"Hey Copy-cat, can you do me one last favor

"Hey Copy-cat, can you do me one last favor?" asked Zabuza as he lie on the ground with multiple cuts and wounds.

"Sure," said Kakashi as he approached the fallen ninja that he had come to respect.

"Place me by my apprentice, I wish to see his face one last time before I go to hell," said Zabuza with a smirk. Kakashi just nodded his head and picked up Zabuza, then carried him over where Haku lay dead on the ground. A few seconds later, Zabuza lay on the ground next to Haku before he died next to the only person he ever cared about.

"How sad, the little puppy has finally died," said a voice from the mist. Kakashi turned around expecting to see Gato and his men, but found them all lying on the ground dead and cut in many pieces.

"You," growled Hanabi as her left arm hung limp at her side.

"I see you remember me, but do not worry, I am not here for you," said Naruto as he approached Zabuza.

"What do you want with him? He is already dead," said Kakashi as he prepared to fight the mysterious boy that had just appeared.

"He was of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist, therefore he is a blood brother of mine whether I liked him or not. I came to pay my respects to a fallen comrade even if I didn't ever get the chance to fight besides him," replied Naruto as he picked up the Zabuza and Haku and tossed them over each shoulder. He turned around to walk off to find the foolish Uchiha brat blocking his path, with a pink haired bimbo at his side.

"Move or I will not hesitate to eliminate you," said Naruto seriously.

"Hn," replied Sasuke before charging at Naruto. Naruto just narrowed his eyes at the fool before forming a few one handed seals and then slammed his feet on the ground. Sasuke had no time to respond before a water spike formed from the puddle in front of him and pierced him through the chest, but Kakashi got him out of the way so it only pierced through his left shoulder instead of his heart where it was aimed.

"Next time I will not be so kind," said Naruto before disappearing into the mist. Kakashi just watched Naruto disappear before turning to look down at Sasuke and was surprised to see that boy was clutching a small hole just above where his heart was.

'He missed on purpose,' thought Kakashi as he quickly did a few hand seals and used what few healing jutsu he knew to stop the bleeding.


"You died a fool's death and all for what? To honor the life of your precious weapon even though he was already dead. Do not worry though, I will not allow your sword to go to waste so I will find someone who can bring out its true power like you never could," said Naruto as he looked down at the graves and then hefted the large zanbato out of the ground.

'Hmm, the blade doesn't like being so close to Samehade because it fears its and my own power,' thought Naruto with a pleased smirk before he sealed the legendary sword away.

It was time to go meet with that Hyuuga girl and train her in the arts she needed to know so that she wouldn't be a liability to him in the future.

'Akatsuki, I shall be ready for you, but will you be ready for me,' thought Naruto as he started to laugh crazily before disappearing into a heavy mist.


Hinata was making her way to her team and was thinking of everything that had happened in the past two weeks. First, she was taken captive by a mysterious boy whom seemed familiar and then her younger sister came back home for a C-ranked mission turned A-rank. It seemed the mysterious boy had also confronted her little sister, but he had actually harmed her where he had mainly held her captive.

When her sister came home, she took a good look at her and realized what the boy had said to her was true. Hanabi not only hated her, but the whole clan because she believes that she should be the rightful heir to the clan. No doubt, the boy could easily manipulate her sister's hatred to his own gain, which left her with only one option. It seemed she would have to leave her village to travel with some unknown traveler in order to protect her little sister from a fate worse then death. The only problem was that she couldn't seem to feel any guilt for wanting to leave the village.

Why didn't she feel guilty for knowing that she would be willingly leaving the village that was her home? Did she too despise her clan so much that she looked forward to escaping their grasp? What about her sensei and teammates, could she really leave them behind without feeling an ounce of guilt? All these questions plagued Hinata's mind, but she didn't get to think more on the matter when a voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Hinata-chan, you finally show up," yelled Kiba cheerfully as Akamaru barked from his side.

"Are you ok Hinata-san? It is not like you to show up so late," asked Shino calmly.

"He is right Hinata-chan, you are usually very punctual," said Kurenai worried.

"Forgive me, I had many things on my mind," said Hinata softly as she bowed apologetically.

"Yeah, cut her a break guys, it is her first time being late," said Kiba with a wink at Hinata.

"There will be no training today because I merely came to tell you that I have nominated you all for the Chuunin Exams that will be coming up in two months. I will be giving you all the rest of the week off, but be prepared for a heavier training schedule starting next week," said Kurenai before disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

"I will see you both later," said Shino with a nod before walking away to go to who knows where.

