Everything had returned to normal after I was released from the dungeons and never to return again. Dark was so happy and pleased of me. He told me every day that he was very proud of how I managed through all of those years, keeping sane and loyal to even him. And I was the one concerned about him in the first place, but it seemed as though he was worried of me too.

No one really questioned me or asked of my homosexuality. Everyone continued treating me with a great amount respect, treating me like a hero, the hero I once was when I had killed off Ganondorf and saved all of Hyrule. The few that did mutter and spread dirty rumours of both Dark and I, well, we ignored them. They didn't exist in our hearts.

Dark and I had finally returned to Ordona, about one week later after my escape from Hell. Everyone had changed and looked a lot different in only a mere seven years of time. Ilia was now a beautiful grown woman, as well as Beth in the mid of her teen years. Talo and Colin had also become very handsome, losing their childish, round faces and obtaining strong jaws and cheekbones. It had practically scared the crap out of me seeing Colin at first; he was so tall – a bit taller even than myself.

There wasn't much news missed. Uli's child was almost five and he was adorable, looking very similar to Colin himself when he was a baby. That was the most important news I had missed, seeing as there wasn't much more speak of them and only me. It was nice to know that simple things had only gone on anyway; nothing lethal or anything.

A year after I got out from prison, Dark and I were married in Ordona. That was surely one of the best days spent in my entire life.

When Flade turned twelve, we then took him out into the world of Hyrule. He loved every moment of it. We visited almost once a week and always returned him a day later, trying to show him every depth of Hyrule and as much as we could in one day. Dark and I did this for about a year and we taught him out to handle a sword properly and even fish too. He told us that definitely at any time he would come out with us again.

The other Zora also ended up liking Drakier. Drakier would always blush whenever Dark and I talked to him about his boyfriend. Drakier then finally did introduce us to him and his name was Nerim, who turned out to be a very nice fellow.

Brint, Grist and I still stayed very close friends. We would go out for casual drinks any time we could possibly meet up and we'd stay there for hours, sharing our boring yet interesting to usconversations.

So, in the end, Dark and I shared a happy ending. I don't mean to make it sound like a fairytale, you know, but I couldn't really put our story any other way. I guess you could say that our ending was perfect. Allowed to roam easily, not having to share our secret anymore. What could be better than being with your loved one and being able to be so free?

We did – and still do – bring up the "no one like you" thing. We couldn't and can't stop coming up with so many things that were like no one else. It was one of the many things tied within our bond. When I hear him say it, it makes me feel warm, happy, calm... safe. And truly important. I know that he feels the same of it too. It makes us feel better when we're mad or sad... or even happier when we are happy.

It's funny, really, that four simple words that could change us like that.

Those four words... are the best words to describe Dark because they mean so many things. There's no one like him because of everything he is. The only one I do and ever will love with all my heart is him. He is the only one. I want him to live and breathe and smile and talk and see everything for me. I want him to love for me when I'm hurt, take care of me when I'm sick, and make me smile when I'm sad. I don't need to actually speak these words because he already does all that without asking. I don't see a single flaw in him. He's perfect.


There's no one like you.

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