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September 5, 2008; 11:12 AM
Hyrule Castle Town, Light Prefecture
Court of the Heavenly Goddesses—Courtroom 5

Link was, to put it simply, speechless. He felt faint, like he could pass out at any moment. Everything started spinning, his head slightly hurting from the dizziness overwhelming him. And the silence that overtook the room was absolutely horrifying.

M… Marin? …I-is Zelda!? She's been pretending this whole time!? All these years!? …Th-that can't be true! Zelda's dead—she's buried in the Market Cemetery! …B-but that's the only explanation… So the girl I found lying on the floor that day… That was Marin?

"…Impossible!" Rauru shook his head incredulously. "I thought she died years ago!"

"That's what we all thought," Ganondorf shrugged. "…But we all know how much that's true… She's standing right in front of us."

"Why!?" Link cried out, the volume of his voice growing in volume uncontrollably. "Why did she hide from us!? …Why did you hide from us!? Why? …W-why…?"

Zelda watched him, almost finding it unbearable to look him in the eye anymore. She swallowed again, licking her dry lips. "…Mr. Avalon…"

"Why she posed as her sister has no bearing on this case," Ganondorf said. "It seems we've forgotten why we're all here—to find the one who poisoned Mr. Ambi, and see if Zelda Harkinian actually committed the crime."

"Don't give me that!" Link slammed his fist into the table. "You know something, Ganondorf! Tell me! How long did you know about Zelda!? How long did you know she's been hiding!?"

"Mr. Avalon—" Rauru started, trying to calm him down.


The courtroom was still. No one moved or said anything. Not even a single draw of breath was heard.

"…Six years." Was all Ganondorf said in reply. "I've known… for six years."

- - - - - - - - - -

"…Mr. Dragmire."

"What is it?" Thirty-five year old Ganondorf Dragmire looked at Agahnim Sahasrahla, one of the city's top morticians. The middle-aged man called the prosecutor over to his desk as he stared at his computer screen.

"I just found out something which I think should interest you," Agahnim spoke in his thick, foreign accent, glancing at Ganondorf. The Gerudo stood at his side, an eyebrow raised.

"That woman right there…" He pointed to the corpse that was slightly visible in the next room.

"Yeah?" The prosecutor shrugged. "What about her?"

"…That isn't Zelda Harkinian."

The cigarette between Ganondorf's teeth almost fell out of his mouth as his jaw dropped slightly in surprise. "What? …Whaddya mean, not Zelda Harkinian!? Are you sure?"

"I've been in this business for twenty-five years," Agahnim looked over his shoulder with a knowing smirk. "I've never been wrong. That woman isn't Zelda Harkinian."

"…Well then," he took a draw out of his cigarette. "Who is she then?"

"She's a Harkinian, alright," Agahnim nodded. "Her name's Marin."

"…Marin?" Ganondorf furrowed his brow.

"Yes. She's apparently Zelda's twin sister… The autopsy doesn't lie," Agahnim replied.

His brow shot up. Zelda had a twin? He thought. Huh… Never knew that…

"So this means the real Zelda is out there somewhere still," Ganondorf spoke slowly. "…She's still alive."

"Most likely," the mortician nodded. "…Do you want me to contact the authorities?"

Ganondorf wasn't quick to reply. He just stared at the picture of Marin Harkinian on the computer screen, his lips curling into a frown.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Why!?" Link exclaimed. "Why did you say anything!?"

"…No one asked," Ganondorf shrugged.

Are you kidding me!?

"That itself is somewhat of an offense, I feel…" Rauru rubbed his chin. "I will speak with you personally about that later, Mr. Dragmire."

"…Very well."

"…Wait…" Link interjected. "…Z-Zelda…"

The brunette turned to him. She still felt it difficult to look him in the eye; her gaze kept directing into any direction that didn't lead to them.

"Y… You've been alive this whole time…" He swallowed. "…That means we can finish that case!"

"Mr. Avalon?" Rauru raised an eyebrow at him. "What are you talking about?"

"That case six years ago ended unsolved because we all presumed Zelda was dead!" Link stared straight at Ganondorf. "Now that we know that's clearly false, there's nothing stopping us from finishing it!"

This is it! By revealing Zelda, Ganondorf dug his own grave this time… Finally she can pass the judgment against him that she was never able to!

"Why that look, Avalon?" The Gerudo smirked. "Planning to put me on blast for killing Kafei?"

