I got home and walked into the living room finding a very angry looking Alice, a confused Bella, a frustrated Jasper, a livid Edward and a smiling Rosalie and Emmett.

" Are you kidding me! How could you do this to us?!" Alice shouted running up to me. "This is uncalled for, do you hate us that much!"

"Alice calm down, alright." I said walking and sitting down on the couch beside Esme.

"Um… what's going on here?" Bella asked breaking the silence. I guess no one had told her what had happened. Poor Bella I hope she doesn't get too upset.

"Well-" I started but Alice cut me off "I'll tell you what's going on. You, Edward, Jasper and me are going to be having freaking couple therapy lessons with Dr. Neil! All because of Rosalie and Emmett. They told Dr. Neil all this stuff about our relationships that may be true in some cases which convinced him enough to call Carlisle!" She said and poor Bella she was in shock.

"Couple therapy? Carlisle why would you agree to that?" Esme asked and I realized that I had not informed her myself after I had spoken to Dr. Neil.

"Well Dr. Neil had some good points and he was able to help Rosalie and Emmett, so I figured that all he could do is more good for Alice's and Edward's relationships." I said.

"You're joking! Rosalie and Emmett are the exact same they haven't changed one bit. You just think they have. They have really tricked you guys and Dr. Neil. On there part its genius, but now we're the one who are going to be suffering for gods knows how long." Edward said and I could tell how pissed off he was.

"That may be true, but after watching the control that they demonstrated I think that they will be making an effort to be more respectful when they are having sex and that they won't be so dependable on there sexual relations. They have learned a lot and I hope that things will be better in the future. Plus if they go back to how things were before, they both know that they'll both be going to a clinic." I said which seemed to calm Edward down a little.

"Too bad that when things go back like before they won't be going to a clinic. I know that you aren't actually serious about that or can you not remember that I see the future." Alice said crossing her arms and looking at me.

"Wait what ? Are you serious Carlisle? Was that all just a lie to scare us and make us like not have sex. Talk about harsh." Emmett said "Its not nice to lie, bad Carlisle" Emmett giving me a look that said "shame on you"

"That doesn't matter. What does matter is that Rosalie and Emmett went through many weeks of sessions and I'd like to believe that they did help in some way" I said looking at Rosalie and Emmett sternly. "Now Bella technically I don't have to make you go but I think that these sessions with be helpful in some way. Any problems that any of you guys feel you have in your relationship Dr. Neil will be able to help you." I said

"Well I'm fine with it" Bella said looking down.

"Sweet, besides we told Dr. Neil about how you both are sexually repressed and how Edward doesn't trust himself. Oh and how he calls himself a monster all the time and how we think you're afraid to tell Edward certain things because you are afraid of his reaction" Emmett said smiling and I saw Edward visibly stiffen with anger. Edward calm down there is no use in getting upset because you are going to those sessions and I don't you'd want to give Emmett another reason to give to Dr. Neil about why you need couple therapy. I mentally said to Edward and he calmed down a little.

"Yeah and we told him about Alice's shopping addiction and how Jasper is always supporting her when she's doing bad stuff like being nosy and annoying. Hello that's so not healthy. We also told him how Jasper is practically antisocial and how Alice pretty much controls him" Rosalie said smiling and Alice was shocked.

"I do not control him!" Alice said standing up.

"Sit down Alice." I said and noticed Jasper hadn't said a word. He was probably trying to control the emotions in the room.

"You four are going to couple therapy starting tomorrow and no you can't get out of it Alice" I said sternly.

"Darnit! I don't see you changing your mind, I see us there with that… demon." Alice shuddered.

"Alice he's not a demon, he's Dr. Neil" I said rolling my eyes.

Soon everyone left the room except Esme. "Well that went easier then I thought" I said smiling at myself.

"Yeah too bad Rosalie and Emmett will probably be back to normal now that they know that they won't be sent to a clinic." Esme said and I knew she was right, but I couldn't send them back things would only get worst.



We arrived at Dr. Neil's office and he was greeted us smiling. They don't look that messed up, but the normal looking ones are always the worst. He thought.

