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He was tall and graceful, each movement as fluid as water. His long silver hair swayed with the wind as he purposefully went though each step of his evening battle katas. Not that he needed the practice, he was the most powerful and deadly creature in the world. Still, Rin smiled to herself as she watched her Lord's macabre dance. His lean muscled form moved to the haunting rhythms of a deadly song only he could hear. Lord SesshoMaru was a warrior, and though the final victory over Naraku had been many years ago, he could never be anything less. And the Gods knew no one wanted him too.

Rin pulled her eyes reluctantly from SesshoMaru and tried to focus on what Jaken was saying. "I'm sorry Master Jaken, what was that?"

Jaken huffed, "Blast it child, will you pay attention. I'm not going over this for my own good. You must learn to write if you intend to be a proper lady."

Rin sighed and looked down at her scroll and the smudged lines that were meant to be words. "What do you know what it takes to be a 'lady' you're not even human."

Jaken turned red, and puffed up with anger. "How dare you speak to me in that manner? Lord SesshoMaru wishes me to teach you these lessons so you will pay attention and do as you are told."

Rin looked less then contrite by she bowed her head with a, "Yes Master Jaken."

Jaken continued to rant softly about how he was under appreciated and how humans now days had no respect for their betters. The toad-like demon was so engrossed with in complaints that he did not notice the girl glace at the tall Lord once more and roll her eyes. Nor did he observe the slightest upward tilt of the powerful demon lord's lips.

It was well past sunset when a tentative knock sounded on SesshoMaru's study's door. "Come in."

He watched, without really looking up, as the door pushed inward and the Rin walked in. She was dressed in her favorite kimono of dusky blue with varying shades purple butterflies flitting over the back and left shoulder. The silk belt she wore, in a complementary purple, was tied around her waist showing to great advantage her slender size. Her dark chocolate brown hair was pulled back from her face at the temples with an silver orchid shaped comb set with an arrangement of different purple gemstones, while the rest was allowed to fall freely down her back in a cascade of soft silken waves.

The girl before him, like the butterflies that adorned her sleeve, had gone through a miraculous change. Gone was the chubby over energetic child that had followed him unquestionably over much of Japan's great landscape. In her place was a tall athletically built woman with full round breast and gently curving hips. It was unmistakably clear to anyone, human or demon, Rin had grown up.

"What is it Rin?" His voice was gruffer then he would have liked but it didn't bother the girl as she walked, hips rhythmically swaying, up to his desk and ran her hand over the wood in an almost loving caress.

"Jaken and I have been waiting dinner for you." SesshoMaru looked up then and met the warm glow of her dark eyes. "It will be cold if we delay much longer."

Rin had been with him now for seven years and early on in their travels they had established the ritual of eating meals together whenever he was around. Although he rarely actually ate anything during those times, he didn't need to eat as often as the other two to maintain his stamina, he would sit with her while she consumed her food and chatted brightly about her day. "I shall be along momentarily, return to the dining room."

Rin smiled, she was always smiling, as she bowed lowly with respect, which gave the demon before her an extraordinary view of her chest before raising and walking from the room. Once the door was closed and he was sure she was out of hearing he allowed a groan to escape his lips. Standing he said a silent word of thanks for his lose fitting pants as he blew out the candle his desk and went to enjoy the sweet torture that dinner would present.