I had this idea flying around in my head for a while and I got it down in a small journal I keep. I'm hoping to make this a one-shot but if you're a late reader and see the chapter button up there you'll know that I failed. : )

Anyway, this is basically a story about the Cake Ghost, an original ghost that I created. If you want the full story, read my other one The Return.As for the time line, definitely after Phantom Planet because this ghost was created in my other story (duh). Just fit this little story anywhere in The Return and we'll be okay.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Danny Phantom, blah blahblah, bleu bleu. I do own the Cake Ghost, though. For what it's worth….

CAKE!!! CAKE, CAKE, CAKE!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Okay, now you should know that I'm the Cake Ghost. The feared Cake Ghost!! Everyone in the Ghost Zone talks about me!! Well, they always shut up whenever I go near them so they should be talking about me…. My one goal is to conquer the world and make everyone eat sweets 'till they're all sick!!!

In any case, I am in the Ghost Zone as the green background is oddly soothing for me. Just floating around, doing nothing, thinking aimlessly, ooh, is that cake? No, it's Skulker!! Self-proclaimed Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter. He just floated right into my way and he'll face my wrath!!

"BEWARE!!!" I shouted, waving my, well, rather miniscule arms. "I am the Cake Ghost!!"

Skulker looked my way, snorted, and flew away.

"Quake at my awesome power!" I yelled.

I couldn't figure out why he'd snorted but I thought he snorted from fear and flew away, obviously petrified at my strength. If I strike such fear into the Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter, then imagine what damage I'd do in the human world as its ruler!!

I made way to the portal we ghosts call the "Fenton Portal". I snuck in, invisible, trying not to get noticed. I noticed that the ignorant fool, Jack Fenton, was fiddling around with one of his inventions. I remained silent, not wanting to attract his attention as my last encounter with him hadn't turned out for the better. It had nearly resulted in me getting eaten. Imagine me, the great Cake Ghost, being eaten up by a mere human! My lost chunk had regenerated with time but it still smarted whenever I thought about it.

Suddenly, Jack turned around and took a great big whiff of the air. He then shouted, "CAKE!!!"

"Where?" I squeaked, turning visible. Maybe I could make it my slave. I then noticed that the oaf was staring at me hungrily. With a gulp, I realized that I was the cake in question. Regaining my resolve, I cackled, "You cannot catch me!!!" I then phased through the ceiling.

Leaving behind the building, I flew around Amity Park, bombarding people with sweets. Finally, my quest had begun!!

Daniel Fenton was sitting in class, listening to Mr. Lancer's dull lecture when a certain blue ghost showed up.

"BEWARE!!!" he shouted. "I am the Box Ghost!!"

"Get lost, will ya?" Danny asked, ignoring his ghost sense. "I'm in no mood to catch you."

"Eh—no!! I will not get lost!!" the Box Ghost yelled defiantly. "Prepare to meet your boxed doom!!!"

Before he could lift a finger, however, he was sucked into the thermos by a very bored Danny. The poor boy was then verbally abused as the whole class went into an uproar over his latest "victory". His ghost sense then went off again and he reluctantly transformed into Phantom by two bluish-white rings. The class cheered a little louder, if that was even possible.

The halfa glanced at his two friends, who gave him encouraging smiles, and he waved at the teacher before turning intangible and phasing through the ceiling.

'What is it now?' Danny thought sourly. 'First the Box Ghost "attacked" for about the millionth time in this week and now another ghost.'

He was suddenly pelted from behind and stumbled a few feet more in the air before drawing to a halt. Wiping off the muck, Danny found that chocolate had dirtied his white hair. And if it was chocolate, it meant only one thing….

"The Cake Ghost," Danny groaned, noting the small ghost. "Not you again!! Can't you just stay in the Ghost Zone?"

"It is me!" the thing declared.

"OK, first of all, it's 'It is I' not 'It is me'," Danny corrected. "Second of all, what is your problem? I've already got enough on my plate as it is!"

"World domination!!!" the Cake Ghost shouted. Waves of treats shot towards Danny. He merely turned intangible.

"You've got a problem all right," the ghost teen commented. "Now, why don't you go back into thermos where you can think this out?"

