I wanted to let everyone who is going to read this that there are a few spoilers from this past Tuesday SD taping that I was at. So if you don't want to know before Friday night Smack Down airs then don't read till after.

Title: "The Undertaker and Kane Who?"

Author: Cat Lea

Rating: T for right now but most likely might change to M depending on where this one takes itself.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the wrestler even though of course I would love to I don't or any thing else for that fact. I also don't own any song that I might use that belongs to original artist. Poems if any used might be mine if so it will be noted. I also don't receive any money on this story. Because Hell I don't write well enough to ever do that and my writings are just for the enjoyment of myself and my daughter and those of you who do read it. But at least I have fun doing it.

Summary: Tired and exhausted the guys head out for food after the show and then they are hoping bed. What they don't' know is that they will get food and a whole lot more when they have to decide weather to help or ignore a problem at a near by table. They joke about finding women who don't know who the Undertake and Kane are but is there such a thing out there? Only time will tell.

Characters: Mark Callaway - The Undertaker, Glen Jacobs - Kane, And others.

Author Notes: As in most of my stories the time line may not fit all of the wrestlers in the story or maybe none at all. I am using the right as a writer to write it the way I feel it needs too. And yes like in most of my stories if the Undertaker and Kane are in them they both have nice long sexy hair. Not that the Undertaker wasn't hot when his was short or that Kane isn't still sexy as hell even bald. I just have a thing for long haired men. Also some stories might have wrestlers from WWE or TNA or ROH or AAW or any of the many other Indy shows I go too all mixed into one story line. Once again I reserve the right to do this as the writer. And the story isn't really it just comes from my mind. Also if you read please Review as I like to know if this is any good or if anyone is interested in it.

Oh and this is blamed on the fact that I went to the SD/ECW taping Tuesday. We had floor seats and sat close enough that we could feel the heat from Kane's pyros. And to you that are reading my others stories don't fear I am continuing them too there should be a new chapter up on both "The Darkside of Heaven" and "Remember me before the weekend is done. Also I have started another new story because of going to the show Tuesday so check it out once I get it up. It called "The Undertaker and Kane Who?" A prologue of that should be up some time this evening. Also I will most likely be leaving "Changes" alone for now and will be adding to that one shortly too. So please read and review.

Add Note: this is the Prologue and there are two large paragraphs plus some broken up stuff too. The rest of the story will be broken up completely but they are Mark Callaway and Glen Jacobs POV on how they are feeling and I could not get it right if I broke them. This was just a way to get an idea going for the beginning. So if you don't like large paragraphs the story won't be this way only this chapter will be.

Thank you, Cat Lea Takersdarkone


"Undertakers POV"

