"She is too powerful for me," Morgan le Faye declared sadly. Part of me stirred angrily again at the absolute defeatism in her voice, but another part of me did a double take at her words…


Oh. Wait.

"You mean Adria, don't you?"

Of course she was talking about Adria. It was the only logical explanation; first of all, the only logical choice, even, but I of all people, should have sensed Adria's hand in this. I knew her best. Better, even, than Vala.


As Morgan spoke, I let this concept sink in. If all went as planned, then there would probably be some big showdown between us and the Ori, otherwise known as Adria, and I'd have to, in some form, confront her again. Last time it hadn't been so bad, as it'd really been Ba'al I was talking to, not Adria. This time…

I'd loved her, in a sort. Infatuation, really, was probably a better word for it. I don't know why. I think she loved me as well…but who knows? I'd known the entire time I was with her that she always had the upper hand, she was always the one in control. She was always the one with the power.

No wonder Morgan was scared.

I, personally, was terrified of the woman.

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