Link didn't reply; his glare did all the talking for him.

"Talented as you are as a defense attorney," he shrugged, "It seems like you've forgotten one of the principles this country's court system is based on—no double jeopardy."


"Surely you know that, don't you?" Ganondorf asked, a bemused smile creeping onto his lips. "I was already proven innocent. I'm by law protected from anyone accusing me of killing Kafei Kaminogi a second time."

Link's brow knit. "Y-you… You can't be serious! We both know you weren't proven innocent of anything back then! There just wasn't the evidence to prove it! …But now that we have it…" Link stole a glance at Zelda.

"Objection!" Ganondorf turned to Rauru. "Nostalgic as continuing a six-year old murder case sounds… We aren't here for that purpose, Your Honor. We're here to find the murderer of Raven Ambi. That is all."

"Prosecutor Dragmire does make a valid point, Mr. Avalon," Rauru nodded. "We're sidetracked enough, it seems. Once this trial is finished, I will schedule for the continuation of the murder of this Kafei Kaminogi… In any case, it's time we got back to business. We will have to start from scratch because the confession Ms. Ta… Harkinian first mentioned is what led us here."

Dammit! Link kicked in his head. I was so damn close! …Alright… Take a deep breath, Link. You can finish both trials here and now… Just play it cool… and safe. The two murders are obviously related now. Both victims were somehow related to Ganondorf, and both dated Zelda—the suspect in both cases. I just need to prove it… But that's easier said than done.

"Ms. Harkinian," Rauru looked at her, "Would you please enlighten us on what happened that day? The day of Raven Ambi's murder, I mean… And we want the truth this time. Be specific as possible."

"Y-yes, Your Honor," she replied. "…Like I said originally… I really killed Raven Ambi. That still stands… After I finished my registration, Raven and I went to the cafeteria to pick up lunch. He had his coffee with him, like I said before. When we walked in during the lunch rush, and we quickly sat at a table in the middle of the cafeteria just as soon as the group of guys sitting there had cleared out. Raven had paperwork from the office to finish, so I fell in line to order for both of us. I left my purse at the table with him, got in line, and bought the food… And when I came back…"

- - - - - - - - - -

"Here's our lunch!"

He looked up from his iced coffee he was drinking and smiled as she took a seat at the table, sitting right across from him. She set the tray holding two bowls of rice and chicken on the table, putting his bowl and a pair of chopsticks in front of him.

"Thanks," he nodded, breaking apart the wooden chopsticks and testing them out a few times before reaching into the mound of steamed rice.

"I got a few packets of sugar for your coffee," she said, taking one of her three sugar packs and tearing the top off. She motioned for his cup.

"…Thank you," he said, smiling kindly and taking a few sips of his drink. He picked up a strip of chicken breast with his chopsticks and tore it in half with his teeth.


She looked up from her food, chopsticks in her mouth, to him with a raised eyebrow. "Hm?"

He suddenly started coughing, bits of the food sputtering out of his mouth as he did so. Small, little coughs at first, but they quickly intensified to the point of desperate, hacking gasps for air. His breath hitched in his throat, and his hand clamped around his neck as purple spots blotched in his vision.

She slammed down her chopsticks and her bowl. She was panicking.

W-what's going on!? She wondered, fear filling her eyes as she watched her boyfriend quickly suffocate as his skin started turning blue. "What's wrong!?"

But he didn't respond. His eyes slowly rolled into the back of his head. He faced the glass ceiling of the cafeteria, before his head fell forward. His face slammed and buried into his rice bowl with a clank.

She just stared at him in shock, unable to register what just happened. But then it clicked: he was dead. But from what? She couldn't think straight. She just let out a blood-curdling scream.


- - - - - - - - - -

"…I see…" Rauru opened his eyes slowly. "Is that all that happened after you sat down? …You're not lying?"

"…Yes, Your Honor," she paused before answering. "That's what happened… and no, I'm not lying."

Why so hesitant there, Zelda? Link looked at her with uncertainty. Perhaps you're not lying… But you're probably not telling us the whole truth.

"…And you didn't slip the poison in during your walk to the cafeteria?"

"No," she answered with more affirmation this time.

So that part in her original testimony was a lie, Link told himself. But why would she still claim to be the murderer? …Unless… She's covering for the killer!

"Zelda!" Link suddenly exclaimed. She was taken off guard by his sudden outburst, flinching slightly.