" As Mark a.k.a. The Undertaker came out of the shower after his match all he wanted to do was get dressed and out of there before anything else could go wrong that night. He wanted some food and then to do nothing but fall into bed and sleep till it was time for him and Glen a.k.a. Kane to head home tomorrow. This group of shows made for a very long week and he was looking forward to his next couple of days off. Just to go home and hide out till the next set of shows had to send them back out on the damn road again. Home that right now to him was a funny word in so many ways. Sure he still lived in Texas just not in the home he used to own. After all Sara and his girls live there he gave it to her in the divorce after all his kids deserved to live there. He might not love their mom any more hell maybe he never did but he did love them. So now home to him was a house and garage that Glen and he just bought together because Glen wanted to move from Tennessee to Texas after his divorce had been finalized. He really got raked over the coals in it and was still hurting a lot. Hell they haven't even unpacked really anything but the things they needed for the bedrooms. Maybe this time home they would find some one to hire to decorate and unpack things for them. That is if they can even get home without any more trouble. The day started out bad but he knew it was going too. After all he knew he had to end it with Michelle she was just not worth the trouble any more and the relationship was starting to get way out of hand. He had though she would have gotten the hint when he and Glen bought the house together but nope she still thought that she would get her claws in him for more then she already cost him. He knew a part of it was his fault but he also knew she had played him to get what she wanted both in her career and in life. And trouble is it cost him and cost him big time and not just with Sara who was trying to keep his two daughters away from him now too but with many of his friends who where pissed he couldn't see her for the trouble she was. Well he had his eyes open and open wide the last few weeks and was finally calling it quits. It wasn't like he though Michelle would be his life long partner if any thing she was just something to finish his marriage off. Not that his marriage wasn't going down any way before he and Michelle had hooked up. Actually in a way they both used each other to end marriages that just were not making it. Sara and he both knew it was at an end but she needed to blame someone so she got that with Michelle and him sleeping together. Now all he was hoping was that Michelle had already left The Allstate Arena before he heads out himself. He had enough earlier because her screaming in his face once that night was enough for one day. If she had been a guy he would have laid her flat with a few things she said to him but because she was a woman he let her have her say and just stood there and took it because there was really nothing he could do about it, it had to happen. And he was never one to hit a woman other then a damn good spanking when they needed it. Even with all Michelle was doing and saying he only touched her long enough to stop her hand from smacking his face when she finally forced him to tell her point blank that he knew she was playing him for what she could get. And that truth was things with them was never what she thought they were and that other then the sex they were not good together and never would be. Thank god for his best friend Glen who was really more like a brother to him then his own real family was. Glen seen or should say heard what was going down and had heard enough of what was happening and came storming out of the locker room and pulled Michelle off. He told her get over it that the whole company knew that she was using Mark and that it was time Mark got smart to what she was doing and just what kind of a woman she was. Which actually got him self the slap to the face that she was trying to give Mark before she walked off. Glen just laughed at her as she stormed off down the hallway before turning to Mark and shaking his head told him to make the next woman in his life some one that didn't know who the hell the Undertaker was and that would love him for Mark and not Taker. That he needed to find a girl who didn't know any thing about wrestling would be best even yet. Yeah like there was really some one out there that didn't know who the hell the almost 7 foot wrestler was. Hell like he could be so lucky to find some one like that to love Mark Callaway for himself. Now that would be one hell of a woman to find. He just had laughed back at Glen and told him sure that they both needed to find girls just like that. Glen once more just laughed and then turned and went off to find out who his match was that night. He had hoped for an easy night. Hell but so was he but should have known better because the bad day seemed to only lead into a night that got worst as it wore on. His match that night wasn't the hardest but that didn't mean that he didn't put every thing into it. It also did not mean by any means that it was not a physical match because they all were. It just meant he had to kick ass and made it look good for the fans even if he didn't feel good or like it. But then hell his matches with Paul a.k.a. the Big Show and even his part before and after with Adam a.k.a. Edge always looked good because both men were professional. But what made it bad was the fact this trip to Chicago which is a town he actually liked working in was filled with things going wrong from the time he left his home in Texas to he reached Chicago. It was a long and rough trip and sleep last night just did not happen at all for him. And hell even Glen got very little with all that went wrong. And even the nap he tried to take in the locker room was interrupted so many times he finally gave up trying and drank one of those damn energy drinks the kids are always downing. Unfortunately lack of sleep made ever bone in his body ache to say nothing of his head hurt bad enough so that there was no way he could put food in his stomach. Wrestling on an empty stomach wasn't good but eating wasn't a good idea before the match either. So he went out there tonight hurting and hungry but he went out there like a professional doing what he loved and giving the fans all he had. Just figured that tonight would be one of those nights with a lot for him to do. First of course he had to interfere first in the cage match between Rick Flair and Michael a.k.a. HBK against Adam, Curt and Zach a.k.a. the Edge Heads and Chavo before Vicky set up his match with Paul which was finished by Adam. And even though he got the win and made the crowd cheer and chant 16-0 it didn't help his headache or the fact that his body felt as if it was hit by a Mac truck. Hell just dropping down to his knee onto the mat so he could be bathed in purple lights made him feel the drop from his toes to the top of his head. So now that he was showed and dressed all he wanted was to find Glen and get the hell out of there. Hell he hoped most of the fans that stand out back would be gone because this was one night he might not stop his truck if they stepped out in front of him to try and get his attention. His mood was not the best and he had a feeling by the time he finally got to drop into bed it would be a lot worst. Hell maybe he would talk Glen into just hitting the steak and shake over in the strip mall for some food before heading to the hotel which they still hadn't even had a chance to check into for the night. He just hoped that there weren't too many fans in there so he could eat in peace. He makes sure everything is in his bag before grabbing his duster and carrying them out of the locker room in hopes of finding Glen soon. "

"Kane POV"

