Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. This drabble was prompted from a picture of Grimmjow and Orihime that I have. This is gifted to Murasakikaida because she's awesome! Read and Enjoy!

He couldn't seem to look at her, to see the evidence of what he'd just done. Grimmjow had even taken a shower to cleanse his body of the evidence. A towel was draped over his wet hair, droplets of water clung to his chest and arms. He'd pulled his pants on, not wanting to be so exposed anymore. His right elbow rested on his knee as his chin rested on his hand, he was sitting next to her, his piercing blue eyes staring at her. He couldn't seem to take his eyes off her. The girl, no woman, he corrected his self; he'd made sure of that just a few hours ago. Orihime lay on the couch, sleeping, only covered by his jacket, the rest of her bare to him, his eyes briefly lingered on the smooth skin of her ass, and he could fell himself becoming hard again. Her breasts where pushed together as she was laying on her side, her legs falling off the couch. And as he had these thoughts, she slept peacefully unaware of the disgust he had at himself.

It didn't even matter that Azien had ordered it, in fact it was because Azien ordered it that made him feel even more disgust in what they'd done. His eyes traveled up to her face, and she still looked so innocent, even after what they'd done, even after what she'd enjoyed. And she had, he had marks on his back to prove it, also from the way she was making pleasured sounds. Though he was sure, she'd regret it later, she just seemed like one of those women, who got upset about those types of things. But for now she looked perfect, untouched and absolutely beautiful. And he…he felt completely low and ashamed, for the first time in his life. He told himself that he wouldn't touch her again, even if Azien ordered it. He wouldn't do it. But the next time he was with her, it wasn't because Azien had ordered it, no it was because she had and he'd wanted her…no needed her.