Danny Phantom had a belt where he kept a variety of ghost weapons and it was from here that he unhooked the Fenton Thermos which he had just caught the Box Ghost in.

"You cannot catch me!!" the Cake Ghost boasted.

"Yeah, yeah." It was sucked in with a wail.

"DANNY!!" someone shouted. He barely had time to turn around when something crashed into him. Danny was thrown into the nearest building. "You all right, son?" Jack Fenton opened the door to the Specter Speeder.

"Super--" Danny pushed off an office desk which had fallen onto him. "—duper. Mind watching where you drive?"

"CAKE!!" Jack shouted.

"Uh—cake?" Danny blinked. He then realized that his father had run into the Cake Ghost. "You do know that you'll get a bad stomachache if you try to eat that ghost?"

"But it's cake, Danny!" Jack yelled.

"Remember what happened last time? This time it might be a lot worse."

"But it was a cake," Jack repeated in a softer tone of voice.

Danny rolled his eyes. "So it was."

He flew up, gently pushed his father into the vehicle, closed the door, and pushed the Specter Speeder home to the Fenton Works before flying back to school.

I was finally released from that accused device!! But now I find myself back in the Ghost Zone, defeated. However, it was not in vain!! My new goal (along with world domination) is to remain in battle with Phantom for ten minutes! This will surely tell me if I'm worthy to rule the world.

Now, I can ally myself with that other ghost that was trapped with me.

"You!!" I said.

"I am the Box Ghost! What does a puny ghost like you want with me?"

"We can beat Phantom together!" I suggested. "Then we can take over the world!" I rose up very dramatically. "For I am….the Cake Ghost!!" I finished dramatically.

"With boxes?" And then bubble wrap appeared in his hands. "And bubble wrap?"

"With boxes and bubble wrap," I repeated. "And most of all, CAKE!!"

"Cake?" The Box Ghost scratched his forehead.

"Yes, my friend, cake!! And sweets, and more cake, and sweets, and more…" I trailed off as I realized the ghost was looking even more confused. "Never mind."

"Your dad wanted to eat the Cake Ghost?" Tucker asked, playing with his PDA.

"Yeah. It was as if his last run-in with the ghost didn't faze him at all." Danny sat down at the lunch table.

"I can see that happen," Sam commented. She opened her lunch box. "Your dad's got a one-track mind when it comes to sweets."

" 'But it's cake, Danny!' " Danny imitated. "Seriously, I just wish that the Cake ghost would leave me alone." He flinched, realizing what he had just said. "Desiree isn't here, is she?"

"Chill, Danny," Sam said. "I don't think she heard you. Besides, it wasn't that much of a wish in the first place."

"Knowing Desiree, though, even a harmless wish can turn deadly," Danny reminded her.

"Makes sense." Tucker accidentally dropped his PDA into his water glass when someone bumped into him. "No!! My baby!! I still had ten payments left on that one!!"

Sam rolled her eyes and smiled at Danny. As Tucker was crying over his lost PDA, the bell rang. He was hauled off, protesting loudly, by his two best friends to class.

"Now, class," Mr. Lancer said, "it's time to explore the fascinating world of physics."

"He says, 'Fascinating', I say, 'Boring'," Danny whispered to Sam. His ghost sense went off and he raised his hand. "Mr. Lancer? Ghost trouble."

"Now, now, Mr. Fenton. Surely your parents can handle this."

"Uh—they don't know about it."

Mr. Lancer raised an eyebrow. "It's odd how strangely convenient it is for you whenever a ghost 'happens' to show up."

Danny shrugged. "Hey, I'm not the ghost attacking."

"There you are, ghost child," a familiar voice said. Everyone looked up to find Skulker floating five feet over the desks. "Now seems to be the perfect time to capture you and turn you into a pelt to rest at the foot of my bed."

"One word, Skulker: Ew." Danny transformed and flew up to eye level. "Ready to go back?" He gestured to the thermos.


Before Skulker could activate any of his guns, Danny rammed into him and phased both of them through the ceiling. When they were outside, Danny let go and blasted the other ghost with a ghost ray.

Skulker was propelled backwards a few feet but managed to right himself.

"Good aim," he sneered. Several guns appeared from his suit. "Try mine."

