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Mark and Glen both move toward the door as soon as Jess opens it. She moves to step aside so that they can both come into the room. Mark stops quickly and hugs her as he enters and then Glen leans down and kisses her lips softly. They see that Jesse has helped Stevie to change and get into bed. Mark notices that she is in a baby doll that shows off a lot more of her then the shirts she had on earlier this evening. This includes some tattoos on her arms and shoulders and a demon holding a rose on her chest. Mark smiles and walks over sitting down on the side of her bed. His heart racing a little at seeing her like this He notices they washed the blood out of her hair and brushed it down so that it covered where the cut is. Stevie looks up then back down causing some of her hair to fall across her face her own heart racing. Mark reaches up and moves the hair gently off her face causing her to look up and into his eyes. He smiles at her softly while Glen walks with Jesse over to the chair by the bed. Glen leans over and kisses Stevie on the head giving her a little hug. He then sits down in the chair with Jesse sitting on the arm of it. Mark glances at Jesse and Glen and then looks at Stevie a little worried. Stevie reaches a hand out and touches his hand softly looking back into his eyes. He takes her hand in his sitting there holding hers gently while watching her eyes. Finally Glen speaks.

"You ok there little girl? You had me a little scared passing out the way you did."

"Sorry about that Glen and yes I am all right. Mark said you caught me before I hit the ground so thank you for catching me."

"Any time darling but maybe not anytime soon again. Or else Mark there will be dragging us off to the nearest hospital."

"Not planning on anytime soon again. But I will remember what you said about any time."

"Good you do that little girl. Now though how do we get Mark there not too worry so much?"

Stevie looks at Mark almost melting in the looks he is giving her.

"Mark please do not worry I am fine. I have a hard head I promise you I will be just fine by the time I get up."

"Little girl are you sure you're all right? I still think you should maybe let us take you to the emergency room just to be checked out? Especially Stevie after you passing out on us like you did a little bit ago. I just want to know you're all right."

"Yes Mark I am sure I will be fine. I don't need to go to the ER to know I got a bump on my head but that I will live. I mean yes it hurts like hell but I will be fine and I doubt I will pass out any more. I just really need something for the headache and then some sleep."

"Well we will see but if you pass out again like that I am taking you to the nearest ER and I won't take no for an answer."

"All right but I doubt I will go and do that again. I think it was just that everything from tonight just kind of hit me all at once and I over loaded. You and the big guy over there came in on the end of what turned out to be a really bad night. But I really wish you all wouldn't worry about me because there really is no need too."

"Sorry little girl but nothing going to stop that from happening till I see you are all right with my own two eyes. I worry when people I care about pass out like that. Or for that fact are running around most likely with a concussion that not going to be treated. So if you pass out your going."

"No Mark I don't want to go."

"Mark is right little girl he will take you. Shit if you pass out your going and we will take you. And that goes for me too also by the look on Jesse face her too."

"She knows Glen that if she passes out again I will let Mark pick her up and take her. Hell I will drive them both over there with you so he doesn't get lost."

"Well then I will just have to prove to you all that I am fine then and that I won't be passing out again anytime soon."

"Yes Stevie you will have to do just that little girl over the next couple of days because I plan on keeping my eye on you."

Stevie grins at Mark when he says over the next couple of days. Mark grins back at her and holding her hand tighter.

"So then Mark does that mean that you and Glen are going to stick around Chicago for a few days? Going to let me and Jesse show you two around the great town of Chicago as a thank you for all you did for me tonight?"

"Well I guess that depends little girl."

"Yeah Mark on what does it depend?"

"Glen and I discussed your offer while we where waiting in the hall. And if it still stands then we would love to stay a few days and maybe see some of the Chicago great sites. But that means tonight you do what I say so I know you are all right to show us around town tomorrow. And that is only if it alright with Jesse too. Plus if you feel up to it after some sleep."

Mark looks from Stevie to Jesse and then to Glen who is grinning at him. Both girls look at each other and then the guys and grins. Stevie nods at Mark still letting him hold on to her hand but tightening her hold on it as a pain runs through her head from nodding it. Jesse leans over and hug Glen some and grins widely.