"Hey Hinata-chan, you want to go out and get something to eat?" asked Kiba hopefully.

"I am sorry Kiba-kun, but I have some clan matters with my father that I need to deal with," said Hinata apologetically before walking away slowly. Kiba just sighed in disappointment for cheering up and telling Akamaru that they could go bother his mother for some clan techniques.

Hinata walked deep into the forest, which was nowhere near the Hyuuga compound before she came upon a small clearing and stopped. She then waited for something or someone to show up, which didn't take long before she felt someone appear right behind her.

"I have come for your answer," whispered Naruto into the girl's ear. Hinata shivered slightly before composing herself and answering him without stutter because she knew that she couldn't afford to be weak around someone whom was probably as strong as the Hokage.

"I will join you, but you must promise to leave my family alone," said Hinata softly, but firmly.

"Hmm, very well, but you must follow my every order without question," said Naruto with a smirk.

"Hai," said Hinata as she held back her tears. What had she become that she had willing joined a criminal whom would no doubt use her to kill any of his enemies that dare challenge him.

"Good, then we shall begin your training right away," grinned Naruto as he appeared in front of the girl.

"I have examined your skills this past week and have noticed you are very skilled in your family taijutsu style, but you refuse to show your father or anyone else in the clan how good you are. That stops now because if I see you stuttering or acting weak anymore, I will beat you within an inch of your life and slaughter your clan," said Naruto as he released his killing intent that brought Hinata to her knees as she struggled to breathe.

"You belong to me now, until you become powerful enough to break free of my control you are mine so your only goal is to become stronger so that you can free yourself from me," said Naruto as he stopped his killing intent and allowed the girl to stand back up.

"Hai," said Hinata weakly as she slowly stood up.

"Good, now I can already tell from your passive nature that you are of water nature, but it seems you are also interested in medical ninjutsu from that cream in your pouch, which I know nothing about. My chakra control is at Kage level, but it is too chaotic to handle genjutsu or medical ninjutsu, but I did manage to steal a few scrolls on medical ninjutsu," said Naruto as he produced a fairly large scroll and handed it to Hinata whom took it with wide eyes.

"You are to learn and master every jutsu on those scrolls within the next two months and if you need any help controlling your chakra I have listed a few advanced exercises in there. I need a weapon that is strong not weak so you better learn what is on that scroll," said Naruto seriously.

"Hai," said Hinata gratefully because she had always wanted to learn Suiton and medical ninjutsu.

"Put these on and get rid of that horrible jacket now," smirked Naruto as he handed Hinata some arm and leg bands. Hinata looked nervous at first, but the look in Naruto's eyes told her that if she didn't remove her jacket then he would do it, and it would be much more painful. She slowly removed her jacket and blushed when Naruto whistled at what he saw.

Hinata was wearing a tight black shirt that showed off her rather large assets that Naruto couldn't help but wonder how such a small jacket could hide such large breasts. Yes, even if she proved useless in battle, at least he had something nice to look at.

"You will wear these bands at all times," smiled Naruto with a sadistic glint in his eyes as he watched the girl put them on then wait for further instructions. Naruto just smirked before forming a hand seal then channeling some chakra. Hinata didn't have time to think about what he was doing before she slammed face first to the ground and gave a small cry of surprise.

"Ha-ha, better get used to those weights real quick babe, because I will increase them at the end of every other weak so you better learn to adapt," laughed Naruto as he kneeled down so he was eye level with the girl.

"Why?" asked Hinata as she struggled to stand up.

"Hmm?" replied Naruto confused.

"Why are you going through some much effort to train me when you could easily find someone older and much stronger?" asked Hinata confused.

"Who knows really, but I see great potential in you that might be able to rival my own power one day. I crave for a challenge and I'm hoping you will provide me with one, but if you don't then I guess I will just have to kill you," said Naruto with a shrug before disappearing.

'I can tell by your eyes that there is another reason why you are helping me, but I can't tell what it is,' thought Hinata as she stood up fully and slowly made her way to a private training ground so she could start training since the day was still young.


Naruto was resting in a tree since it had been a month since he had arrived in Konoha and he was enjoying his perfectly peaceful rest. Now normally, he would be bored with doing nothing, but for some reason the fox inside of him loved the wilderness surrounding Konoha and his feelings of peace were being reflected on Naruto. Samehade also wasn't acting up because it knew that it would be bathing in the blood of many enemies soon enough and the wait would make their blood all the more delicious.

