So this is a new story that's been plaguing my mind for…about a month. Good Lordie Lord, I've wrote about three chapters of this, and right now, I'm on a story high, where I don't want to quit writing it. Later though, I'll probably wish I had never posted this. But its okay; I've been talking it through in my head every night, I know the names of the chapters, and I'm determined to finish this story.

This story is not a songfic, but merely based off the song Freak on a Leash by Korn. The chapters are all named from parts of the songs—this one is called Something Takes A Part of Me, the next is called You Wanna See The Light, and so on. This is a yaoi; not quite sure if it'll be soft or hardcore. I do not own Freak on a Leash, nor do I own Korn. I also do not own Pokemon. If I did, Ash and Gary would walk off into the sunset where they would have hot sex for the rest of their lives. So without further ado, here is the first chapter.

Freak on a Leash

Ch. 1-Something Takes A Part Of Me

The day he had arrived at the circus, he couldn't remember. Hell, he couldn't remember anything before that. It was as if he had just dropped to the earth from the stars, awaiting to be found by anyone who would come looking for him.

No one came. Although eventually, he was found, by accident. Some kind words after they found him in the jungle, conversing with the various creatures.

"Who are you?"

"I…I do not know…" he said. At his feet was the companion he had been with during his time in the wilderness. It cooed at his feet, speaking to him in an unknown language.


The young boy whispered his response. It sounded like a low hissing noise coming from the depths of his throat.

"You understand Pikachu?"

"Yeah," was the raven-haired boy's only response. "Can't everyone?"



"What is it saying?"

"It's saying…it feels something…bad coming…"

The older man paused. "Boy, why don't you come back with me? I can give you a nice home, a good warm meal, some…clothes," he coughed out the last words.

"Pi-pi-pika! Pi-pi!"

"Now what's he saying?"

"He's saying I shouldn't go. That I should stay here with him and the rest of the Pokemon. He says that…humans cannot be trusted."

"But my boy…you are human."

"Human?" the raven-haired boy asked. "I…am human?"

The other man smiled. "Yes, and you should come back to be with your people. Come on now, leave this," he glared at Pikachu, "creature behind and come back with me. I can give you all you've ever dreamed of."

Ash knew there was a familiarity in the air. He has seen this man somewhere before. And he had a strong feeling it was something bad. But, being the trusting person he is, Ash threw caution to the wind and made his decision.

He turned around to Pikachu and crouched on the ground. He made that low hissing noise in his throat again, which followed by protests from the little creature. The boy smiled and patted the Pikachu on the head, and made the hissing sound one last time. In an upset frenzy, Pikachu bolted off, its cries of discouragement heard in the distance.

"So, are you ready to go to your new home?"

"Yes, I am ready."

"What did you say your name was, boy?"

"My name? What…what is a name?"

"Ah, never mind that. Your life as been in ashes this whole time, living with the wild things. We'll call you…Ash."

"And…what is your name, sir?" Ash asked.

"My name is Giovanni."


Almost a year from that incident, Ash regretted going with Giovanni. He should have listened to Pikachu back then, and just stayed in the jungle with all of the Pokemon.

"Step right up! See the missing link between Pokemon and humans!"

Ash sat in his cage, his knees pulled up to his chest as the announcer continued shouting.

"The boy born from the ashes, the mystical being that can communicate with our pets and battle monsters! Yes, Ash is a marvel, so magnificent…"

"Born from the ashes? That must be new." He drew himself closer so he could not be seen, but he could not stop the growing crowd from gathering around him.

"So clever, he taught this Meowth to talk!"

The crowd gasped. Ash could here whispers from every direction, the doubt clouding the audience's mind. Yes, he had taught a Pokemon to speak English. The Meowth was presented in front of everyone.

"Why hello their folks!"

The audience gasped, amazed at the talking Pokemon.

"The Boy From the Ashes will now take various questions. If you want your Pokemon to be able to communicate in English with you, then please, step to the side and we will talk about our payment plans."

The Meowth had only been talking for a couple of days. Since when had he become a tutor for Pokemon?

"Ash!" an orange-haired girl shouted from the back. "My Togepi is sick!" she gasped worriedly. Her Togepi was laying in her arms, panting in exhaustion. Ash ushered her to the front, and she stood next to the cage. "Please, help him!"

The Togepi coughed, sliding deeper into its trainer's arms. Ash whispered to it, the hissing sound coming from its mouth. The Togepi responded with a week "Prii."

"What is he saying?" the trainer asked worriedly.

"Your Togepi ate something bad at the fair. Or not something bad, but too much of it."

The girl gasped. "My Togepi ate my whole stick of cotton candy when I had turned around to reach into my purse!" Ash nodded at her response. "Take him to the breeder so they can give him some meds if you want the stomach ache to go away faster. Otherwise, if you don't have enough money right now, you can wait about twenty minutes and he should feel better."

The girl cried in response. "Thank you so much!" she ran away to the breeder, as the crowd around him gasped and asked him questions. "Now, now, folks, there'll be plenty of time for questions. You there in the back!"


Ash sat back in his cage, almost a whole hour after his last performance. They always exhausted him, and today was no exception. He closed his eyes to take a little nap, when he heard a tapping sound on one of the bars of his cage.


It was the girl from earlier.

"I…I wanted to say thank you. Togepi is the world to me…"

"Sis, where are you?"