"Yes Mark the offer I made to you very much is still yours. I said I would show you around and for you and Glen to stay here for a few days, it still stands. We would love to show you and Glen some of Chicago and to get to know you both better. Wouldn't we Jesse? And maybe you could even teach us a little about this wrestling you're into. Plus you did say something about showing me how to add some power to my punch right?"

"Yeah we would Stevie. And Mark it more then alright with me if you and Glen stay here till you head back to Texas. Hell Tex I think this next couple of days could be just the fun we all are in need of right now."

"Good then Glen and I would love to stay right Glen? And yes Stevie I did tell you I would show you how to add some power to that punch. And maybe Jesse you are right about it being what we all need right now."

"Damn right we would Mark. I have always wanted to see Chicago and what better way then to be shown around by two of the prettiest little girls around. And to teach some one about what we do sounds like fun Stevie and Jesse."

"I agree Glen no better way I can think of to see Chicago either. And it gives me a chance to watch out over this little girl. To make sure Stevie that you really are all right but like I said tonight you are going to do things my way. And if you both really want to learn a little about wrestling maybe we can show you a little of that too, like Glen said should be fun."

Glen slides Jesse off the arm of the chair and down into his lap. She grins at him and then looks at Stevie and winks at her. Mark smiles at Stevie who hasn't let go of his hand since he took it. Stevie shakes her head at Jesse and laughs a little before turning back to Mark.

"Oh and just what are your ways Mark Callaway?"

"Well first thing is I am going to sit here and talk to you while Glen grabs our bags and then after I change and we get you something for that headache I am going to make a home for myself in that chair for the night so that I can watch over you."

"Mark there no need for you do to that though thank you for saying you will. I will be fine really and you look like you need some sleep badly."

"Darling you are going to need to be woke up in about 3 hours and then again about 3 hours later just to make sure everything is all right. So it would be easier to just sit in here with you and doze off in the chair for now."

"I know Mark that I have to get up in a few hours but I do have an alarm. I will just set it and I am sure it will wake me."

"Like I said little girl I will be staying in here tonight. We will be setting your alarm and I will be making sure you get up. This way I know you wake up because what if the alarm doesn't wake you? So that how it going to be so no fighting me."

"Mark that chair is great for reading but it not too good for sleeping. Trust me I have fallen asleep in it many a nights reading and it not a good way to wake up in the morning. And to top that off you are too big to get comfy in it. Really you and Glen both use a guest room and in the morning we can make plans to see Chicago."

"Not happening little girl. And you can try and argue with me but it not going to work. And little darling I can be just as damn stubborn as you can if not more. And if you argue with me I might have to show you the Dark Lord part of my wrestling character."

"Mark! Damn it you have been so sweet to me and done so much for me that I just can't let you fall to sleep in that chair just so you can watch over me. Though something tells me seeing this Dark Lord, part might be fun."

"That my name little one though I do like the way you say it. But Stevie nothing you can do or say is going to change what happening so you might well just sit back and relax. And you think it could be fun well maybe if you are good you will get to see it too."

"But Mark you have been so sweet I can't let you sleep in that chair."

Jesse smirks at Stevie and then turns and hides her face in Glen chest when Steve glares at her. She knows Stevie was going to try and be pig headed but that Mark just the right guy to not take it. Glen smiles a little and shakes his head and reaches a hand out and puts it on Stevie arm making her look over at him.

"Stevie honey you might as well give it up. Mark not one to let any one change his mind once he made it up on a subject. And trust me honey he made up his mind to stay in here with you for the night to make sure that you are all right long before he even got you home I bet."

"But Glen that chair not big enough for his size. He is going to wake up stiff and sore and that just not right after being the sweetheart he is."

"Honey he is a wrestler and that means he wakes up every morning stiff and sore no matter where he sleeps Trust me this little old chair not going to make a difference."

