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(" ") - character dialogue

(' ') and Italics – character thoughts

Character's ages: 02 digi-destined – all 16, in their final year of school.

All the other 01 Digi-destined except Joe – 19

Joe – 20

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"Hey Hikari, can I walk you home today?" Takeru asked.

"Like you need to ask Takeru, you walk me home everyday." ireplied.

"Hehe just checking.. " he said , blushing.

"Hey you wanna go for ice cream?" he suggested.


"Two chocolate please." The blonde said to the ice cream man.

The ice cream man handed him two chocolate cones, and Takeru paid him.

"Here Hikari.." he said to me, offering me a chocolate cone.

"Thanks Takeru.." I said

-End of Flashback-

Kari's POV

That was me 5 years ago.

That boy Takeru, was my best friend. We knew each other since we were young kids. We and some others even saved the world with our digimon before, but that's a different story. Now back to my story..

Now 5 years later, I hate him.

If you still don't know, I'm Hikari Kamiya. I'm 16 and in my final year at school.

I have a brother named Taichi. He's 19. And I have a lot of great friends at school, there's Yolei, Christie, and Miru. Yolei is my best friend now, She's also one of the people who saved the world with me and Takeru with our digimon.

I had a tailmon as my Digimon Partner; she went back to the digimon world and sometimes I miss her so much.

Now, the last thing you need to know about me : I HATE TAKERU ISHIDA.

I know we were Best friends when we were young, but that all changed when we went to a new school. Ever since he made the basketball team. He started hanging out with the popular kids, and because of peer pressure, he started pretending he didn't know me. At first, I was always hoping for a miracle and that we would be best friends again, I was really upset, but after awhile I got over it, his not the Takeru I knew anymore. He was different.


"Hikari why do girls keep chasing me in the play ground?" a panting Takeru asked.

"I don't know.. Maybe because your cute.." I said blushing.

"Ewww.. I hate girls.." Takeru said, with a disgusted look on his face. "Of course not you Hikari. Your different."

I started to giggle.

"What's so funny?" Takeru asked, confused.

-End of Flashback-

He used to hate girls back then. Now.. He's a Casanova, breaking hearts left right and centre, (A/N: does that sound wrong) but still, girls keep throwing themselves at him. I always wonder if they're blind, He'll probably ditch them a week later. He flirts, he cheats, and he doesn't seem to care.

I admit he is handsome, with his rugged good looks, golden blonde hair and blue eyes, but to me he's just a pretty face. I don't think he has feelings anymore; all he does is score with girls and then leaves them for someone else.

I know some girls think they can make him change, they hope they can make him change. I used to think he could change too, back to the old Takeru I knew, but I gave up that thought a long time ago. He cant change.. And even if he did I'd still hate him.

But sometimes just between you and me.. I do miss the old Takeru.

3rd person POV

"Ring Ring.." The alarm clock rang.

Takeru woke up and switched the alarm clock off; he was usually not a morning person, but today was different, today was the 1st day of his final year at school, today there wouldn't be any seniors to tell him what to do, criticize him, there wouldn't be any more peer pressure. He could finally be who he really was, not some stuck up insensitive playboy, and do what he wanted to do. And he had a lot of things to do on his list before the end of the year.

And on the top of that list: 1. Apologise to Hikari.

Believe it or not, this teenage heartthrob had a crush on her, ever since they were kids.

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