"Ah! Y-y-yes?" She asked, her voice slightly jumpy.

"You know who the real killer in this case is… don't you?"

Her eyes widened in surprise. "Ah! W-what!?"

"What are you talking about, Avalon!?" Ganondorf cocked an eyebrow. "Of course she wouldn't know!"

"Are you sure?" Link smirked. "She first confessed as Marin Tarin that she committed the murder. Despite the fact that her claim that she slipped the poison into the mug on her way to the cafeteria isn't true, the fact that she hasn't dismissed her confession to the crime still stands! She's still insisting on taking the blame for whoever really murdered Mr. Ambi!"

"Objection!" Ganondorf called out. "Listen to yourself! You're saying she's the killer, yet she just dismissed the only realistic opportunity to spike the coffee with poison!"

"Objection! …That's exactly what I'm saying!" Link shot back in a matter-of-fact voice. Gee, it seems like we're not all awake this morning. "She just eliminated her only chance to lace the poison as an impossibility, but she's still taking responsibility for the crime! Not only does this dismiss her as a potential suspect, but it also confirms the fact that for some reason, she's covering for whoever really killed him! And the only logical reason for her doing that… She knows who that person is!"

Zelda's eyes widened even more. She was feeling faint all over again. "N... NOOOOOOOOOO!"

Just before the audience could react to anything, Rauru slammed his gavel down. He was growing irritated, his voice commanding and almost frightening. "Order! Anyone talking out of turn will immediately be escorted out of the courtroom! …Ms. Harkinian! Enough of your half-truths and lies! I demand that from now on you keep your oath and tell this court every single detail from what happened the day of the murder! Now!"

Zelda said nothing. She took a deep breath, and slowly closed her eyes.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Here's our lunch!"

He looked up from his iced coffee he was drinking and smiled as she took a seat at the table, sitting right across from him. She set the tray holding two bowls of rice and chicken on the table, putting his bowl and a pair of chopsticks in front of him.

"Thanks," he nodded, breaking apart the wooden chopsticks and testing them out a few times before reaching into the mound of steamed rice.

"I got a few packets of sugar for your coffee," she said, taking one of her three sugar packs and tearing the top off. She motioned for his cup.

"That's okay, Marin," he took her hand in his and stopped her. Their eyes connected for a moment after that. As he flashed his charming smile, she blushed slightly, quickly withdrawing her hand from his grasp.

"…Thank you," he said, smiling kindly and taking a few sips of his drink. He picked up a strip of chicken breast with his chopsticks and tore it in half with his teeth.

"My friend stopped by while you were gone," Raven explained, his mouth half-filled with food. "He gave me some sugar he had left over from a restaurant he went to when he had breakfast."

"Oh," Marin nodded slowly. "That was nice of him. Who was it?"

"Oh yeah…" He looked up from his bowl, swallowing what was in his mouth. "I never introduced you to him… I'll have to one of these days. He's who got me into law, after all… In fact, he introduced me to you."

Marin furrowed her brow at that, taking a sip of her water. "…Really? …But I just moved here… I don't think there's anyone in the country who knows about me."

"…That is weird," he shrugged, clumping rice and chicken between his chopsticks. "But regardless, he's the one who told me about you. His name was—U-ugh!"

- - - - - - - - - -

Link couldn't help but grin triumphantly. "…Your Honor, this case… and that of six years ago… Both are finally coming to a close."

Ganondorf frowned, switching his glare between Link and Zelda.

"…Mr. Avalon?" Rauru looked at him questioningly.

"It was just as I suspected," Link nodded. "Just like then, Zelda's final testimony was the key to finding this case—and that case's—true killer… Our prosecutor: Ganondorf Dragmire!"

"T-tch!" The Gerudo scoffed. "Y-yeah!? How!?"

"You know just as well as I do!" Link smirked. "Maybe even better... But since you're probably just going to deny it, I'll explain… It all began with Kafei Kaminogi… The man who threatened your famous perfect-win record in court."

"Ah," Rauru nodded. "I remember reading about that trial."

"Then fortunately for me I don't have to go into those details," the blonde sighed. "But! Mr. Dragmire here just wasn't about to let him get away so easily, despite Mr. Kaminogi ultimately failed… You, Mr. Dragmire, devised your plot. Your demonic little plot to kill him, and frame his girlfriend for the murder—Zelda Harkinian!"

"W… W-what!?" Rauru's eyed widened.

