he would break free from his sensei and create a name for himself that would be feared throughout the elemental countries. That was his new dream, to become the most powerful so that no one would dare look down upon him again.

"You're still too slow," said Kisame as he interrupted the boy's thoughts. Naruto just grunted in pain as a shark bit him on the arm and tore out a small chunk of his skin.

"Hai sensei," replied Naruto as he refocused on dodging the damn sharks. Kisame just smirked as he continued his assault on the boy.


Naruto was currently leaning against the wall of the cave he and Kisame were staying at with a bunch of scrolls surrounding him. Kisame couldn't train him every day of the week because he had to go out and make some money so they could afford certain necessities, so he gave Naruto some scrolls that he stole from villages or off the ninja he killed that came across him. He already knew all about chakra control and how to utilize it because he used to spend most of his time at the local library in Konoha, but never got to stay long before someone would chase him off. Luckily, he had a photographic memory and easily remembered everything that he read.

He was currently looking through a few scrolls that detailed advanced chakra control beyond that of water walking which he had finally managed to master two days ago. Kisame had actually been helpful and told him that he needed to become stronger physically otherwise, the control he had over his chakra would always be messed up. He didn't explain why, but he didn't have to because he had stolen a few scrolls for Naruto to read in order for him to find the answer for him self. It didn't take him long before he understood why he needed to become stronger physically.

Chakra was made up of spiritual and physical energy so in order to have perfect chakra control you needed to have both in a perfect balance with each other. The fox inside of him gave him abnormally high spiritual power so in order to gain perfect control over his chakra he would either have to seal the fox off completely or increase his physical power. Since Kisame knew next to nothing about sealing jutsu, Naruto was forced to do the other, which was fine with him because he was already increasing his physical power with the training he did under Kisame.

The shark man may be a sadistic bastard, but he was a great sensei when it came to pushing him to his limits. Naruto did multiple stamina and endurance exercises everyday before he did his main training in taijutsu and kenjutsu. Kisame said he wasn't ready for ninjutsu until he learned to control his chakra better and the man didn't use genjutsu because it was useless against him since Samehade would drain any genjutsu of its chakra the moment someone cast it on him. This made Naruto upset because he wanted to be strong in all areas of the three main ninja arts and not just two of them. He would just have to find a way to become strong in genjutsu without Kisame's help.


It had been two years since Naruto had started to train under Kisame and he had grown passed the shark's man expectations. His chakra control had increased exponentially due to the physical training that Kisame put him through, which usually consisted of him attacking the boy at every possible moment. Naruto had even mastered a few jutsu that Kisame had decided to teach him, but mastering them was not easy.

The reason why Naruto was unable to master the jutsu as easily as he should have been able to was because that Kisame was a water user. He was able to use water jutsu without a water source nearby because of how proficient he was in using the water molecules in the air and ground to perform his jutsu. Naruto's affinity was not towards water like Kisame's was so naturally it would practically impossible for him to use water jutsu like his sensei did, but he refused to give up. When he finally was able to master the few jutsu that Kisame had taught him, his chakra control had sky rocketed to new levels because he too was now able to gather water molecules from the air and ground, but not to the same degree his sensei was.

Another major advancement in Naruto's training besides his chakra control was his kenjutsu and taijutsu. He was now able to face down three of Kisame's water clones in a purely kenjutsu fight without taking too much damage, which was saying something because even though they were only a tenth of the man's chakra, that was still a shit load considering how much chakra Kisame had. Kisame had also taken away Naruto's ninja-to and given him a much large katana to wield in order to step up his training so that he would soon be able to wield a zanbato like his own.

Naruto was pleased with his progress in his taijutsu, ninjutsu, and taijutsu, but was sorely disappointed in the progress he was making with his genjutsu skills. He was able to perform a few basic genjutsu, but his chakra control and mind were still not sharp enough to cast any of the higher-level genjutsu that he had come across in his scrolls. That was not to say that he couldn't break any genjutsu cast on him by flaring Kyuubi's chakra slightly, but still it was an art that he would love to master because of how deadly it could be.

