Hyrule. A very stunning place, I must say. A few flaws though. Flaw number one: many enemies. That is the worst flaw of them all. Another one was that the bridge in the Eldin province was never fixed. Many people used it for travel and now they had to find another way around. Oh, yes, travelling is another flaw. Hyrule is a huge place. That wasn't really a problem though because you could just travel by horse, but flaw number one caused travelling to be even worse.

So that's where I come in. I fight the creatures and help people travel. I'm quite the swordsman too. I've been given many nicknames as well. The Hero of Time, the Hero of Twilight, the Messenger of the Gods – the list goes on and on, but I've just recently been given those names after I defeated the evil Ganondorf.

Before defeating him, before taking on that pain-staking journey, I was just a normal boy from the province of Ordona... with normal friends and a normal job. I herded the goats there and now I'm barely even there.

Anyway, my best friend Ilia was stolen and I had to get her back. And that's when... I first went into the Twilight. It was breath taking, almost unreal. I had a longing to stay in it forever, but I also hated it. The Twilight... turned me into a beast. I ran on those four wretched paws for hours on end with that Imp telling me what to do.

I enjoyed her company though since we were the only two people left alive in the Twilight. The Twilight turned everyone into spirits, leaving me as a wolf and the Imp on my back. Her name was Midna and we became the best of friends.

Another reason why I liked the Twilight was because of the things I could do in my Wolf form. I could see things I couldn't normally see, I could smell things I couldn't normally smell, and I learned things I couldn't normally learn. Some things were very interesting that form.

One other positive thing about that form was having Midna on my back. She was heavy, but I got used to it quickly. Anyway, the reason it was good was that in the Light Realm, she was my shadow. The whole time I was thinking, "Is she looking up my tunic?" I doubt she was, but it was just a thought.

So, when my journey was over, the Twilight was all gone from our realm and that question stopped coming up because Midna returned to her normal form. She was no longer an Imp; she was a beautiful Twili. She was the ruler of all Twilight and she was known as the Twilight Princess. She had to go back to rule there... but I didn't want her to ever go. I miss her ever so dearly.

She used the Mirror of Twilight to get back. Midna and I went around all of Hyrule collecting the shards of the broken mirror. That was what my journey was mostly about – collecting those shards.

Zant broke the mirror. He was just a normal Twili but he craved for power and he desperately wanted to take control over the other Twili. He turned Midna into an Imp and sent her to our realm. Zant then broke the mirror into four pieces and scattered them about Hyrule, hoping that she wouldn't ever recover them.

We did eventually get them all, putting the mirror back its rightful way. And now Zant's dead and Midna's safe in her palace, ruling the Twilight Realm. Well, I hope she's safe, since I've never heard from her as of yet.

Before she left, she said I could go over there and visit her. But I can't. She broke the mirror into millions and millions of pieces. I never really figured out why. I think she wanted to keep both the Twilight and Light Realms from ever hurting each other once more. Or maybe she didn't want to see me, or even see me in distress again? I'll never really know.

Anyway, everything is back to normal again... except that I'm the princess' swordsman now.

So now I'm going to say a little more about myself rather than my adventures.

My name is Link. Link Avalon. I was born somewhere in Hyrule that I am unaware of. I don't remember who my parents were either. I was then found by a man named Rusl. He brought me to Ordon as an infant and I've lived there seventeen years, excluding now. Rusl taught me all the sword techniques I know about. He also bought me Epona, my horse, a few years back.

I love Rusl like a father; I don't know what I would do without him. He is my father figure. I go to Ordon Village as much as possible these days to visit my friends and Rusl.

Bo, Ilia's father, is still the mayor in that town. He is another nice fellow. He taught me how to wrestle and he also gave me my metal boots, which were a very useful item on my adventure.

When I was going up Death Mountain to get a piece of the Fused Shadow, which was a part of very dark and ancient magic that Midna needed, I used the metal boots and my wrestling skills the whole way up it. You see, Gorons, the rock monsters, are very strong and I needed the boots – oh wait. Hold it! I'm rambling on about my adventure again when I should be talking about myself!

Well then, anyway, I'm seventeen years old and I just stopped living at the Ordon province this year. Princess Zelda, the charming princess of Hyrule, offered to give me a room and I rejected it. I kept thinking, "They're just going to over-do everything here..." And I was right. Even when I'm working there or I'm just visiting her for the day, they just... over-do everything. They wash my tunic, brush my hair, and complain that I'm too thin. They constantly offer me food or water and say, "You look famished..." or "You look parched..." Kind of annoying, really.

In all actuality, I don't live anywhere. I do go back to my old home in Ordon Village on rare occasions if it's cold or raining for long periods of time, but usually I stay outside and sleep under the stars. Epona enjoys my company as well. And I don't think she would like it at the castle either. They would just do the same thing to her, complain and worry. Ilia already has that job.

Epona and I take watch at night just to be safe. We are rarely ambushed by enemies, but just in case I always have my hand on the hilt of my sword.

If you'd ask me, I'd have to say I'm quite the interesting person. A normal boy, then a brave hero that sleeps under a sky of Twilight each night.

But there is another really interesting thing about me. You know what it is? I don't talk. Fascinating, eh? A hero and I don't even talk. It's not that I'm a mute... it's just that... I don't like talking. I don't find it that 'interesting' coming from an interesting person. I find it better to use sign language or just emotions. I barely use sign language though. Even if I did talk, I don't have really much to say. A nod or a shake from the head is useful enough for me.

I do talk though if I know the person very well, which is only one person, and it's Rusl. He loves hearing my voice. He smiles at me every moment he hears my tone.

Besides the non-talkativeness, I've never had a girlfriend either. Many girls have asked me out... and I mean many. They all say I'm so "cuuuuute" in their little, squealing voices.

Well, I am quite handsome besides the scars from fighting. I have dirty blond hair, cerulean blue eyes, and a bit of a muscular build.

Many of the girls that have asked me to be in a relationship with them were very beautiful and had a lot of money, but I always rejected them. It would break their tiny little hearts if I got married and then was shot with an arrow through the head by a bokoblin. They would be devastated.

As long as I'm a swordsman, I am not going to break a person's heart. I promise you that. They will just have to admire me from afar because I will be wielding a sword for the rest of my life!

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