Smash Skits

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(Chapter 1: Reminder)

"Hey, Lucas!" The PSI veteran, Ness, called out to his friend.

"What's up?" The boy walked to him.

"Check out these stickers I found while I fought against Nana, Popo, DK, and Ike!" He showed him the two stickers he had found. "It's weird! One of them looks like a 16-bit version of you."

"So it does! That's so creepy..."

"And who's this one supposed to be?" He had shown the Nowhere Islands denizen the other sticker, of a female 16-bit girl with red hair, a long blue dress, and boots. "I've never seen this one."

Lucas suddenly felt shocked, then hot on the face, then lowered his head. "C-can I have those stickers?"


"Could I have those stickers, Ness?" He asked again, his voice oddly trembling. "I'll do whatever you want, just let me have them, please!"

"Okay, Lucas, calm down. You can have the stickers." Ness kindly handed the pair of stickers to the blond PSI user, who had properly thanked him before scampering off in delight.

"What was THAT all about?" Came the near-Foghorn Leghorn-ish voice of King Dedede, positioning himself beside Ness. "What was that there yellow-headed kid person going on about?"

"Something about wanting two stickers I found." Ness nodded. "I wonder..." He soon decided to head to the dorms, with a curious Dedede following behind him (well, as much as his portliness could allow him to follow behind the Eagleland kid).


"Why are we outside Lucas's room?" Dedede looked all confused, unsure of Ness's intentions. "Somethin' prank-like, no doubt? Cause I got a couple of ideas--"

'Quiet!' Ness had countered sharply... with his mind.

The Dream Land 'King' could only be astonished with wide-eyed surprise. 'What the?! What are you doin'? Get out of my head! You're freaking me out!'

'Odd... You can communicate with melike this...' Ness ignored this new detail, and told Dedede of what he was seeing. 'Let's just focus on Lucas for a second. And try not to make a thought.'

'Does that mean I have that there psycho powers too--' His face twisted in pain for a minute. 'OOoohhh, I'm gonna knock your head open with my hammer, boy--'

'BE QUIET!' Ness snapped. 'He's establishing a mind-link with someone.'

Dedede, still being curious like a primate from a storybook, peered Lucas's door slightly ajar, seeing his backside.

'Hey.' They both 'heard' Lucas's voice. 'How are you? ... That's very good to hear. I'm glad everyone's getting along out there. How's my dad, and Duster, and Boney?'

'How come I can't hear the person blondie's talkin' to?' Dedede laid on the floor, disinterested.

'It'd take too much mental focus to pick up on who he's conversing with. And even then, if I did that, he'd notice.'

Lucas sat himself closer to his window, looking out to the spacious Multi-Man Brawl simulator. 'I'm sorry you couldn't come out here too... ...I know, it's a bit ridiculous...' A bit of time passed, as Lucas turned to a piece of stationery. 'I miss you too. Hey, this should be cool: my friend Ness, he's a PSI user like you and me, he gave me these weird stickers that look like us.' Lucas pulled out a pencil and started writing. 'Yeah, these stickers look like if we were sprites in a game... yeah, one of me, and one of you... The hair on your's isWAY off.'

Dedede just scrunched his face in disgust when he heard Lucas giggle to a voiceless response. His eyes then noted Ness's hand clamping on the penguin's foot. 'Why you feelin' my foot?'

'I gotta. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been able to hear my thoughts and the thoughts of Lucas too.'

He was silent. 'How long were you gonna make me believe I had them mental powers too? I could've rubbed that in Kirby's face, darn it!'

'Don't worry,' Lucas calmed whatever was getting riled up. 'I promise that when this current tournament is done, I'll come back and spend a few months back at home, with dad, Boney, Duster, and you of course...' His physical features took a slight pink, as he slid the stationery into an envelope, along with some wrapped pieces of candy, and the two stickers. He smiled wide. '...I love you too, Kumatora. I'll be home soon.'

"Lucas is in looooove!" Dedede taunted out loud.

"DEDEDE!!" Ness roared, chasing the fat 'king' around the dorms.

'Listen, I gotta get going and send this letter to you.' Lucas added.

'Did that PSI friend of yours peer in?' The voice of the older girl, Kumatora, rang clear in his mind.

'Yep. And I'll take your advice, Kumatora:' Lucas got out his favorite stick, and felt his fingers glow, smiling quite sadistically. 'I'm gonna whoop their butts good!'


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