Takes place on Efreet, in Letheo's POV. Dialogue is not accurate, due to lack of awareness on my part.


This has to be the stupidest day of my life. Period. It can't get much worse. Scratch that. Can't get any worse. A cold gust of wind made me shudder and trip, jarring my side.

"Can't you go any faster?"

"Yeah. If you carry me." Or something like that. It's too cold to think clearly. To make things worse, it's snowing. Hard. Candy-what sane person names their kid Candy?- turned around, and glowered. I know that those who hate him don't live long, but right now I could rip Carrion's face off. Literally.

A roar echoed through the pass. Crap. I'm dead. "Watzrill."

Miss All-knowing Candy doesn't look scared. "What's that?"

I describe one, leaving out no details.

"And they have black spines on their tails?" She said with a tremor.

"How did you know?" Emphasis on the you.

"Um, because there's one right over about 50 yards away?"

Crap. I turned around very, very slowly.

"Maybe, if we back away very very slowly-" Like I just turned around- "It won't think we're dinner."

We begin to back away, just as planned. But I don't think it's going to work. I'm going to die without ever actually having a relationship. Why am I thinking that anyway? It's a waste of last thoughts.



"Will you do me a small favor?"

"What?" Her voice is wary.

"T-take my hand?" Oh God. I will never live this down. I will die and never live anything down. Lovely.

"Oh. Sure." She smiled. Candy, my friend, you are a major optomist. Either that or you have a death wish.

She gripped arm tightly, and I try not to wince. It hurts a lot, where I hit. But I don't care. Just for a moment, though we are both certaintly doomed, everything feels alright.