AN: This game has spawned more plunnies than I thought possible. And to think I picked it up on a whim when I saw a poster for it at GameStop because I'm a sucker for puzzles and brainteasers. L'anyhoodle, here we go! I do not own Professor Layton or any related characters.

Trademark Curiosity

Luke watched curiously as the professor walked into the room. Layton had one hand to his chin in a trademark thinking pose, and he was murmuring to himself. It didn't take a puzzle master to see that the great Professor Layton was deep in thought about something.

After a moment, Layton glanced at his apprentice. "Luke, my boy, have you seen my hat? It seems to have gone missing."

The boy blinked, startled. "No, professor. I haven't. Isn't it on the hat rack, where it usually is?" Layton was usually fastidious about such things.

"No, it's not." A frown crossed Layton's face.

It was on the tip of Luke's tongue to suggest that perhaps someone had borrowed it when they both heard a giggle from down the hall. They both paused for a moment, glanced at each other, then moved as one person to the door and crept down the corridor, following the laughter.

They peered through the slightly-ajar door leading into Flora's room...and found the answer to the mystery.

The girl had Layton's trademark top hat in her hands and was trying it on, modeling it in front of her mirror, trying it at different angles. She reached out and selected a pretty yellow flower from a vase on her bureau; she carefully tucked the stem into the hat-band and began the modeling anew.

Layton cleared his throat delicately.

Flora jumped and spun around. "Oh, I...I mean, I..." She took the hat off and held it out to him. "...I just wanted to try it on."

Smiling, Layton took the hat from her and put it on his own head, the bright yellow blossom still perched on the brim. He studied his reflection for a moment, then struck a thinking pose. "I think this is a good look for me, don't you?"

PS. Written over on my LiveJournal for a drabble request thing I did. Meimi gave me the prompt of "Flora is curious about the Professor's hat," and this was the result. The plunnies for this game are biting furiously, so…expect more ficcage xD Thanks for reading, all! Much love!