"You poisoned his coffee, wiped your prints off the container, and hid it in her purse as she was out getting lunch for the two of them. Then you hid the container of poison in her purse to cast suspicion on her and slipped away just in time before she came back!"

"S-stop talking!" Ganondorf yelled. "Your Honor! H-he's crazy!"

"That was the first time we faced off in court!" Link went on despite the prosecutor's protests. "I was close two convicting you of your crime… But then that's when it happened… the event that led up to this case."

"Zelda Harkinian was presumed dead," Rauru finished his sentence. "Found on the bathroom floor."

"I figured this all out as well," Link stated. "It's the only logical explanation. During the final recess, Zelda excused herself to use the restroom… And that's when Zelda's twin sister, Marin, got involved in all of this. Around that time, she showed up at the courthouse, but she apparently stopped by the restroom before heading for the courtroom… And you, Ganondorf, went looking for Zelda."

"No…" The older man growled threateningly, but Link wasn't the least bit intimidated.

I've come too far now, Ganondorf. It's all over.

"If her final testimony was heard—the one that would ultimately convict you, it'd be all over… You went looking for Zelda, who you know was out using the restroom one way or another… You walked into the women's restroom… And you saw her. Not Zelda, but her sister… Marin."

Link looked over at Zelda. "Zelda."

She looked over to the blonde. She knew by the look in his eyes what he wanted her to say. She slowly nodded in reply. "…I walked into the restroom… And I saw him… Mr. Dragmire… was smothering my sister. It was obvious that he wanted me dead; it was the only explanation for him doing such a thing to someone who looked exactly like me… I guess he just didn't know that the girl he killed wasn't me."

"He didn't know," Link shook his head. "He confirmed that himself when he told us he found out it was Marin that was killed after the trial… Sometime after that, you fled the country to Koholint, yes?"

"…Yes," Zelda nodded. She shivered in fear at the deathly glare Ganondorf was giving her. His red eyes pierced right into her soul, and she could swear she felt frozen inside just by feeling his eyes on her.

"Zelda knew she wasn't safe in Hyrule," Link shook his head. "Leaving the country was what she thought was her only option. Meanwhile here…"

- - - - - - - - - -

"…Do you want me to contact the authorities?"

Ganondorf wasn't quick to reply. He just stared at the picture of Marin Harkinian on the computer screen, his lips curling into a frown.

"…No," he shook his head. "…Let them think this is Zelda."

"W-what?" Agahnim stared at him incredulously.

"I have a plan," was all Ganondorf said. "Having them all think that Zelda's dead could be… useful…"

Ganondorf pulled out his checkbook and pen, and quickly scribbled something on the paper. He ripped it out and handed it to Agahnim.

"…What's this?" Agahnim asked. He looked at the check and his eyes went wide, a hoarse gasp escaping his lips.

"One million rupees and you stay quiet about this," Ganondorf told him in an almost threatening voice. "You tell no one that this woman here is actually Marin Harkinian. No one is to find out that the wrong Harkinian sister is dead."

The Gerudo grabbed him by the neck and squeezed hard, a gurgling sound emanating from the mortician's throat.

"…Or else."

"I…" Agahnim managed weakly. "I… I promise… I won't talk."

The prosecutor smiled at that. He forcefully let him go, pushing him into his rolling chair, which moved back into a wall with a thud. Without another word, Ganondorf started for the exit.

"W… W-where are you going?" Agahnim asked.

"…I need to… find someone…"

- - - - - - - - - -

"For six years, you searched for the real Zelda Harkinian, while the person whom we all thought was the Zelda buried in Market Cemetery was actually her sister Marin… Then you found her… Under the name Marin Tarin, living a new life in Koholint Island," Link said, watching the prosecutor slowly grow more hysterical. "It wasn't just a coincidence that Marin Tarin was transferred to Hyrule University—you manipulated the system to get her into the country, because you knew that Marin Tarin was actually Zelda… I'm willing to bet that the selection of me as her history teacher was your doing as well."

"Hah!" Ganondorf laughed. "Y-you actually think that I have enough power to do something like that!? T-that I can just transfer people in and out of colleges like that!?"

"Why yes," Link nodded. "I do… After all, you probably used the same technique to blackmail one Malon Romani… Am I correct?"

The Gerudo's eyes widened at that.

"The transferring of Marin Tarin from Tal Tal University to Hyrule U. was just part of your plot to lure Zelda back into the country," Link said.