"Glen is right little girl and if anyone knows me it would be him. So that how it going to happen and then after you sleep a bit then we will decide what to do tomorrow. Or should I say today being it already so late?"

Stevie looks at Glen and then Mark who raises an eye at her. She then sighs softly and nods her head. Jesse smiles at Stevie and quickly mouths or you could do what I suggested. Mark doesn't miss this or the blush that comes up on her cheeks but doesn't say anything.

"All right now that, that is settled how about Jesse if you show Glen how to get out of here to grab our bags and I will sit here with this little girl till you both comes back. Then I can throw on a t-shirt and a pair of sweats and get comfy."

"Actually Mark, that sounds like a good idea because I think it time to get her some sleep. Come on Glen lets do this so they can get settled down for the night. Stevie you be a good girl for Mark till Glen and I get back and I will grab you something for the headache. And if you be real good maybe I will make breakfast when we all get up."

"Yes Mom. But Jesse honey I think with guys this big they might want more then burnt pop tarts for breakfast. And you always burn them Jesse. And last time I checked that about all you knew how to make."

"Hey brat you know that not true. I know how to cook some things other then Pop Tarts and I only burn them cause I like them that way.. I just don't chose to cook much but why should I do it when I have you to cook for me. After all you're the one that watches all those cooking shows on the Food Network and have dreams of going back to school some day to be a Chef so you can open another business which I think you are nuts to even think about."

"Yeah well maybe I will make you make breakfast but then last time I did that I got some strange stuff in my eggs just cause of the colors they where. And Lime with tomatoes would have been interesting maybe but with Chocolate sorry but no way."

This comment causes Mark to look at Glen and then both guys to look over at Jesse who is grinning at Stevie with a shrug.

"You didn't, did you?"

"Yeah Glen actually I did but I was working on a house who owners wanted eggshell white with lime green and red in their front room. The chocolate brown is what I tied it together with. I tended to work things out color wise if I am stuck with what ever I am doing.

"The trouble is that she usually gets the urge to cook when she having trouble with colors. And I am betting that house your doing in Paris is got some color troubles right now."

Jesse tries to hold a straight face.

"A few but just how to use grape jam purple with banana yellow and pea green together in their child room. Hey we do have a frozen bag of pea's right?"

"Yes we do Jesse but I think for the sake of everyone stomachs that I will do breakfast tomorrow. Or later today I should say. After all don't want Mark and Glen going back to Texas with food poisoning."

"Oh well I did offer to cook at least. Oh and Stevie it not like we don't have some weird shape food when you are working on a design you can't figure out. I still remember the cactus looking pancakes with the octagon shaped sausage. Or the roast you cut into squares with wiggles of potatoes. So remember you are just as bad as me."

Stevie rolls her eyes at Jesse who smirks at her. Glen and Mark laughs at the easy banter that the girls throw back and forth at each other. Jesse stands up and then reaches down taking Glen hand and pulls him up

"Come on my Southern Gentleman let's get those bags so that Tex can get her settled in for the night and then try and get comfy him self. Tex you make sure she stays put in that bed even if you have to crawl in and hold her there."

Stevie eyes go wide with Jesse saying that and a blush quickly covers her cheeks. Mark smiles at Jesse and then looks at Stevie with a wink.

"I might just have to do that Jesse depends on how good a girl she is because she is staying right there for the rest of the night."

"Well you know Tex it is a big bed, I bet you could stretch out with her and you would both fit with plenty of room. And then you wouldn't be all sore and stiff in the morning from the chair. Now don't you think that it would be better for Tex to stretch out instead of being cramped up in that little chair of yours Stevie?"

This causes Stevie to blush and cough with a look of you didn't just say that along with one that says your dead when I can get my hands on you. Even Mark begins to blush some and glances down. Glen laughs softly and grabs Jesse hand pulling her to the door and toward safety. But just before he gets out he turns to them and looks at Mark and smirking. Mark looks back at him and knows by the look that Glen has in his eyes he going to want to kill Glen when he speaks.