Ash looked up, and walking over to the orange-haired girl was a boy. Ash gazed at him, his cheeks flushing, thinking how beautiful he was. Those sparkling green eyes. That dazzling chocolate brown hair. Ash swallowed, a lump going down his throat.

"Gary! This is the boy who helped Togepi! His name is Ash!"

"He helped him? How?" Gary asked.

"He can talk to Pokemon!" Misty exclaimed excitedly. "And he taught a Meowth how to speak English!"

Gary gave her a questioning eyebrow. "That's complete crap, Misty. No one can talk to Pokemon."

"He can talk to Pokemon!"

"Well then prove it," Gary said, talking a Pokeball from his belt and letting out an Eevee. "Ashy-boy, earlier this year, I wanted to evolve my Eevee into one of its seven other stages. Tell me what I did and what I tried to evolve it into."

Ash glared. He didn't like having to prove himself to some human who didn't understand him. He whispered deep and low into his throat, the same hissing sound Misty heard earlier. Eevee cooed back in response."See?"

"I didn't see anything yet. Just wait; you'll see that he's just a fraud."

Eevee turned back to his master and frowned, whispering something else that made Ash laugh.

"So what did he say?"

"Eevee says that two months, three days, and 13 hours ago, you took him into the forest during the early hours of the day and tried to make him evolve into an Espeon."

"Wow! He was right! He even gave the exact time!" Misty said.

"Eevee also says that ever since you were little you thought there was a monster in the toilet that came out only when everyone was asleep, so if you have to go to the bathroom late at night, you don't flush the toilet and close the lid and run away from the bathroom like mad." Gary's face flushed a deep red, in anger and embarrassment.

"I knew it was you who didn't flush the toilet at night! Gary, that is so gross!"

"W…well…this is stupid. I'll smell you losers later," Gary stifled, walking away, his Eevee trailing behind him. Misty sighed.

"Don't worry about Gary. He's a good guy. Just hard to get around at first. Oh! I almost forgot!" Misty said, digging into her backpack. "I got you this as a thank you for helping Togepi."

"You sure he didn't eat whatever you got me?"

"Very funny…here it is!" She pulled out a chocolate bar, and handed it through the bars to him with a smile. "Its my favorite brand of chocolate. I thought you'd like it too!"

Ash smiled. No one had ever given him something as a token of thanks before. "Thank you," he said, smiling in return.

"I should probably find Gary. He's probably still sulking. Anyway, I'll see you later, okay, Ash?"

"See you later?"

"Well yeah. You look like you could use some company. So I'll come back tomorrow. We don't live too far from here."

"Okay…" Ash was almost hesitant to say it, "see you later?"

"Yup! Bye!"

Misty and Togepi waved before turning around. Ash watched the two leave, and smiled. He took a look down at the candy bar Misty had given him, and grinned. He had never had chocolate, and was starving. He quickly unwrapped it and observed its brown coloring and blocky form. He hesitantly took a lick of it, not expecting what to taste. What he did taste, however, was something amazing. He took a quick bite, trying to eat it sparingly to save some for later. His hunger, however, got the best of him, and in seconds, he had devoured the whole thing.


It was midnight. Or close to it. Ash really couldn't remember that well. All he knew is that he didn't expect a visitor this late at night.

"Yo," said the voice, carrying a flashlight and staring down at him. "You awake?"

"I am now," Ash grunted. He recognized the person as Gary, Misty's brother.

"Well…my sister made me come down and apologize…so here I am."


"Yeah. So, sorry."


Gary looked at Ash curiously. "That's all you have to say?"

"What else is there to say?"

"Well…I don't know…I mean…I expected you to…you know…be more upset…"

"Things don't really upset me that easily anymore. Everyday is upsetting when you're trapped like me."

"You mean they don't ever let you out? Not to move around, not to use your muscles, not to…go?"


"That really sucks."

"It's life. All my life, I've wanted to be free again. But nothing's ever happened. I lost hope that anything will ever happen. I'm treated like an animal with limitations, on a chain and in a cage. Like a…a freak on a leash."

"Hey now," Gary said. "You're not a freak. You're just…different. And it's a good kind of different. Something you shouldn't be persecuted and caged like an animal for."

Ash tilted his head up, and a faint smile spread across his face. "Thanks."

"No problem."

They stared at each other for a moment, gazing into each other's eyes. Gary noticed their eye contact and shifted his gaze to the sky, and whistled. "Well…I gotta go…"

"Oh…well…see you later, Gary."

"Yeah, see you later."

Gary went around the back and into the forest from which he had came. His eyes widened as he took in a gasp of air, covering his mouth in surprise. Nothing had happened, but it had almost felt that when they were staring at each other, they had made a different connection as if they were…were….

"Oh geeze…what am I getting myself into?"


This story will have chapter previews. If you've never read my stories before, chapter previews are when I write the next chapter and then put some of it at the bottom so you can get exact wording from the next chapter.

Chapter Preview: You Wanna See The Light?

"Oh, Jesse and James take care of me. They're really nice. They're the only…the only…" Ash paused, searching for the word.


Ash's eyes went wide at the word. His mind turned completely blank, fading into nothing, and then something hit him.

He saw a woman. A really nice woman, with a kind smile and an open heart. She had long brown hair that went down her back, and it was put into a nice pony-tail with a blue ribbon. She smiled kindly at him. "Ash," she called softly. "Ash…Ash…"

There it is. You know something about the next chapter. Well, I really hope you've enjoyed this story and plan on continuing reading it. Read and review, over and out! -Nibzo