"I guess we'll start with Edward and Bella first. Alice, Jasper you two may sit in the lounge to your right. This won't take long this is just a little meet and greet I guess you could call" He said smiling and I nodded my head.

We walked into this office and we sat across from him. "So Edward, Bella tell me about your relationship. Rosalie and Emmett tell me that you have trust issues but we'll talk about that at our next session. First the most important thing on my mind is that Rosalie and Emmett mentioned that you both were sexually repressed. Is that true?" He asked.

"Um… well if your asking if were both virgins then yes." Bella said blushing and I could hear Alice and Jasper laughing in the lounge.

"Bella tell me are you ready to have sex with Edward?" Dr. Neil asked like it wasn't an awkward question at all. He made it sound as if he was asking "what's your favourite colour?"

"Yes, but Edward is always the one to say no. He thinks that he'll hurt me , but I think it's something more. Sometimes I feel like even kissing is too much. He tells me he loves me and that he wants to have sex but he won't" Bella said and I couldn't believe that she was being so honest. She knows why we can't do that. So there goes the trust, he doesn't trust himself no to hurt her? Hmmm Dr. Neil thought.

"Edward I don't know what it is, but part of me feels like its not just trust that is keeping you from having sex or whether or not you're ready because you are, correct?" He asked and I nodded my head. "Well have you ever questioned your sexuality?"

I sat there completely mortified "What?!" I said

"What I'm trying to say is that maybe you are interested in men?" Dr. Neil said so calmly. I am not gay!

"I'm not gay! God I love women I love Bella! That's disgusting. We're out of here" I said and I pulled Bella.

"Um.. I guess we'll be seeing you soon" She said quickly. And I heard Dr. Neil say yes and that'd we be seeing each other soon. That was odd. Maybe he hasn't come to terms with it. Or maybe he's not gay, who knows.

We left without saying a word to Jasper and Alice who were busy laughing. But I heard there laughter cease when Dr. Neil called them into his office. I hope they have fun.


"Alice Cullen, Jasper Hale come on in" Dr. Neil said. Jasper and I walked in and we sat across from him.

"How are you two today?" He asked smiling

"We're good thank you" I said returning his smile.

"Well let's get down to business shall we." He said and Jasper and I nodded our heads. "From what I've heard it seems has though you Alice are the dominate one in your relationship, very controlling of Jasper." He said

"That's not true. I'm not controlling right Jasper" I said turning to Jasper.

"Well uh actually sometimes you can be, but I don't mind, love." He said but I was too angry and embarrassed to look at him. Why would he tell Dr. Neil that!

"Okay… Alice do you agree that sometimes you can be rather controlling?" Dr. Neil asked and I nodded my head. Whatever to get him to shut up.

"You guys catch me as the kind of couple that are very loving and unconditionally supportive which is not necessarily a good thing." He said frowning a little bit. "Rosalie also may have mentioned that."

"How is that not a good thing?!" I asked, this guy was crazy!

"Because by you, Jasper supporting her when she is butting into other peoples business and blackmailing others, that's bad. You shouldn't be encouraging such bad habits. And Alice by you being so over powering you need to let Jasper breath let him make his own decisions. Also Rosalie mentioned that Jasper is always trying to control your emotions because she said you're pretty crazy. Now, I believe if we just make some few miner changes in your relationship, it will become stronger. You will be a better couple." I couldn't believe that Rosalie actually said all those things! She was turning this around for the worst. God damnit she is dead!

"Um… I think that's all for now. Like I said to Edward and Bella this was pretty much a meet and greet. The things I said were just from Rosalie and Emmett so of course once I get to know you guys better I'll have more of an idea of your relationship. These are just comments that Rosalie said and I just wanted to put them out there, they very well could be not true. But anyways we'll talk more about this at your next session. I'd also like to speak with your parents just to get there ideas about your relationship." He said and Jasper and I got up.

"Well thank you for seeing us" Jasper said politely.

We waved goodbye and we walked outside. When we got home all I could think was MY LIFE IS OFFCIALLY OVER. If these sessions don't kill me mentally, it'll be a miracle.


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