"And then you were going to kill her… Through the same method you used six years ago on Kafei Kaminogi, and you used your best friend, Raven Ambi to do it… You introduced him to her, hoping the two would get together. Much to your advantage, it worked better than you could have imagined, I bet… You sacrificed his life—you poisoned him—and once again framed Zelda for the murder. You made the situation seem hopeless even further by immediately taking up the case as the head prosecutor, effectively scaring away any potential defense attorneys she had lined up, as many attorneys fear you, as you well know… But that failed too… when I became part of it. When I signed to represent her!"

The entire courtroom was silent. Not even breathing could be heard. Everyone had their eyes on Ganondorf, whose head hung loosely, his face to the ground. His hands were on the tabletop, supporting him.

"…Heh… Heh…"

The quiet chuckle, amplified by the silence, was deafening. It was Ganondorf… He was laughing. He threw his head back, laughing hysterically.

"Avalon…" He cackled uncontrollably. "Avalon…! You pathetic excuse for a defense attorney! You… You may have won this time… But I'll be back for you… And you, Ms. Zelda Harkinian… You two, I swear, will find your deaths at my hands. I swear it! Damn you, Zelda Harkinian… Damn you, Marin Harkinian… Damn you, Raven Ambi and Kafei Kaminogi… Damn you all to the limitless void of the Sacred Realm! …D-damn you… LINK AVALOOOOOON!!"

Rauru demanded for an explanation from the fallen prosecutor, slamming his gavel down with all his might. But even then, the sounds were drained by the Gerudo's uncontrollable laughter. It was the most sinister, bone chilling cackle anyone in the courtroom them had ever heard.

Even as he was apprehended by the bailiffs and police officers, he still laughed. The laughter resonated through the courtroom, through the prosecutor's lounge, down the halls of the courthouse, and even through the streets of Castle Town as he was taken to the district police center in the police car, whose blaring sirens did nothing to cover up the resonating laughter…

- - - - - - - - - -

September 5, 2008; 11:25 AM
Hyrule Castle Town, Light Prefecture
Court of the Heavenly Goddesses—Courtroom 5

"…The trials of the murders of both Kafei Kaminogi six years ago and Raven Ambi of the present are finally over, aren't they?" Rauru asked slowly. He was still slightly shaken; the remnants of Ganondorf's voice could still be heard.

"Finally, Your Honor," Link nodded with a sigh of relief. "Two cases that were both caused by Prosecutor Ganondorf Dragmire… Two cases that tragically left three people dead at his hands."

"Quite right, Mr. Avalon," the judge nodded. "Witness… Ms. Harkinian."

"Yes, Your Honor?" Zelda looked up at him.

"You're acquitted of both murder charges against you," he told her. "However, your behavior in court today is questionable. Though I can understand that Mr. Dragmire most likely had something to do with it, perjury is still a serious offense in itself. You continuously lied to this court under oath… I'll expect for you to be tried for it… Or at the very least, be fined."

"I understand, Your Honor," she nodded.

"Very good." Rauru picked up his gavel. "Before your verdict, do you have anything to say?"

"Yes, I do," Zelda replied, and she turned to Link. "…Mr. Avalon…"

"Y-yes?" He stammered slightly.

"I have something to tell you… It's about my meeting with Mr. Dragmire yesterday," she said.

His eyebrows went up at that.

- - - - - - - - - -

"Mr. Dragmire," Marin spoke with a hint of surprise in her voice. "To be honest, I was expecting Mr. Avalon…"

"No," Ganondorf shook his head, taking a seat on the other side of the glass. "It's me… I have something to talk to you about."

"I see," she nodded. "What is it?"

"…The trial…" He started. "It ends tomorrow."

Marin raised an eyebrow at that, her back straightening slightly. "…I'm sorry?"

"The trial ends tomorrow," he repeated. "…And you will be found guilty."

The brunette furrowed her brow at that, trying to study what the man was getting at in his eyes. "…I-I'm sorry, I don't understa—"

"Then maybe I should explain, shouldn't I?" His dark lips curled into a sneer. "…Ms. Zelda Harkinian?"

She gasped sharply, almost jumping out of her seat. "I-I… I don't know what—"

"You're talking about?" He finished her sentence with a knowing smirk. "…You may have fooled Avalon, but there's no going around me… Not when I have these."

He took out a packet of papers. It was all research papers from the searches Ganondorf conducted, trying to find where in the world Zelda was. And sure enough, it all pointed to her.