"Alright boy, it is time to step up your training," said Kisame as he stood before Naruto as he finished eating his raw fish.

"What do you have in mind sensei?" asked Naruto curiously.

"Ha-ha, I love when you ask that question," said Kisame insanely before tossing a pair of black arm and legs bands at Naruto. Naruto picked up the bands and quickly put them on before looking up at Kisame and waiting for further instructions. Kisame just smirked before performing a hand seal with his right hand. Before he could wonder what his sensei was up to, Naruto felt his body grow heavier and he slammed to the ground.

"You're still too slow and weak to handle a zanbato so these weights will help to increase your speed and strength," laughed Kisame.

"No offense sensei, but aren't I a little young to be wearing weights?" asked Naruto as he slowly stood back up.

"Yeah I thought about that, but then I figured that fox wouldn't want a shrimp as a vessel so he will take care of any negative side-effects of wearing weights at such a young age," said Kisame with a shrug. Naruto just nodded because it made sense, the fox would not allow him to be weak because it was too proud of a being.

"Every week I will increase the weights so you better get used to them quickly and learn how to control any new found strength or speed otherwise, or I will enjoy beating you into the ground," said Kisame with a large grin.

"Hai sensei," grunted Naruto as he stood up with his back straight.

"Good, then let the torture begin," laughed Kisame as he charged at Naruto with an insane grin. Naruto instantly got into a defensive stance and fought back to the best of his abilities.


Kisame was eating some fish when he felt his apprentice enter the clearing and turned to look at the boy. It had been seven years since he started to train the boy and he had become extremely powerful. The boy stood at an impressive height of 5'6" and anyone could clearly see he was in perfect shape with all the muscles he had. He wore a pair of black baggy jeans with a navy blue sleeveless shirt that matched his blue sandals. There was a large zanbato across his back that he carried with ease and the face mask he wore over the lower part of his face just made him look all the more dangerous.

He just smirked at the boy before standing up and picking up his own zanbato as he prepared for the final fight that they would have. Naruto had managed to master every single one of his jutsu and his sword skills rival his own. The boy had the battle experience of fighting many-seasoned chuunin and jounin under his belt from the missions he accompanied Kisame on. There was nothing left except one final fight to determine who was stronger.

"So you think you are ready to challenge me?" asked Kisame with a large grin.

"You have nothing left to teach me so there is no point in staying with you any more," said Naruto as he got into a fighting stance with his zanbato drawn at his side.

"Ha-ha, I see you remember the words I told you so long ago," laughed Kisame as he too got into a fighting stance. This was not the same boy he had first met seven years ago because if he didn't take this fight seriously then he would be killed.


"That's right, from now on you will be my apprentice and you shall learn all I have to teach you or I will let Samehade feast on your flesh," said Kisame seriously, as he tossed a couple of cooked fish at Naruto.

"Why should I train under you?" asked Naruto as he started to eat the fish with gusto.

"You don't have much choice boy, until you are strong enough to kill me you will be my apprentice," laughed Kisame. Naruto just glared darkly at the man before nodding his head in acceptance since he didn't have much choice.

'I will get stronger and then I will kill you,' thought Naruto as the being inside of him started to laugh in glee at the change in behavior of his vessel.

End Flashback

"Hai, I must kill you in order to gain my freedom," said Naruto calmly.

"Good, you do remember, but should you fail in beating me then your life will be forfeit. You do not get a second chance at beating me," said Kisame in anticipation.

"Hai, then I shall not lose Kisame-sempai," said Naruto seriously, as he removed his weights.

"Don't disappoint me, I expect a good fight before I kill you," laughed Kisame before disappearing. Naruto disappeared as well and soon the sounds of swords clanging against each other could be heard throughout the clearing.

