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I was so happy!! It was this day that Edward was going to change me. Finally. I couldn't wait so I went to his house. I knew he would be there. I saw that the lights of his house were on and went in but stopped in my tracks at the site that i saw...
It was Alice and Edward on top of each other, naked! I don't do anything.

They saw me and Alice's eyes went wild I then smiled it i must of looked scary because they looked scared.

"wow I never thought this would happen my best friend and my boyfriend I never thought that you wouldhis to me." I said but then Jasper came in and looked at them.

"Oh god! tell me this is a joke?" he pleaded Looking at his wife and his brother in the middle of love making.

"No it's not, if you see it too.. I think we better leave them. Come on lets go outside." I said as I pulled Jasper outside with me.

"where are you going?" he asked me

"I dont know but am out of here i dont want to see him again." i said tears now in my eyes.

"I'll go with you" he said

"you dont have to i can go by myself"

"No i dont want to be here either and i would rather go with you."

"ok but am leaving tonight i dont want anyone to know" i stoped for a moment "I think that maybe i can make everyone think im dead...but how i have to clue" Jasper gave me a sad smile.

"I'll help go home and i'll see you there" i nod and left.

later that day i left everything that i once loved and held dear..

years later.

it's been 100 years since that all happened and i now live in Japan. With my new family. You see after me and Jasper left i learned so many things about myself some things that i would'nt have guessed in a million years. first of all I learned that i was a princess of the moon!! and that i would live forever, and not just that but if a vampire drinks my blood they turn in to one of my protectors. so far i have 12 protectors. they were vampires but now are all part of my Royal Court. and they are more human, they can eat, drink, sleep,and have children the only thing is that they still need to drink blood. they go hunting once a mouth. as I am the leader I dont need any...

In my new family there are 12 others we don't live togeater but we travel togeater all the time. first up is Amy; she is the smart one in out group. she has blue hair and blue eyes. She is too into the future and barely ever see's what in front of her. that is where I come in, I try to cheer her up once in a while when I think she needs it.

Rey she is like the sister that I never had. We fight alot but that's ok we know we love each other when I first met her I thought she needed someone to talk to and I was the only brave enough to go up to her. She had long jet black hair and red eyes. She looked like a model, like we all did. We all model formagazines.Lita is the strongest one she was good at almost everything. She
know how to cook, fight, she was great in sports. Her favorite color was green. Her hair is brown and alway in a ponytail that went to her shoulders.

Mina is the fun one that I can go shopping with. I use to hate it, but when you live for 100 years your taste changes . Mina has long blond hair which she always has down. All 5 of us are the same age we are 17!! We don't age if we don't want to. and so we dont want to age. They are the first of my porters that Ifound.When we dont live togeather they live with their "mother" Trista.Trista's hair is long like Mina's but her was dark green. and dark green eyes that were filled with wisdom that she shared with all of us. She was barely ever home with them because she worked but that was ok she always showed up when we needed her. She alway telling me that I will forever be her favorite princess. She been like a mother to all of us, even jasper!

Oh then the there are the Kou they are brothers and famous singers. Seiya was the one of my best guy friends ever. he is so much fun to hang out with. He had long black hair that he keeps in a ponytail but it looked so good on him and the others. He was taller than me and his eyes were dark blue.

Then there was Taiki, their older bother. we dont talk much but that was ok. Taiki had the same hair style as Seiya but his hair is brown and he has brown eyes. He was more of the smart one out of the 3 he was a few inch's taller then Seiya.

Then last but not least there was Yaten the youngest and shortest of them all. We were the same hight and he was alot like Mina. The only difference was they he had a short temper when it comes to his height but besides that he was an okguy.Now for the ones that i love more then the others, just dont tell them. First up is Michelle, she is a great artist, she plays the violin and swims and she can do so much more!! she has aqua green hair and blue eyes.

second is Amara she is a tom boy by heart she has short blonde hair like a guys and light blue eyes. She is a race car driver. She love's speed and her love of speed can only mach the love she has for me or so she says. She was never wears girl clothes. she liked the guys clothes . So when ever we hung out, people would think we where going out.

Then there is Hotaru she is 13 she the youngest out of all of us. She's like a sister\daughter to me. She has short jet black hair and kinda blackish blue eyes. She is a little ill but we all try to treat her the same. She, along with Amara and Michelle, live with me and Jasper. Its always fun to live

Oh yes and there is my boyfriend his name is Daren! He tall tan and handsome! He has black hair and the most beautiful dark blue eyes you will ever see.. He is the best. he's alot like Edward though in some way's but in other's he is so different. I love him so much we been going out for 50 years now the frst 40 we acted like we hated each other. We are thinking of getting married soon to!

"BELLA!! ARE YOU READY YET?" Amara yelled from down stairs.

"Yes! Just let me put my loop earring on!" I yelled out . Tonight Darien, Mina Amy, Rey, Lita and Me are going out. oh yeah and Rini is coming too. She is my future daughter, but she is here just for the night. then she will be going back, Too bad. im going to miss her so much. I walk out of my room and smiled at Jasper and the others.

"How do i look?" I asked them

"You look like the princess that you are." Michelle said

"great" Jasper said smiling at me.

"You look like your going to model instead of to dinner, doll face." Amara said using my nick name that she gave me.

"You look beautiful I wish I could go." Hotaru said looked at me with brighteyes"No you dont, you have to go to bed early, you have school tomorrow and we dont want... "

"But Rini gets to go!!" she wimped

"But im leaving tomorrow. Hotaru, and daddy wants to come and take us out for the last time." Rini said Rini was 10 years old with pink hair and redish eyes she also wears a black dress. Her hair was in two ponytails like me. and she looked so cute. We heard the door ring and I when to get it. it was the girls.

"Hi, come on lets get going. Daren is waiting outside."

"Ok see you guys later" I said as me and Rini went out the door.

we walked to the limo that we rented for the night. we like going out with style. everyone in japan knows who we were and once they saw us would treat us like kings and queens. which we are. once we stop the girls were the first to get out of the limo and then it was Daren he held out his hand for me andsmiled."shall we go your Highness?" he asked me as i took his hand and he pulled me genlty out of the limo. making me feel like i was the only one in the world to him. we walked to the resturant as everyone looked at us.

"table for 14 the others will me here shortly" Daren said to the waiter who knew who we were.This suprised me. Were the others coming?

"Y...Yes sir." he hurried and got a table ready. once he was back he walked us to the table it was all set up. Rini sat on my left and Daren sat on my right. the others just sat. Then all of a sudden the others came! Seiya and his brothers, Amara, Michelle, Hotaru, jasper and Daren's younger sister. Who was also part of the family but I dont know her that well. all i know what that she was now Jasper's girlfriend Darenis always telling me how he wants us to get to know each other better and that he wished we could be friends if we tryed. she looked alot like Daren she had long jet black hair and dark blue eyes, she was also wearing a black dress. she smiled as they walked to us.

"Hello Bella" she said

"hi, Eva" I said as they all sat down.

"so should we order?" Darien asked I nod and we all order our food. We were having fun each one of use talked and watched the couples dancing. and then we saw them. it was jaspers old family. and my old love they looked at us all wide eyed...