"…Does he know?" Zelda asked in a low voice, referring to Link.

"He will tomorrow," he responded, taking back the papers from under the glass, almost giving her numerous paper cuts. "...When I reveal you."

"No!" She exclaimed. She glanced over her shoulder, and saw that the security guard was giving her a strange look. She blushed slightly as she turned back and leaned into the glass, speaking to Ganondorf in a hushed voice. "Y-you… You can't tell him!"

"I was counting on you to say that," he replied knowingly. "That's why the trial will end tomorrow with your guilty verdict. If you want to keep who you really are a secret, you will confess to the crime of Raven's murder."

She was afraid to say the least. She knew what she was up against if she was found guilty—her predetermined sentence was a lynching. Anyone found guilty in the case faced that sentence. But she'd much rather dying than Link find out who she really was.

"…F-fine… I-I'll do it…" She choked weakly. "I'll cooperate."

"Excellent," he grinned. "Do whatever it takes to convince the court that you're guilty. Especially Avalon. Him being your attorney doesn't help you a single bit. He'll try to refute all your claims—you should know that by experience. But if you want to keep Ms. Zelda hidden under Ms. Marin, you won't give him that chance."

Without another word, he picked up the stack of papers and stood up from his seat. "I'll see you tomorrow… Ms. Harkinian…"

He left in silence, leaving Zelda behind as tears slowly overwhelmed her.

- - - - - - - - - -

"So he was blackmailing you…" Link's gaze hardened. "…But why didn't you want me to know that you were really Zelda?"

"When I said I've been lying to you this whole time," Zelda smiled weakly. "I really meant it… This whole time I've been denying that I was Zelda Harkinian… I've caused you so much grief the past few days… And I shudder to think what you went through the past six years. When you saw my sister on the ground and thought it was me… It must have been devastating. And you told me how you thought my 'death' was your entire fault… I thought it was better that I be found guilty and just actually die than you find out that I've been lying the past three days… I'm sorry, Mr. Avalon…"

Zelda… It should be me who's worried about you… You've been through so much the past few days… No… the past six years…

"Zelda…" Link spoke. She looked up, feeling startled some. "As I spent more time with the woman who I thought was Marin Tarin… I really did see you in her. Not because I thought Marin Tarin looked like you… But because I could feel your presence in her."

"…M-Mr. Avalon?" She choked, tears brimming her eyes.

"…Zelda…" Link whispered. "…I'm so glad you're back."

Zelda couldn't help but release the tears she had been holding back, letting them stream freely down her cheeks. "T… Thank you… Mr. Avalon…"

- - - - - - - - - -

"On the charges of the murders of Kafei Kaminogi and Raven Ambi, I hereby find the defendant, Ms. Zelda Harkinian…


…That is all," Rauru nodded. He picked up his gavel. "Court is adjourned!"

With one last swing, the sound echoed through the silent courtroom.

- - - - - - - - - -

So maybe I'm not as bad of a defense attorney as I first thought I was… Will I keep up with this thing? Keep my badge on full time? …I don't know. I feel like I'm a high school senior again, torn between my two loves… Law and history. Who knows, maybe I'll do both?

For now, I think I'll focus more on teaching. The school year just started, and I already took off two days of work to solve this case. Although I'm definitely glad I did. I tied up loose ends, I confronted my past… and I finally got to see the girl who worried me so much these past six years.

If I continue to practice law again, I'll need an office… Maybe Shad can help me out? I don't know. But what I do know is what when there's someone in need, I'll be there to help them out. And when that contradiction arises in court, I'll be ready. Just remember what you learned in those court proceeding videos, Link. Stay low; wait for the right time, and when it comes time to attack…


- - - - - - - - - -

"Hey Link! Where were you these past few days!? Ilia and I heard you became a lawyer behind our backs! Again!? Oh yeah, and I got this crazy stuck-up Zora transfer student in my class today. Name's Rhubarb or somethin'..."

"I'm so proud of you, Link. You really surprised me these past few days. It's true what Mr. Lon said all those years ago. You certainly don't have the presence of a full-fledged lawyer… But you've got more potential and talent than I could ever hope to have. So about you and Ms. Harkinian… When's that wedding? Hahaha!"

"Hey, Avalon! That sure was somethin' back there! Got me all covered in goose bumps and everything! Only Raven and Ganondorf could do that to me! Ganondorf… Still can't believe he went crazy like that, ya know? Why, he lost more marbles than that Zora chick!"