"Come on boy, surely you can do better then that," laughed Kisame as he overpowered Naruto and flung him backwards. Naruto responded by doing a quick back flip then performing a single hand seal with his right hand and a dense mist came into the area.

"Ha-ha this mist will not work against me so stop playing around," said Kisame with a large smirk as he dispelled the mist with Samehade. Right as the mist disappeared nine Naruto came at him from all different angles. Kisame just started to laugh again before taking a deep breath and then releasing a huge amount of water from his mouth that destroyed all the clones.

"I was hoping you would do that," said Naruto from behind Kisame as he made a downward slash. Kisame didn't even bother to turn around and just raised Samehade above his head and parried the blow, but the power Naruto put behind it easily cut straight down through him.

"Mizu Bunshin," said Naruto with narrowed eyes as he watched Kisame burst into water.

"Just like old times," laughed Kisame from an unknown area, which caused Naruto's eyes widen in realization before jumping into the air. He jumped just in time before three sharks burst out from the small lake and attacked the spot he was just in, but he didn't get to think to long on the matter before three Kisame came at him while he was in the air. The clones just grinned as their swords tore through his bodies, but the grin quickly disappeared when Naruto exploded and destroyed the clones.

"Should've known you would use that damn Kage Bunshin technique," said Kisame as he turned around blocked a sword swipe from his apprentice.

"I should have known you wouldn't go into hiding and actually stayed under the water," replied Naruto with a small smirk, which caused Kisame to grin.

"Ha-ha, it has been so long since I have had a good fight," laughed Kisame before resuming their kenjutsu fight.

The battle between apprentice and master raged on to a full on kage level battle. The power in each strike and the speed at which they moved at would make even the most elite ninja jealous. This was a true ninja battle, as they used deception and every skill in their book to try to kill the other and come out the victor.

Naruto used every jutsu ranging from simple clones to tidal waves and water dragons to overcome his sensei. Kisame was forced to use every trick in his arsenal as well as he countered his apprentice's attacks with his own. Both were masters of Suiton jutsu and kenjutsu so it seemed as if the fight would be a draw, but a trained ninja knew better then that. The two powerhouses each had a slight advantage over the other that would help them win the battle when given the opportunity.

Naruto wasn't just a Suiton master, but a Futon master as well as he used his Futon jutsu to destroy the defenses Kisame set up to defend himself from Naruto's assault. He also had the Kyuubi's power at his disposal if the situation became desperate, but he refused to call on it unless he had to because he wanted to win with his own power.

Kisame had more fighting experience then Naruto when it came to high-level battles, plus he had Samehade to drain the boy of his chakra should he resort to using the fox's damn power.

"I will not lose sempai," yelled Naruto as he powered up his zanbato with his wind nature and cut through the large tidal wave and sped towards Kisame.

"You really think you can beat me, ha-ha, Samehade will destroy that blade of yours, then it will feast on your chakra," laughed Kisame as he blocked the strike and started to push Naruto back.

"My sword may not have any special abilities like Samehade, but I still will not lose," said Naruto with a smirk as his clone managed to sweep the legs out from Kisame.

"I won't be beat so easily gaki," said Kisame as two of his sharks popped of the water and drove Naruto back before he could capitalize on his clone's move.

'Damn it, I had him,' thought Naruto angrily as he quickly destroyed the shark while his clone handled the other.

"Don't you just love the thrill of a good battle?" asked Kisame from behind Naruto as he used Samehade to shave off some of Naruto right arm, but was caught off guard when Naruto managed to turn around quickly and cut him across the stomach. Kisame and Naruto jumped away from each other and stared each other down. They didn't show any sign of being in pain from either's attacks, because it would be a weakness that the other would quickly capitalize on.

"Of course I do, you did train me," said Naruto with a smirk as he swung his sword and launched several wind slashes at him.

"Ha-ha, makes me feel all warm inside that you can enjoy the sight of blood as much as I can," laughed Kisame as he was cut in half by the wind blades, but instead of blood everywhere, he burst into water.