" After his match Glen a.k.a. Kane showered then dressed and then after putting his bags in the car he went down to watch the final couple of matches from where the canteen was set up for night. After grabbing an energy drink and a bottle of water he sits down against the back wall so he can watch and think in peace. Most of the guys in the room know that if he wants company he will sit with them but that if he sits against the wall just let him have his space. He just wanted this night to end and this long week of shows to be over with. He could not wait to just be home for a few days. Hell maybe him and Mark a.k.a. The Undertaker could finally look for some one to decorate and help unpack the home they just bought and moved into. Home they say is where the heart is, well right now Glen wasn't sure where his heart lived or if he even had one any more. His friends said he did but he wasn't sure any more all he knew was that he had to get the hell out of Tennessee after his divorce so he talked Mark or was it Mark talked him into moving to Texas. Doesn't really matter who talked who into what after all Mark was the brother he never had. His family more then his own family ever was to him. They didn't understand him and hell he knew they never would. Either way the end result was that Mark and he are sharing a house. Now what they really needed to do was go home and make it just that a home. And not just use the place as a storage place for the boxes that they yet to have the time to unpack. But being a wrestler on the road three to five days a week didn't giver you a lot of time. So far he thinks all either of them unpacked was what they needed for the bedroom. Before they had to head on out for this trip which turned out to not been a good one at all. A lot of little troubles had come up between traveling from show to show. So he was tried and hungry and just wanted to get some sleep. Sleep was not something he had a lot of but at least he got more of it then Mark did this time. And looking up and watching him come out Glen could see it was taking an affect on him just the way he walked said he was sore and tired. Not that the fans would notice Mark would never let them see that part of him. That was for just a few who knew him well enough to catch a limp or a stiff movement. Though sitting here waiting Glen can feel his own soreness creeping up. His own match was a little more physical then he had hoped for. Actually he was hoping for an easy one but that didn't happen. No he had to tag with Jamie and of all people against Chuck and Khali. And no offense to Jamie but seems even though he got killed off in the end that he had to take a beating just for being his partner. Oh well it a job and they are all professional. At least most of the time although once in a while it becomes a work over a shoot so some times it gets a little more physical then others. This was one of those times because Jamie really did do something to piss off Chuck. But they handled it like professionals and the fans where none the wiser. And it will look good when it airs on Friday. Now all he had to do was sit here waiting for Mark so they could head out after his matches and a shower. God he hoped he could talk Mark into just some food right here at the Steak and Shake and then to the hotel to sign in and crash till they had to get up and start driving back to Texas. Texas was sounding real good right now not that he did not enjoy the Chicago fans but this trip was kind of rough in a lot of ways. Hell and then there was Michelle who had tried to make it just a barrels of laughs earlier. He was glad to be watching her leave right now that way as least Mark wouldn't have her all up in his face screaming again. Hell he still does not know how the hell Mark didn't flatten the bitch earlier. Not that he believes in violence against women but that bitch was really heading for a beat down. Shit he finally had to come out and put an end to that bitch and the shit she was pulling on him. He was glad to see his best friend smarten up. And it was about time he had enough to tell her shit it was just sex and that the bedroom was the only place that they would be any good. A lot of their friends were shocked at the things she was saying or should he say yelling in Mark's face which is why he stormed out there and pulled her off. Mark had actually just stopped her from going to smack him in the face when he had opened the door and stepped out. That why he told her to cut the shit and get over it. Shit it wasn't like they were married or more then sex. Shit he would have kicked Mark's ass if he had gotten serious about her. He should have done that when Mark got that way about Sara because she wasn't much better. But then Mark should have kicked his ass when he got involved with his ex-wife too. He guesses that he shouldn't have told Michelle that but shit who gives a fuck what a whore like her thinks. And who cares if he got the smack in the face that she was trying to give Mark earlier. Not like she hurt him fuck if anything just made him laugh at her as she stormed away. He just never will understand why women think they can hurt you with a slap to the face. A kick to the balls yes but a slap but what ever floats their boats. He was right when he told Mark that he needed to find a girl that didn't know any thing about wrestling or who the fuck the Undertaker was. That he should make his next woman one that would love Mark Callaway and not be after the money of the Undertaker. And even more so what Mark said back was true too they both needed women like that. Women who wouldn't even know who the heck Kane and the Undertaker were let alone that wrestlers didn't have as much money as they all think. But was there anyone like that even around any more? Some one who could love a Glen Jacobs and a Mark Callaway? Now he knows he needs sleep because he knows there is no way there are people like that. But it a good dream if nothing else. Oh well at least Mark is done and hopefully should be looking for him soon so they can get out of there. Food and sleep is all he wants right now and he hoping the same is what Mark is wanting too. Now here is hoping that the ton of fans that stand out by the gate are gone because Glen knows in the mood Mark was in he might not stop his truck if a fan steps in his way to get a look at him. "

" Glen is so deep in though that Mark is standing there in front of him holding his bag and duster with a raised eye for a good couple of minutes before Glen finally sees him. This causes both men to laugh and shake their heads. Glen stands up and puts his arm around Mark's shoulder with a shrug and then turns him toward the door to leave. Both men at the same time talk asking the same question. "

Hey Mark how about we just go to Steak and Shake for food.

Hey Glen how about we just go to Steak and Shake for food.

" This causes both mean to laugh and nods heading out for Mark Truck. There is still a ton of fan's they notice as they go to get in. Right before Mark slides behind the wheel Glen grins at him. "

Mark no running fans over tonight please.

Hey what you doing reading my mind again. Shit you do that all the time lately Glen.

No not reading your mind just know the mood you been in this whole trip. So no running over any of the fans because I want food any way and then sleep.

Now those two thing sound good to me too Glen so ok no running over fans.

" Mark grins at Glen who smiles back and nods. They get in and head across the street to Steak and Shake. With the mood they are in the one thing neither of them need is fans or any kind of drama but with the way that this trip was going with their luck they will end up not only with drama or fans but being some one protector. "