"Mr. Avalon, a pleasure seeing you again! I heard about that recent trial you suddenly took up… How exciting! To think that Ms. Harkinian was hiding like that! Well let me tell you, you're free to stop by the cafeteria anytime you like—on me! Mondays we have fried cucco chicken and Chu Jell-O for dessert… Or is that Tuesday? …Din, I hope I'm not developing Alzheimer's. Oops, knock on wood… Oh! Who's knocking!? Is that the door!?"

"Thank you so much for everything, Mr. Avalon. I finally don't have to stop making those payments to Mr. Dragmire… Finally my husband can quit asking me where the percentage of my salary is going to… What to do with the money now, though? I suppose if we save up enough we can afford to splurge more… Oh! Mr. Avalon, to show you my gratitude, please accept this money as a gift! No, really! I really can't thank you enough!"

"Hello, Professor Avalon. Oh yes, I apologized to Ms. Tar… Harkinian. I still can't believe she was Zelda Harkinian the whole time… We get along quite well now. It's fun to have someone to compete with academically. Professor Adlez is a fine professor so far, also. Though I bet he doesn't compare to your expertise… Oh, and I just wish he'd quit calling me 'Rhubarb'! Honestly!"

"Link, my boy! Who was that cute young lady I saw you walking with the other day!? Finally got yourself a girl to settle down with!? Well good for you! It's about time, really! How old are you, thirty-two, thirty-three? Go out there and start your family already! I'll be looking forward to them attending here! Hurry up, before I get too old to work and have to collect!"

"Mr. Avalon, I'm truly indebted to you. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me, both back then and now. I'm looking forward to a wonderful year under your excellent instruction, as I've been told by many of the women at the university registrar… They kept going on about your good looks... And I really have to say that you've become very handsome in these past six years… And you even kept your stubble…"

So ends Circles, with the traditional Phoenix Wright ending. :) Hurry up and buy the games already! You know you want to. :D If you haven't figured it out, the quotes belong to Sheik, Shad, Linebeck, Impa, Malon, Ruto, Darunia, and of course, Zelda.

Goodbye isn't always an easy thing to say. So let's not say "Goodbye". How about "I'll see you later"? The word "Goodbye" I don't use anymore; it sounds so final, like you're not going to see the person anymore. I'll still see you all--on places other than here. It was truly a pleasure writing for you all these past three years (especially the past year and a half). Since Sensei I've accomplished more than I thought I've ever be able to, more than most people are ever able to. And I truly am thankful for all those hundreds of reviews and thousands of hits to both my stories and my profile page. Not a single hit or review goes unappreciated, and I certainly hope you all know that.

I'll still be lurking around this website of course, searching for that lovely story that makes me keep coming back for more. You all keep telling me how I'm really the only author left anymore who writes stuff worth reading. I personally don't think that's true, and I take it as insulting the other people who put up stories. There are plenty other authors much more talented than me to survive on... Sakurelle's Zelda: A Fairytale, purplefirestarter's It's Yours to Keep, heteroceric-heart's oneshot's, Kurai Hitokiri's The Courtship of Princess Zelda, so on and so on. And I think they're all tired of seeing me monopolize the Link/Zelda section, and their stories are seemingly much more popular than this has been, which is telling me that I've peaked and it's time to pass the torch on... Note that all the authors I named are females. Me being a guy, I love a good cat fight. :)

Spending the last few months of 2006, all of 2007, and the first half of 2008 was truly a pleasure. I've enjoyed you all profusely, and I hope you can all say the same about me and my stories.

So this is "I'll see you later". Yes, this is most likely going to be my last multichapter in a long while (though you might see a oneshot spring up every now and then). I'll be gone for a while, yes, but I wouldn't take me off your alert list if I were you. You never know... ;)

If you wish to contact me, all the ways to reach me are in my profile. AIM, my blog, deviantART, email, and MySpace are your best bets. Along with PMs here, of course. Also, I'm a member on HyruleNet, "The Original Zelda Online!" I'm a news submitter there, so all the news you see on the front page is by me. :D I'm on the chat server there all the time, so please register on Hyrule, and tell your Zelda loving friends! It's all in the contacts section of my profile. And duh, I'm always up for a good Brawl! :D

With all that said, I love you all, take care, and Enjoy Life and Smile.