"Won't work," said Naruto as he brought his sword down behind him to block the blow, but then released it and delivered a spin kick to the side of Kisame's face that sent him skidding across the water. Naruto quickly spun the full way around and grabbed the hilt of his sword before it fell into the water and raced across the water towards his fallen sempai.

"You'll pay for that one brat," growled Kisame as he tossed Samehade at Naruto. Naruto quickly jumped over the sword, but that left him quickly open from above, which Kisame didn't hesitant to take advantage of. Kisame appeared above Naruto and delivered a powerful axe kick to his back that sent him crashing into the lake below.

Kisame didn't usually fight without his sword, but that didn't mean he couldn't if the need called for it. He calmly waited on top of the water for Naruto to come out and wasn't disappointed when ten Naruto burst out of the water with determined looks on their face.

"This same jutsu again, how pathetic," laughed Kisame as he took out all the clones and watched as the burst into puffs of smoke.

"They served their purpose," said Naruto behind Kisame. Kisame turned around to see Naruto standing about 15 feet away from him with his hands going through hand seals at a rapid pace.

"You're getting better, but not good enough," laughed Kisame as a huge water dragon came at him. Before the dragon could reach him, he sunk into the lake and the dragon crashed harmlessly against the surface of the water.

"Damn it," growled Naruto angrily as they took a quite a bit of chakra out of him. His reserves may be larger then Kisame's, but that didn't mean he could waste chakra so needlessly against one of the strongest men in the ninja world.

"Come on brat, I know you can do better then that," said Kisame as he appeared above Naruto with Samehade in his hands. Naruto quickly raised his sword above him, but Samehade broke right through his blade and delivered a large gash across his left arm.

Kisame and Naruto just stood across from each other with their arms practically leaning against each other. All was silent before Kisame coughed up some blood and fell into the lake, as Naruto too fell to his knees on the surface on the water. The water from the lake returned to the ground and soon it showed Kisame lying in a puddle of his own blood while Naruto stood up slowly as his left arm hung limp at his side.

"You knew Samehade would destroy your blade," coughed Kisame with a smirk.

"Hai," replied Naruto as he looked down at the only man that had actually taken an interest in him his whole life.

"How were you able to get the wind blades past Samehade?" asked Kisame though he already knew the answer.

"You once said that Samehade had taken an interest in me, so I took a risk and grabbed the hilt of the blade right before it broke my own. It accepted my presence, which allowed my attack to break through," replied Naruto as he walked over to his fallen sempai.

"Ha-ha, I couldn't have asked for a better way to die," laughed Kisame before he started to cough up some more blood.

"I am sorry, I did not wish to kill you," said Naruto softly.

"Keep that mushy bull shit to yourself brat, I do not wish to die by the hands of some emotional bastard," growled Kisame angrily.

"Hai sempai," said Naruto.

"Samehade is now yours, I expect you to take care of it properly, or I will come back from the dead to kick your ass," said Kisame seriously. Naruto just nodded his head and picked up Samehade before placing it on his back.

"Beware of Akatsuki, they seek the power of the Bijuu and don't forget to kill all those that challenge you," said Kisame with his infamous bloodthirsty smirk at the end, before he fell into an eternal slumber.

"Goodbye sempai," said Naruto softly as he performed a quick set of hand seals and performed one of the three Katon jutsu that he knew. He silently watched as the flames burned the body of the only man that he had ever considered a father before turning his back and slowly disappearing into the woods. It was time for him to begin his own journey, with Samehade and the skills taught to him by his fallen sempai, he would become the strongest and show his enemies the true meaning of terror. Samehade just pulsed in anticipation while Kyuubi just had a bloodthirsty smirk on his face.

A new legend would be born and all would tremble in fear of the boy who would one day become more powerful then the five great kages.

Author's Note: Read a bunch of stories with Naruto as Sasori, Itachi, Pein, or Deidara's apprentice so thought I write one where he was Kisame's just for the hell of it.