The next several minutes saw Danny dodging some of the missiles and freezing the ones he couldn't.

"What's wrong, Skulker? Have you seen an eye doctor lately?" Danny insulted him. "Your aim sucks!!"

The hunter's eyebrows twitched.

Danny folded his arms and sighed. "I had hoped for a better challenge from the 'Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter', but quite frankly, I'm disappointed." Danny grabbed the Fenton Electrifier from his belt. "Get ready for some severe pain!"

The halfa hurtled towards Skulker, Electrifier held at the ready. He pressed a button and it crackled with electricity.

"Take this!!" Danny yelled.

"No, you shall take this, ghost child!" Skulker snarled.

Skulker got his arm cannons ready and the two of them prepared for the collision. Scratch that. The collision that would have happened had not a crate been shoved in between the two of them and exploded before their very eyes.

"What the--?!" Skulker managed to cry out before being coated from head to foot with something dark. The same could be said for Danny.

"What the heck is this?!" Danny exclaimed, wiping the stuff off his face.

"That, my friend, is cake!!" a squeaky voice cackled. "BEWARE!!"

Both Danny and Skulker stared wordlessly at the Cake Ghost.

"Oh, good grief," Danny finally said. "I'm getting really tired of catching you all the time!"

"Quaking in fear now, Skulker?!" The Cake Ghost laughed at the still speechless hunter. "Be afraid of us!"

" 'Us?' " Danny asked, wondering what ghost would have been insane enough to team up with the Cake Ghost.

"Beware!!" another voice cut in. "I am the Box Ghost!! Prepare to face your boxed doom!!"

"This is getting ridiculous," Skulker said at last.

"Seriously, the two of you?!" Danny rolled through the air, laughing. "I don't know what you two can do that'll harm me."

"You'll see!!" the Cake Ghost threatened. "NOW!!!" Nothing happened. "I said, 'Now!' "

"Uh—oh right!" The Box Ghost lifted up another crate.

"What's that supposed to do?" Danny asked. "You know, I can simply turn intangible."

"But not before it explodes!" the Box Ghost said proudly.


"I recommend that you turn intangible, ghost child," Skulker suggested, doing so himself. "It will not be pretty."

Before Danny could oblige, the box exploded, bombarding the ghost boy with more cake.

"Eurgh." Danny turned intangible and let the mess slide off.

"I did warn you." Skulker became tangible. "Let the hunt commence."

"What is taking Mr. Fenton so long?" Mr. Lancer asked, annoyed. He looked at Sam and Tucker. "Well?"

"How are we supposed to know?!" Sam defended herself. "Look out the window if you're so curious!"

Mr. Lancer did peek out the window like Sam had instructed.

"Well?" Tucker couldn't wait to hear how Danny was doing.

"It's a four-way battle," was the reply.

"What?!" The class rushed over to take a look.

It was, indeed, a four-way battle. Danny Phantom was fighting three ghosts at the same. The weird thing was, two of the ghosts were attacking both the mechanical ghost and Phantom, whereas Skulker was simply fighting Phantom. Danny, on the other hand, was fighting all three of them.

Sam snorted. "Oh, please. The Box Ghost and the Cake Ghost?" Danny's got this in the bag."

"I….guess." Tucker didn't sound convinced. "With Skulker focusing all his attacks on Danny like that, he'll have trouble catching the other two."

"Who's side are you on?!" Sam glared at him.



"Take this!!" the Cake Ghost cackled, throwing yet another scone at Skulker. The other ghost simply blasted it apart midair without even looking. "Darn it!"

"You—have—got—to—be—kidding—me!!" Between each word Danny was dodging missiles and crates filled with sweets. "All right, that's enough!!!" Danny fired up two ice blasts and froze the Box Ghost's supply of crates with one and Skulker's arm cannon with another.

"I just had this upgraded!!" Skulker growled, looking at his arm.

"Not anymore!!" Danny shot another ice beam and froze the hunter's leg. "Here, upgrade this!!" Danny whirled the Electrifier around in his hand, grabbed it, pressed the button, and whacked Skulker to kingdom come. "Now--"He whirled around to face the other two. "--who's next?"

"Yes!!!" the Cake Ghost suddenly burst out.

" 'Yes' what?" Danny asked. "Did you win the bakery contest?"

