Stand By Me

Chapter Two – Babysitting

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"So, you love music, huh?"

"Yep, I listen to my mp3 player daily. Why?"

The ninja hunched his shoulders.

Hinata and Sasuke clung to their separate umbrellas, shoulders parallel to each other as they walked. The rain was thinning and both could feel tremors run along their spines as chilly air exhaled on their necks. The Hyuuga detached the headphones from her ears, allowing them to ride on her neck. "Do you like music, Uchiha-san?" she asked. She didn't know him well and it was noticeable he was trying to become familiar with her, so why not make things easier for the both of them and jump into the interview.

"I listen to it now and then," he answered.


"Yeah. .."

Hinata lowered her head and smiled.

This is going to take awhile…

"Heh, there's an objective I have to complete," she moan half-heartedly.

The Uchiha stared at her momentarily. "What?"

Hinata glanced at him, biting her lip, and quickly returned her attention to the sidewalk without answering. It was almost sunrise, and Kurenai's dwelling was visible underneath the timid sun. "There," she said, pointing her pinkie towards the complex. "It's the red one, with the green tricycle."

Sasuke sniffed. "About time; my nose is molding."

The kunoichi shook her head in disbelief.

Who is this guy?

"Come on, let's go," she said, grabbing Sasuke's arm and pulling him foreword.


"Oh Kami-sama, what took you so long?" asked Kurenai, who was facing Sasuke, but was directing her question to Hinata.

"G-gomen, Kurenai-sensei," she said, dropping her umbrella near the wall. Sasuke followed. "I missed the bus on accident. If Uchiha-san didn't wake me, I'd probably still be there."

"Or some other anonymous location," the Jounin muttered.

Sasuke yawned, disguising Kurenai's morbid joke.

"O-oh, and sensei?" began Hinata. "Uchiha-san's nose is-

Kurenai peeped at the scarlet clock on her Persian red wall. "Eh!" she gaped. "Hinata-chan, gomen, but I need to be in the Hokage's office in seven minutes. Sachi's asleep in my room and the videos, well, you know where they are. Sasuke, if you want your nose repaired, Hinata will bandage it for you, ne? In fact, why don't you stay here with her and baby-sit till Kiba arrives? It's not like I'm going to pay you, but she'll need help with Sachi. Ano… don't forget to mix the apple juice and-

"-and the cranberry juice. Just the way she likes it," sighed Hinata.

"Arigatou Hinata-chan," thanked Kurenai as she gave the weary girl a feathery kiss on her cheek. "I'll return by three," she said. "And Sasuke…"

Sasuke gave full attention to the apple-eyed Jounin. "Mn?"

Kurenai narrowed her eyes for a moment; then flipped her hand above her. "Never mind," she muttered, leaving the two teenagers in her apartment.

The two stared at the closed door in silence, both unsure of what Kurenai was thinking. She was leaving two teenagers (later, an additional male) in her apartment for several hours with her child.

Was she serious?

"So…" yawned the tiresome Hinata, raising her hands behind her, "Should we work on that nose of yours?"


Hinata slipped off her shoes beside the wall and directed Sasuke to do the same. "'Kay, follow me." After Sasuke removed his other shoe, the Hyuuga led him through the hallway with a hand on each wall as if steering herself through a bloody tunnel.


Hinata paused at the bathroom and opened the door. After turning on the light, she began to search for the medical supplies.

Sasuke entered, only to find the brunette on her knees with her head in the wooden cabinet under the sink.

Interesting, he thought, unable to remove the perverted image from his mind.

Hinata could sense his eyes on her and quickly found what she was searching for. Rising from the floor, the girl held a jar of ivory cream in her hands and a cotton pad. "Where does it hurt?" she asked, twisting the lid off the miniature jar.

All over, cried his inner self. If only he had a camera; her current expression was priceless. Her eyes were soft and inundated with concern. Thank Kami she wasn't wearing a maid uniform with fishnets. Sasuke swore he would have been all over her.

"Uchiha-san?" Hinata gasped. "Your nose is bleeding again!"

Damn suffix, was all he thought as she brought her face closer to his, so she could get a better view of his nasal passage.

"I think it's getting worse," she said. "Is the air too dry for you? Should I take out the mist machine?" Hinata began to rub some of the crème on the pad as she waited for Sasuke's answer.

"No," he responded plainly.

The kunoichi placed the cream on the sink after sealing it and began pampering Sasuke's nose. As she did so, she gradually became uneasy and cursed herself for missing the bus. Till their encounter, Sasuke was a distance away from her and she was a distance from him. But would this babysitting change their perspectives of each other? In the midst of finishing, Hinata could feel the temperature in her cheeks rise. Kami, she prayed she wasn't blushing.

But not all prayers are answered.

Sasuke gazed at the blushing ninja for over ten seconds. He felt the desire to caress her cheek and absorb all the heat from her body. It was fact he didn't have any interest in most of the girls of Konoha (in any village, for that matter), but Hinata wasn't most of the girls. She was the only female in the village that didn't drool over him and plaster pictures of him on her bedroom wall. She was the only girl that didn't admire him, the only girl that rarely recognized him, the only girl that didn't express lust for him.

And yet, the only female he held interest in and the only girl he could picture in a bathing suit without twitching (Ino's too skinny, Tenten's too athletic, and Sakura's too flat - no hating :D).

If only she wasn't in love with that idiotic dobe of a friend, Naruto, she'd be his.

Or would she?

"S-Sasuke?" Hinata muttered.

"Nm?" he questioned, feeling envy play with his hair.

Hinata was finished cleaning him and was preparing a bandage for him.

Problem was: it was large.

As Hinata lifted the bandage with her hands, Sasuke instantly recoiled towards the door. Hinata sighed, dropping the bandage at her side. "What now?"

"Why the hell is that thing that large, are you trying to suffocate me?!"

Hinata glanced at Sasuke, then at the bandage. "Sasuke, there's nothing wrong with this thing and I'm not going to suffocate you. Now, let me put the bandage on," she said and tried sticking the bandage on him a second time.

Sasuke grasped both her wrist in an attempt to avoid making contact with the oversized Band-Aid. "Hinata, seriously," chucked the shinobi. "You can't make me wear that. Kami couldn't make me wear that."

Hinata twisted and turned her wrist. "Sasuke, Kami-sama can do anything," she said without the slightest of hesitation. "Now let me put on the bandage, please."

Determination always gets people in trouble, he thought, especially the women. Sasuke detached Hinata's arms from the bandage, causing her to gasp as it drifted onto the floor. Before she could speak, he placed her hands behind her and wedged her between the sink and himself.

"S-Sasuke?" was all Hinata could articulate. Thoughts were running through her mind like petite blurs. The guy who actually secluded himself from women for a living was pinning her against a sink. Was he losing more blood than she expected? "Sasuke, please let go," she asked calmly, with a shaky edge to her voice.

Sasuke brought his face closer to hers so she could feel the heat from his lips. "I will," he promised, "if you stop bothering me with that stupid bandage." As she nodded, the corners of his lips rose. He loved that anaemic look of hers for whatever reason, and she looked even cuter when in distress.

The ninja loosened his grip and receded from the puzzled kunoichi. Passing buy the tissue box, he snagged a few and walked into the hallway. "So," the dove-feathered raven began. "Aren't you supposed to be babysitting something?"

Hinata walked out of the room, massaging her wrist. "...Hm..." she murmured, walking passing him and into another room. "If you're staying, Lucifer, wait in the kitchen..."

The Uchiha rolled his eyes and continued down the narrow hall. "Certainly, my irresistible lamb," he whispered. "I'll wait for you as you come."

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