It had been a long day at work and I couldn't wait to get home to my beautiful wife, Esme. I missed her terribly throughout the day. I packed up my briefcase, and I left my office. I said goodbye to our receptionist Haley and I went to the parking lot, I found where I parked my Mercedes and I drove home.

When I got into the house, everyone was in the living room including Bella, except for Emmet and Rosalie. As I looked at my wife, children and Bella I suddenly realized that they were all quiet too quiet and that they all seemed to be on the verge of hysterics.

I was clearly missing something.

"Esme where are Emmet and Rosalie?" I asked and she gave me a meaningful look. That's when I heard them; suddenly I realized what they were all thinking about and why they were just so quiet.

"They're upstairs … in their room, taking care of business" Edward said has a look of disgust come across his face. I could only imagine what kind of mental images he was receiving from Emmet and Rosalie. It was always difficult for Edward, at times like these because he couldn't control his sibling's thoughts.

I didn't know what to do or what to say, I mean I knew that Emmet and Rose were very open about there relationship with each other. We just learned to ignore them, usually they went away to take care of their … stuff, but since school started they haven't had time to get away.

Suddenly Jasper was on his feet "I can't take this anymore, the amount of lust that is bouncing throughout this house is driving me insane!" Poor Jasper, feeling everyone's emotions tended to take a lot of energy out of him. He is so affected by the emotions around him, but it is worst at times like these when the emotions are so strong.

"Jasper, calm down, they will be done right about … now." Alice said. Thank god for her visions. I could see and sense the relief that everyone felt. It was horribly awkward when Emmet and Rosalie were just so open, though in the last months I found that it was getting harder for the rest of the family to endure them during their love making.

We were all sitting in the living room when we heard them coming down the stairs. They both came into the living room with big grins are their faces.

"Hello family" Emmet said still smiling.

"My god Emmet, can you please control your thoughts, you just finished" Edward snapped.

"Oh Eddie you're just angry because you're so sexually repressed" Emmet said and he burst out laughing.

Soon they were both on the floor rolling around. Edward had flung himself at Emmet and now was on top of him punching him.

"Boys cut it out now!" I yelled and they quickly pulled apart, both panting a little, clothes wrinkled from rolling on the floor fighting.

"Sorry" they both said together.

"Seriously Emmet you guys need to leave the house, when you are ready to pounce on each other, I was practically drowning in your lust towards one another" Jasper spat, clear distaste in his voice.

"Guys it's not my fault, this is one of our many ways on how Rose and I express our love for one another" Emmet said grinning from ear to ear.

"One of your many ways, oh please, you express it one way, and one way only." Edward said.

"And which way Is that Eddie, please enlighten me" Emmet said and I saw Edwards stiffen when Emmet called him Eddie, he hated being called Eddie.

"It's all physical, all you guys ever do is pounce on each other any chance you get!, I swear if vampires could have kids, you'd have a Guinness world record on your hands there Emmet" Edward said

"Everyone be quiet please, I can see that clearly Emmet and Rose's openness with their relationship is affecting everyone in this house" I said and then I turned to Emmet and Rosalie who were now embracing one another and said " Emmet, Rose you guys need to cool it down a bit once a day is quite enough, if you have that many urges then maybe I suggest you go elsewhere as to not affect the whole house, please"

"Okay Carisle, we'll try to be more sensitive to the rest of the family" Rose said with a dismissive hand, she clearly wasn't listening and she had no intention of following through on my request.

I decided that I had enough, so I went upstairs to my office with Esme, leaving the children in the living room. Soon everyone was off with their significant other.


After the whole awkwardness at my house, I decided to bring Bella home. I was now lying in bed with her humming her lullaby like every other night. This was my favourite part of the day when I could get to hold Bella in my arms and watch her sleep.

"You know, I don't know what the rest of my family is going to do about Emmet and Rosalie, they have gotten on everyone's nerves lately in the past few weeks" I said to Bella

"Really, I didn't know that it had gotten that bad, no one said much" Bella mused, she wasn't always there to see the extent of Rosalie and Emmet's love making.

"No one said much, because they were all to busy silently thinking about everything they wanted to say to Emmet and Rosalie, you should have heard my families thoughts tonight" I said , and it was true. Everyone was getting really fed up, Emmet and Rosalie never even made an attempt at being discrete when they're together.

"What kind of things were they thinking about" Bella asked has she rolled over and snuggled more into my chest.

"Well Alice for one was thinking about how ridiculous they are, she kept thinking about how for the past couple of weeks Rose and Emmet haven't been able to keep there hands off of each other. At school, at home and probably in their cars, it's gotten to multiple times of the day" I explained to Bella " I feel really bad for Jasper, he was nearly ready to pounce on poor Alice with the amount of lust and love in the air"

"Yeah I feel bad for Jasper… and you, Jasper feels everything and you hear their thoughts and see mental images" She whispered.

"Yes that's true and soon I think Jasper and I are going to have to do something about it, it's gotten horrible they're just so … horny" I couldn't believe what I just said, even though it was the truth I never used that kind of language around Bella before.

"You know Edward, if it's gotten that bad and I know it must be pretty horrible if you're talking about it this much, then maybe you should talk to Carisle and come up with a plan to help them learn control on their … needs for one another" Bella said and then she yawned.

"You're right, now that's enough discussion for now, time to go to sleep" and with that she gave me a kiss and then I hummed her lullaby for her.

When she feel asleep, I got thinking and I decide that I was going to have to say something Carisle, but first I was going to have chat with the Esme, Jasper and Alice to see hear they're thoughts and ideas of ways to help control Emmet and Rose.

So there's the first chapter, the next one will be much funnier when the family sit's down and discuses the problem with Emmet and Rosalie. Carisle decides to tell Emmet, Rose and the rest of the family his plan for what might help them control themselves, SEX ADDITS ANONYMOUS.


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