"Uh—no. But I did win this fight!!"

Danny blinked. "Er—come again?"

"I have lasted more than ten minutes with you!! Finally, I can go for world domination!"

"You know, that makes no sense and I think you know it," Danny muttered, giving the Cake Ghost a confused glance.

"Boxes!!" The Box Ghost waved his arms around. "Bubble wrap!!"

Danny looked at the two insane ghosts and shrugged. "OK, you go for what you want. As for me, I'm just doing my job. And my job does not allow me to let you seek world domination." Danny directed his next phrase at the Box Ghost. "And, dude, I do not know what you can accomplish with bubble wrap and boxes." He raised an eyebrow at the Cake Ghost. "Nor can I understand what you can achieve with cake."

"Make everyone sick!!!!" the Cake Ghost cried.

Danny closed his eyes and seemed to pray for patience. "I didn't sign up for this, did I?" He opened one and said, "You ready to go back?" Danny uncapped the thermos and aimed it at the Box Ghost. It whirred to life as Danny fed it energy and a blue beam shot out, enveloping the Box Ghost and sucking it in. "One down."

"This isn't the end!!" the Cake Ghost promised, turning around to flee.

"Should I let it go or not?" Danny contemplated the choices. "It doesn't really make of a difference does it? It's even more harmless than the Box Ghost and that's saying a lot."

"CAKE!!!!" Danny heard someone shout. "I've got you now!!!"

The Specter Speeder whizzed past a very surprised ghost boy and to the Cake Ghost. The door opened and in a flash Jack, complete with a napkin, knife, and fork, started to attack the bewildered ghost.

Danny covered his eyes with one gloved hand. "Oh, good grief. Guess it's too late now."

In a few minutes, nothing was left of the Cake Ghost except for a few ectoplasmic crumbs around Jack's mouth.

"Yum!!" he declared, wiping it off with a tissue.

Danny peeked through a crack between his fingers. "Do I even want to know what'll happen next?"

Jack was suddenly looking very green and clutched his stomach. "I don't feel so good."

"Obviously," Danny muttered. "You just stuffed down a cake ghost singlehandedly."

Jack was looking greener by the second and his son knew that it didn't bode well. Suddenly, his stomach rumbled loudly and something phased through it. It turned out to be a very battered Cake Ghost.

"HA!!!" it laughed. "You cannot eat me!! For I am the Cake Ghost!!!!"

Danny decided that it would be a very good time to suck the Cake Ghost up before his father got it in his head to eat the thing again. With another flash, the Cake Ghost was gone into the thermos that Phantom held in his hand.

"Hey!!" Jack bellowed. "Where'd the cake go?"

"Uh—over there?" Danny pointed to his left.

"You cannot escape me!!!" Jack started the Speeder up and sped off.

"That was….weird." Danny looked at the disappearing speck. "I hope he doesn't find out I tricked him."

Danny was hit from behind by a missile.

"Ow!!" He turned around to see a very irate Skulker, minus one leg and an arm. "Ooh, you don't look too good. Need repairs?"

Skulker merely scowled and shot another missile after his prey. Danny effortlessly did a loop around it and unclipped the Fenton Thermos once again from his belt.

"That's enough playing around for today! I'm late for class so go back to where you belong!" Danny declared. He sucked in the hunter with another blue beam and capped the thermos. "Well, that was enlightening." He shook the thermos and said to it, "You, Cake Ghost. Don't come out again if you know what's good for you. My dad'll hunt you to the ends of the earth."

Danny smiled and headed back to the school. The rest of the day would pass by uneventfully for him.

I swore in my small prison. "Darn it!! You haven't seen the last of me, Phantom!! I will become the ruler of the world someday!!"

"Oh, shut up," Skulker said irritably. "It's bad enough I have to be shut in here with the both of you without listening to your ranting all day."

"I resent that!! I am the Box Ghost!! I will escape this cylindrical prison!!"

"Cake rules!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

"Someone kill me."

OK!!! Thus concludes the story of the Cake Ghost!! I hope you guys liked that! Wow, turns out it was a one shot after all. OK, a very long one shot but a one shot nonetheless.

As for my other stories, I will be updating soon. My hard drive was fixed!!!