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We followed the doctor to the table and ordered our food. I couldn't help but watch Bella and her friend's finish eating. As they where about to leave a waiter came and asked her to sing. Then she and the blond girl named Mina followed him to the stage. The waiter introduces them and they began to sing.; as they sang they did a little dance it was like they were both night and day. With every move one of them made the other finished it , as if the moon and stars where dancing .

"The dance of the moon and star." Anna wisped "what a owner to see it" she add

"Why do you call it that?"

"Because it is. Bella is the moon to us and we are her stars we are here so that we can show her beauty and to protect her. That is all we do. Even thought she has given us a choice once every year to pick what we want ether stay with her or go and make our own dreams come true for me. My dream is to see her happy and to see our future princess after she is born." she said which didn't make sense

"What are you talking about? How do you know she is your master?" Alice questioned as if she didn't believe anything that she was saying...

"How dare you question me! Not only me but all of them. We know who our master is... An she it. Just watch and see how her hair looks more white as she dances look at her only people who are like us and you can see it." I watch Bella as she said and I could see It., It was as if she was a goddesses her hair looked as if it was turning white. She looked so happy up there singing.

'edward you must feel so stupid leaving a girl like that for well you
know" Emmett thought to me

'She so beautiful." I thought to myself

'Wow I never knew she could dance like that.. .' Rosalie

'I have my daughter and son back now I wonder where they live? I want to go
visit,' Esme

'Japer who is that girl with my jasper!!' Alice

'Bella looks like she one with the music and she looks like a goddess. That's my little girl.."Carlisle

After the song everyone clapped and they all left. Jasper was holding hands with the girl he sat next to. Bella left with that man she was with before and the little girl was on the mans back. They looked like a small family... all of them where laughing and smiling...

"So now you all know that she is alive what do you all think?" Anna asked

"I'm so happy to see that she her happy, but what does she do as a job? Does she live well? Where does she live? Does she have everything she needs? How did you meet Bella in the first place??' Esme showered her with questions.

"Yes she is a model and a singer, she's very well known for quite a few years now. I think about 3 year now. And 40 years ago she was a signer from china but had to 'die' because of her non aging... she lives with jasper, Amara, Michelle, Rini and Hotar, Bella and jasper say that they are brother and sister and they say that Amara Michelle and hotar are their cousins that live with them and as for Rini Bella said that she's her little sister and she is staying with her for a while. And we met about 90 years ago right here in Japan. You see she and jasper went to one of the high schools here and that's how she met us all her protioer the ones that would die for her and her only. We where once vampires who only walked this world without a reason but now we have a reason and we are more human then we ever thought possible. All thanks to her love and blood.. So you see we know what Edward and Alice did to them. am telling you now. Know you are not allowed to go near them. the others may but not you two... If you do we will kill you.." she said her eyes went to me and Alice it made me mad that I

"Why?" I asked she looked mad now

"Why that a stupid question it took her 40 years for her to get over you even when she went out with Jasper he couldn't make her forget the pain you cost her! Her So called boyfriend and her so called friends were having sex. What did you think? that it wouldn't affect her too much?? She couldn't trust Darin for the first 5 years they went out and he asked her to marry him every 10 years hoping that she would say yes and they can start a life with each other and today she finally said yes! Now don't you go and screw things up for her. She was never meant to be with you...She was never meant to meet any of you but she did. The future waited long enough. It's time she got what she wants..." as she said all this I felt something in me snap. How could any of this be true.. No she still loved me. She has too..

"What do you mean she was never supposed to meet us?" Emmett asked

"I mean that she was never supposed to move away from her mother she was never to meet any of you but because she didn't want to bother her mother and stepfather she ended up meeting you..."

I listen to my family thoughts and they where all sad.

'So she was never to be my daughter..." Esme

'how sad poor little sister... And Edward I know you lisning you butt head!!' Emmett

'And I thought I had it bad' Rosalie

'Poor Bella all the things she had to go throu 'Carlisle Alice wasn't think of anything...

"Look thats all I can tell you for now lets eat. Well I shall eat with you guys do as you wish with your food." she said as she began to eat. It was all to quite until the end. We were all heading out and her cell phone rang...

"Bella?" she asked

"Oh Jasper sorry I thought. WHAT HOW ARE THEY??"

"Bella crying... Yes and Rini? What are the doctors saying?"

"they are all Stupid I know I should have taken the night off. I'll be at the hospital in 10 flat" she stopped and waited for an answer from jasper.

"Yes ok see you" she hung up. "Come on Carlisle we have to go. Bella and the others got in an accident she hit her head and Rini won't wake up. She's crying like crazy." she informed us we all drove to the hospital and ran inside. To see Bella yelling at one of the nicer of the blond men was trying to calm her down.

"Calm down meatball head "

"NO both my daughter and my love are in there and am out here!! How can I calm down knowing that they might..." she don't finish her sentence as the blond man held her.

"don't think about it Bells it will be ok.' he said as he held her in his arms. It made me burn with anger.

Edward pov.