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Author's Note: This is my first Ben 10 story. I never really planned to make one. But I made this with my friend who we will call Zuzu- cause she doesn't want her name mentioned- when we we're bored. Enjoy!

Wedgie of a Beginning

A bunch of annoying bullies came up to me. Which ended up with me being in a trashcan. And on top of that the teacher gave us a pop quiz, which I know I failed and I swear all the evil girls are out to get me. And at recess some annoying first grader kept following me around calling my name,

"Ben, Ben, Ben, BEN!!!!!!"

Eventually I got mad at him, and yelled,


Then he ran away crying. And who knew? His mom came and sprayed me with pepper spray. Yeah you're probably thinking I deserved it. But did I really deserve to also be attacked by her purse?

You may not believe this, don't worry Gwen didn't either, but I have the bruises to prove it. Yep my life sucks.

So after that I thought ice cream would be good about now. Boy was I wrong! Life again against me decided that I had to just run into the bullies again, which turned into a shoving match, which ended with this stupid wedgie and me. Which is why Gwen was getting mad at me! For provoking the bullies! Hello I'm the one with the wedgie!!!!!


I yelled.

Because of that, I couldn't ride my bike back home. So-Guess what-I had to walk home! Trust me as I'm writing this, my stupid wedgie is still there. And I wouldn't be surprised if I had to get surgery to remove it! I didn't to go inside my house. Because I know She would ask me why I'm walking funny. And I think it would be much better to explain to Grandpa than Her. Sigh. So her I was walking like a penguin to the "Rust Bucket" AKA Grandpa Max's motor home. . And I walk in and here's Grandpa Max staring at me and holding a bowl of something described as someone trying to make pudding with a sock. Yeah it's much worser than it sounds.

"Why you walking like that Ben?"

He asked, setting the smelly contents in his hands on the table. I managed to say in a squeaky voice.

"Wedgie. Bully. Gwen. Mad."

Shaking his head he said,

"Ben sit down."

I looked at the bench, if I sit there, I thought, I would be split in half, from my butt to my head.

"Uh I rather stand,"

I decided quickly, voice still squeaky.

"Sigh...what happened?"

"What? Oh nothing, hehe...um...well"

He just stared at me. Ah screw this, I'll just tell him already. Ow! Stupid wedgie!

"Who was it this time?"


He winced like he was the one in pain.

" What? I really don't see why you're in pain. I'm the one with the wedgie who probably needs surgery to remove it!"


He handed me a large pair of boxers.

"Change into these."

"These are yours!"

" Yeah so?"

With no choice, and besides I really wanted to get rid of the wedgie, I cchanged into the boxers, and said good bye to Grandpa.

"Ben wait!"

He said.

" Gwen and the girls are in the house. And yes Zuzu is there!

I blushed. You see Zuzu is the pretty, nice girl I like. We have a lot in common and I really like her. Any ways I said thanks and went to the house.

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