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older bellas pov

I stand in front of my younger safe as I showed her the way to Rini's room. I still remember that time of my life I was happy with my friends all of use where so close since we could not die we moved a lot but we where together and that was all that matted but that was my pass this young girl who is me has a different one. We where never support to meet the Cullen's family and fall in love with edward our path was a simper one and now case one little change in the pass this future is changing more then one way stared ting with my memories and ending with the people who live her now. Once my younger self put Rini in her bed she and I kissed her forehead. And then I lead her to my thorn room. I sat and she sat across me.

"What would you like to talk to me about?" she asked I smiled at her and then said

"the future has change Bella…" she looked at me a little confuse

" What do you mean?" she asked me

"will first of all we where not supposes to meet the Cullen's that made a rip in the future and even thought I live in the future and you are here I donts mean that this will be your future or if it will change as much as it is." Bella looked surprised and looked at me.

"what do you mean?" she asked

"like how rini is ill.. She is part of one future in the other future I don't know if she will be there or not. AM sorry but Rini may just fait always if everything changes and I don't know how else to say it."

"And Jasper what about him?"

"Will him you would have met but not the way you did I meet him when he left his family and we become friends and I gave him my blood so he could be like us. But I never did meet the other Cullen's." I told her I saw tears in her eyes

"Am sorry I wish I could do something but I cant and now there are monsters that has goes to the pass so that this future never comes true and if you or Daren die then all this will dissipated and will be replays by something better or something worse to keep your guarded up and don't ever put it down what ever happens please you are the only one who can stop that great evil to take over both in the pass and future. She smiled at me and said

"Aren't I always the only one who can stop them? Of course I will be careful I love Rini too much for her not to be born . I'll do everything in my power so that this future remands."

"thanks you but if you can't please defect the great evil and then make a better future of everyone you love." I told her and she stood up and opened anther porter left. I just hope rini will still be born I sigh as someone comes in to my thorn room t looked at the door to see the Cullen's I smiled at them and walked to them.