Stand By Me

Chapter One – Encounter

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Hinata walked along the shadows, wearing her excess long-sleeved feldgrau shirt that hung loosely beneath her charcoal raincoat. Fitting nicely over the legs of her jeans, her black rain boots clapped rhythmically with rippled pools of water. With her headphones propped around her neck, she listened to the acoustic tune that played:

1 "Sick of circling the same road

Sick of bearing the guilt

So open the windows to cool off

And heat pours in instead

Perfect in weakness

I'm only perfect in just your strength alone

All my efforts to clean me

Leave me putrid and filthy

And how can you look at me

When I can't stand myself

I'm tired to be honest

I'm nobody…"

She waited silently at the eerie bus stop as the rain continued to hammer down. The time was now six o'clock and she'd been sitting there for half an hour. "This bus stop is truly forgotten…" she mumbled as she placed her headphones on her head.

2 "...Is this a feeling of something

About to happen?

Like snapping out of something I didn't realize I was in.

Was I sleeping?


How can you be so sure

If you've never been here before?

I don't understand,

It can't be that easy..."

The kunoichi yawned, stretching her arms as far as she could. As her dominant hand rubbed the corner of her eye, she felt as though she could have sprawled across the bench and make up for her lack of sleep. Thanks to her insomnia, she was forced to take sleeping pills (three times a week) minutes before dozing off into another universe. Last night, after her family's new pediatrician watched her "swallow" her meds, she hid them under her tongue.

"Sensei," she pleaded. "Can I p-please go to the b-bathroom now?"

"Not until you show me your tongue."

Hinata showed the medic her tongue. "N-now, can I go?" she cried, crossing her legs.

"Fine…but be quick."

"Arigatou gozaimasu." Hinata rushed to her bathroom, removing the dissolving medication from her taste. Quickly, she opened the seat to its next level and made a hissing sound with her vocals. After twenty seconds, she stopped and flushed the toilet, dropping both meds into the twisting water.

Fifteen minutes passed and the shinobi was losing her nerves. She was partially awake and she couldn't hear anything but the chirping of the early birds. The only light she was supplied with was that of the moon and the lamppost shining vaguely above her. Tears steadily fell from the shadowy heavens and darkness was keeping her isolated from her destination.

She felt the desire to run into the soaking darkness and leave every memory behind.

But why?

She couldn't understand.

Why everything felt so.

Cold and wet.


The ninja could feel a tug on her shoulder seconds after-wards. "Hinata?" asked the voice again.

Hinata blinked twice as things went into motion. Her head became heavy and she shook it twice for relief, causing her phones to hit the cement. As she gained consciousness, her eyes held an unfocused image of a familiar ninja underneath their silver umbrella. "U-Uchiha-san," she moaned, rising from the bench.

Sasuke twitched. Hinata referred to him as Uchiha-san since the academy era. It's been several years and she still hasn't changed her views on him. "You're wet," was all he said before pointing to the plastic roof. "There must've been a leak when you were sleeping."

"Sleeping?" she cried. "O-oh no, I m-missed the bus! I'm supposed to be at Kurenai sensei's ap-partment before she leaves. Someone has to babysit Sachi!"

She stood, realizing how short she was compared to Sasuke – just about his height. "G-gomen nasai Uchiha-san," she said. "I h-have to go." Hinata picked up her headphones and clamped them on her head. As she opened her umbrella, she looked at Sasuke and smiled with haste. "T-thank you for w-waking me."

"Ask Kurenai to check your temperature," he said. "You might have a cold."

"Oh n-no, it's just m-my stutter-

Before she could finish, she covered her nose and sneezed. Sasuke raised an eyebrow and she flushed. "N-naruhodo..." Hinata looked up at him and realized they were just inches apart. Her cheeks became rosy and she receded. "U-uhm…"

The Uchiha pushed his hand into his pocket, the other holding his umbrella. It was clear she felt uncomfortable around him, so he rocked on the sole of his foot. "You shouldn't walk by yourself this early in the morning; the sun's not even up yet. You're still young and there are predators lurking around in these hours. Does your cousin know where you are?"

Hinata's eyebrows furrowed for a half second. She knew who he was talking about. Neji. Her destined bodyguard for all eternity. The one who caused all her pain and suffering, nevertheless. She shrugged in a helpless manner. "Sure he does, why not? He can pretty much tell wherever I am, even when a light-year away. I bet he could find me. When ashes and scattered throughout the atmosphere, he'd find me. If I decayed and became the earth, he'd still find me blended with sedimentary material. Stupid Genius..." She took in the oxymoron. It felt relieving to express her emotions vocally...If only she could do so physically -with his face.

"He's like a freakin' stalker! I can't go anywhere without him tailing behind-


"And his voice-


Hinata glared at him for interrupting her. Did the Uchiha have any manners? "Yes, Uchiha-san?" she asked, venom on her lips.

"Your stuttering issue. It's disabled."


Sasuke sighed loudly. "Your s-stuttering, it's gone. Just now, I didn't hear any double speak."

Her eyes stretched, brimmed with gloss. "N-no more stuttering?"

The Inner Uchiha slapped his forehead. She's hopeless and cute at the same time. How the hell could that happen? He thought for a moment. Sakura was like that before...It'll ware off... - wait...Hinata...CUTE?!


Hinata bit the magenta skin of her lower lip. "What is it?"

Sasuke held his vermilion nose. "Eh, nothing."

Hinata carefully reached towards his hand, slowly removing it so she could see. "Y-you're bleeding, Uchiha-san."

"Yeah," he winced. "I think I popped a vein when I was thi-" Sasuke could feel more heat rushing through his nostrils and quailed, causing the kunoichi's hand to recoil.

"G-gomen," she wispered. "Are you okay?"

Sasuke pointed his nose to the lackluster sky. "Do you think your sensei has a remedy?"

She shrugged. "If you c-count sake as a medicine." Rising on her toes, Hinata peeked down the road. "Her ap-partment is half a mile away. Are you s-sure you want to come?"

"Neji's not here," he yawned. "So I'll just be your temporary bodyguard."

"But you could be a predator," she whined. "I don't really know why your nose is leaking blood, but I have a hypothesis."

Sarcastically, Sasuke laughed, pretending to blaze her without interest. "Girls have been after me all my life. What makes you think I care to rape you?"

Hinata stared at him with a light face, her hair tickling her ears. His words were cruel, yet, relieving (-. -)', but it didn't matter. She could sense the softness in his eyes. The area was not visible, but it was there. She just had to expose it, that's all.

Hinata shrugged and made a pirouette, her back now facing Sasuke. Umbrella in hand, she began walking towards her sensei's house, music ringing in her ears. "Come if you'd like. If not, Ja ne!"

Like background music, a new tune began to play.

3 "Rainy day that chills the skin

The two of us, not believing in this separation

The radio was playing inside the car

There's no meaning in saying goodbye

If we're able to meet again someday..."

As she listened, she could sense him at her side.

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