The Chuunin Exams were about to be held in a month and soon ninjas from all over would arrive to participate in them. He was getting anxious because it had been awhile since he had a good fight. Hopefully, some of the foreign ninja would recognize him while he was lounging around the village and try to attack, but that was hoping for a lot.

Unfortunately, Naruto's rest was not to last because someone was foolish enough to try to sneak up on him. Before he could get up, ninja wires tied him to a tree and a female whom reeked of snakes appeared in front of him with a perverse grin.

"Well aren't you a cute one," said Anko as she licked her lips.

"Leave woman, before I kill you," said Naruto with a bored expression, as he didn't even bother to open his eyes. He usually didn't give his opponents the chance to run away, but he was feeling generous today.

"Tough words for someone who is tied up and unable to defend them self," said Anko with a cold smirk. The smirk soon left her face when she felt something sharp on the side of her neck. She looked down at the tied up boy in shock as he turned into a puddle of water.

"Now you just pissed me off so I think I will have some fun with you," whispered Naruto into Anko's ear. Anko just growled angrily before she jumped away and began the fight of her life.

Two hours later, Anko was lying in the middle of one of the many large craters that now filled a rather large section of training ground 44. She used every trick, jutsu, and underhanded technique she knew to try to beat the boy, but he and his damn sword managed to get past every single one of her abilities. Now here she was defenseless, with a few broken ribs and many cuts covering her whole body. Her shirt was destroyed so that her chest was now exposed freely and her shorts weren't in any better condition.

"You put up a good fight for a woman, but I'm afraid that I barely broke a sweat," smiled Naruto as he stood above the woman before he sat down on her chest with an arrogant smirk. Anko growled at having the brat sitting on her stomach like that especially when her breasts were exposed so freely, but there wasn't anything she could do.

"Bastard," muttered Anko.

"Hmm, very nice," said Naruto as he looked down at the woman's breasts and grinned.

"Don't even think about it," growled Anko, but she couldn't deny how wet she was from such an exhilarating battle. It was a flaw of hers that she was attracted to powerful men, which is why she was so turned on even after being beat into the ground.

"Watch yourself snake, you lost this fight, which means you now belong to me and I will do with you as I please so keep your mouth shut before I fill it," laughed Naruto. Anko just glared at Naruto, but kept her mouth shut and didn't say a word.

"Good, now during our fight I noticed Samehade was particularly interested in the seal that you have on your neck so I want you to tell me about it and maybe I will let you live," said Naruto seriously. Anko just glared at him one last time before she told him what he wanted to know about the seal. She usually was very protective of the seal and how she got it, but she knew it would be a bad idea not to tell him what he wanted.

"Interesting, thank you for the information so in return for telling me I will have to properly thank you," smirked Naruto as he started to fondle one of her breasts. Anko tried to stop herself, but she ended up moaning loudly as he played with her nipples.

"Bastard," muttered Anko as she arched into his touch. She may not like him, but she didn't care because she was so damn horny from the fight and him dominating her that she would've fucked anyone to release the pent up tension building inside of her. Naruto just smirked because maybe being attacked by this woman wouldn't turn out so bad after all.


"Have you found out any word regarding the Kyuubi vessel?" asked Pein.

"Yes, apparently there are rumors of him being in the Land of Waves where he met with Zabuza and his apprentice," said Itachi calmly.

"Hmm, why would the vessel meet with a former member of the seven swordsmen?" wondered Pein.

"Forgive me Leader-sama, but I shall try to gather more information," said Itachi with a low bow. Pein just nodded before dismissing Itachi altogether, which Itachi did quickly by disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

'How powerful are you vessel of Kyuubi?' wondered Pein curiously, as he sat in his chair.


"Anko are you ok? You have been walking funny all day," said Kurenai worried.

"Let's just say I had a really good time the other night," said Anko with a smirk as she took a step and winced slightly. Damn, that brat sure had a hell of a lot of stamina and made her sore as hell, but damn was it worth it.

Kurenai blushed at Anko's comment and couldn't help but wonder whom was the lucky guy that had managed to wear Anko out.

"He must have been something to wear you out," said Kurenai with a small smirk.

"You won't believe this, but he is probably the same age as your students," said Anko with a grin.

"You wouldn't," said Kurenai in shock, but she could tell from the look on Anko's face that she had.

