Title: Scattered Roses

By: Kichijouji

Fandom: Naruto with some Bleach crossover

Warnings: Will contain yaoi in later chapters

AN: This is my first story so please be kind….I don't mind flames as long as you tell me what I did wrong in order to fix those mistakes. There might be a lot of stories out there with the same idea in the beginning but don't worry by chapter 3 or 4 it will be totally different!

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Ch1: Precious People

(Naruto's POV)

"Do you have someone who is precious to you?"

Those were the words spoken to me by Haku that time in the forest. The whole time it took us to get back to the village I couldn't get that one question out of my head. In fact I've been thinking so much about it that my team wouldn't stop giving me weird looks. I guess it's understandable since I haven't talked at all and the Naruto they know would be turning blue by now from lack of oxygen due to talking too much. But that's just it, that's the Naruto THEY know not the real one.

So can I really say that I have precious people if they don't know the real me? Sure I have people like Iruka-sensei and old man Hokage who are like a father and a grandfather to me but even they don't know the real me.

As I start to see the village gates in front of me I make a vow to start to let my mask slip a little bit. I don't have to take it off all at once instead let people see the real me a little at a time. The only reason I started this whole 'mask' thing was to protect myself. If anyone were to see the 'demon brat' actually getting stronger they would become scared as well as stupid. They would want to kill the 'threat' before it becomes too great.

Now that I'm strong enough to protect myself I don't need the security of my mask. It's only going to slow me down in the way of progress and this way I can find myself a true precious person.

We're inside the village now and Kakashi-sensei turns to speak to us, "Alright guys, since this C-rank turn A-rank mission took a lot out of us, I'll go alone to deliver the report to the Hokage while you guys go get some rest. Just remember to meet me at the bridge tomorrow at 8am!" And with an upside down eye smile he 'poofed' away.

I roll my eyes as I walk home. Kakashi-sensei probably went off some where to read his book instead of delivering his report and won't be at the bridge till 11. He has been our sensei for 6 months now; you would think he would know that we can read in between his words by now. Oh well might as well go home and make something to eat. All this walking and thinking is making me hungry!

To be Continued….

AN: so there you have the first chapter! I know it's not much but the next chapter should be longer!