"Hell Jesse I think if they where smart they would share the bed and enjoy the comfort of it. Plus they never know where that might lead or how to a really good night sleep it might lead. But then someone made a comment about going slow though ever once in a while he needs to throw slow to the wind and just go for what you want especially if it all feels good. And I bet Jesse that having that little girl in his arms all night long would feel very good."

This time it Mark who starts coughing and looking at Glen with a look that says you just said what? Stevie watches the blush cover Mark cheeks this time and smiles a little bit. Jesse laughs out right and pulls Glen out of the room and to safety for at least now. Both are laughing hard as they head out the bedroom door. But as they go they make sure Mark and Stevie doesn't miss the last thing that Jesse or Glen says.

"Yeah Glen someone else in there has this thing about slow to but then if she smart she will do something she never has done before and that would be to go after something she wants. Though by the looks in both their eyes they want too and are just "TOO DAMN CHICKEN." But for the record I am not and I want to throw away the word slow this week so I have a big bed too and it a lot more comfortable then the guest bedroom ones. So would you want to share it with me?"

Glen looks at her and grins grabbing her and kissing her before answering.

"Yes Jesse I would love to and the Hell with Slow."

Glen and Jesse both laugh heading down through the house and out to the truck to grab the bags to bring back in. Mark turns back to look at Stevie still holding her hand gently running his thumb over the back of her hand. She looks up at him and then blushing quickly looks back down. He gently uses his other hand to pull her chin up so that she can look into his eyes and smiles at her.

"Little girl stop hiding those beautiful blue eyes from me. Please"

"Ok I will try."

"Good cause I like looking at them."

"Now something tells me that we are going to need to kill them tomorrow."

"Yeah or little girl or maybe we should learn to listen to them because they seem awful happy tonight and that nice to see Glen happy."

"Yeah they do seem to be happy I haven't seen Jesse like she is with Glen ever."

Maybe we should listen to them Stevie, maybe they know something that we don't. Think I could make you laugh like they are?"

Mark winks and then laughs and looks at her as she blushes even more then when Jesse and Glen where mouthing off. She leans in toward him and in a very softly whispers so soft that he has to lean closer to hear what she is saying but glad he did.

"One thing Jesse is right about is it is a big bed and would be more comfortable then that old chair. And um well it is big and soft if you wanted to share it with me."

Mark looks at her and touches her cheek softly knowing that it taking a lot for her to make this offer as he realizes this is so not what she is.

"Yeah little girl it is pretty big bed especially for some one small like you. So you are willing to share it with me tonight?"

She nods and whisper as she is blushing even a deeper red then before but looks him straight in the eye. He sees she is almost afraid if she looks down she might not finish.

"Yes if you would want to share it with me. For the night or for as long as you're here if you chose too. Bu Mark at least for tonight so that you don't sleep in the chair."

He smiles at her moving closer and drawing her closer to him slowly and softly sliding her into his arms leaning down closer to her face. .

"I think I am going to take you up on that offer too little girl. This way I can hold on to you and that for the whole time not just tonight. Think I will take Glen and Jesse advice and maybe throw caution and slow to the wind at least some if you are willing too?"

She gulps and nods softly to him.

"Yes Mark for some reason I am willing too. I guess like Jesse said I need to do something I never would have before."

"Seem we both need to do that little girl."

Mark can feel her shaking a little and lean in softly taking her lips in a gently but firm kiss. He slides her more into him and continues to gently kiss her. She move closer and returns the kiss enjoying the feeling of his lips on hers and his arms as he pulls her closer. She slides her hand up his chest and leans more into him. He finally pulls back when they are both completely breathless and looks down into her eyes. She looks back and smiles up at him breathing hard and shaking some. He grins back and then laughs a little quickly pulling her in and kissing her on the head. He then pulls back sliding to the edge of the bed and then leaning down to pulling off his boots before sliding back up next to her and leaning on the head board with his back. He then slides her back into his arms, and pulls her into him tightly so that she leaning back on him. She slides her hand back into his and looks up smiling. They sit like this just enjoying being this close.