"Hey sex is sex, besides technically genin are considered adults so I didn't do anything illegal," said Anko with a shrug.

"You really need to control yourself, but I am curious as to how a genin managed to convince you to have sex with you," said Kurenai seriously.

"Meh, damn if I know, but I did try to fight him and he beat me into the ground as much as I hate to admit it. I don't think he is a ninja from our village, which is why I tried to capture him, but as you can see it turned against me and for the better," said Anko with a glazed look in her eyes as she remembered the many positions they went through.

"Anko this is serious, you need to report this person to Hokage-sama if he is strong enough to take you on," said Kurenai seriously.

"I did, but the Hokage already knows about the boy, but is reluctant to send any hunter-nin or ANBU after him because of the power he possesses. He doesn't want to send any of our ninja to their death especially when the Chuunin exams are coming up," replied Anko.

"I guess that makes sense, but still something should be done about the boy," said Kurenai with a small frown.

"You know if you want, we can try to find him together and take him on if you know what I mean," said Anko suggestively.

"Unlike you, I have my dignity," said Kurenai though on the inside she really did wish for some release since it had been so long since she had been with a man.

"Your loss, but don't come running to me later when you feel lonely and want somebody to screw," laughed Anko, which caused Kurenai to glare at her.


"Hn, not bad, but you need to get larger reserves so you won't be so worn out from using a few jutsu," said Naruto unimpressed as he looked down upon Hinata who was kneeling on the ground and breathing heavily.

The girl was a natural Suiton user from the way she mastered the four Suiton jutsu he had given her in less then a month and was able to use them effectively within combat in no longer then five weeks. Unfortunately, since she neither possessed Kisame's ability at manipulating water nor had a fox demon that was able to control water with one of its tails, she would not be able to use her water jutsu without first using the basic mist jutsu then gather water from the mist. Unless of course she was near a body of water then she would be able to use her jutsu without creating a mist.

Another accomplishment was her taijutsu skills, which had increased dramatically since Naruto would demand perfection, and if she hesitated, he would quickly beat her into the ground. It was an experience that Hinata swore never to experience again so she did her best in order to avoid the punishment.

The biggest change had to be the newfound confidence she felt from all this training. She was always worried about people looking down at her, but now that she no longer acted shy nor let people push around, they were finally looking at her with respect. It was a feeling she loved because never before had she been given such looks and she didn't want them to stop. Of course, her team and friends were worried at her new attitude, but after a month, they accepted her change for the better and encouraged her to keep up what she was doing.

Her father and sister were the ones surprised the most by her attitude and kept looking at her funny whenever she would spar. Hanabi had actually come to hate Hinata even more then before because she was no longer able to beat her older sister into the ground like usual. Hinata actually started to receive praise from her father and from some of the elders as she started to demonstrate her unique fighting style with the Jyuuken where she seemed to flow like water when she moved. The only person who was unimpressed with her change was Naruto who continuously beat her up on a daily basis because he found it fun.

"Hai sensei," replied Hinata as she stood up and got back into her taijutsu stance.

"You are done for today so use your medical jutsu to heal your wounds then meet back here at same time tomorrow," said Naruto before disappearing in a swirl of leaves. Hinata just nodded her head before slowly making her way towards her clan house because training with her team then Naruto had worn her out like always.

"You waste your time on the girl," said Kyuubi inside his head.

'You need not worry about what I do with my own time fox, you have no influence over me,' replied Naruto.

"Insolent as ever, is that the thanks I get for lending you a tail's worth of power to help you manipulate water like you are able to," growled Kyuubi angrily.

'I let you out once a month to kill and do as you please so do not act like I did not give you something in return,' said Naruto with a bored expression. He always hated talking to the fox because all he would do is bitch. If he could, he would use Samehade to shave the damn fox to pieces, but the damn seals prevented him from harming the fox and the fox from harming him to a certain degree that is.

"I shall break free one day boy and when that day comes I will make your death slow and painful," laughed Kyuubi before cutting the mental connection.

'Whatever,' said Naruto before disappearing into the shadows.


"Is everything prepared?" asked Orochimaru with narrowed eyes.

"Hai Orochimaru-sama, all the preparations have been made," replied Kabuto as he kneeled before the man.

"Good, by the end of the chuunin exams Konoha will fall and I will possess the Sharingan," laughed Orochimaru crazily while Kabuto smirked at seeing his master so pleased.

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