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Authors note: This story was inspired when I was watching season 6 of Smallville. This is Major angst and it was pretty hard for me to write I had some teary moments when writing this but I prevailed through! And its also very short but major major angst! But I hope I did a pretty good Job for the last minute.


He walked quietly into the conjoining room in their quarters. Leaning against the wall, his face solemn as he watched the woman sitting in the middle of the room rocking the rocking chair back and forth, slowly. He drew his eyes away from the woman in the chair to take in the room. The walls had been wallpapered with bright colours of green, yellow, blue and purple. A bookshelf and a chest of draws were pushed up against the wall. The bookshelf stacked neatly with books and ornaments. The chest of draws made a resting place for numerous soft knick knacks. He looked at the wooden table, draped in a towel with a Simpson's towel, a gift from Sam and Jack. Finally he drew his now glassed over eyes towards the small cot in the middle of the room. A silent tear running down his face and a soft smile came onto his face before it was replaced quickly by the sadness. Once more he glanced around the room taking everything in before he looked back at the woman. He sighed again and rubbed his hands over his face.

Pushing off the wall with his shoulder he made his way over to the woman.

"I talked to Sam... She wants to know if you wanted to do something tomorrow. I told her what had happened." John told her quietly.

"Oh." Came the soft reply of Elizabeth's voice. John winced at how distance she sounded.

"Elizabeth I... God I'm so sorry." John said as he came around to face her. He crouched down in front of her and turned her head to face him. Her eyes were bloodshot and swollen. He face shining from the tears that had been shed. He pushed himself up and pulled her towards him hugging her tight.

"I'm so sorry John. I... oh god. I lost our baby." She cried harder into his shoulder. Tears slowly running down his face as he closed his eyes and hugged her tighter.

"Don't you dare blame yourself Elizabeth" John said to her fiercely pulling her out of the hug he grabbed her by the shoulders, placed a kiss on her forehead and shook her softly.

"Don't you dare blame yourself."

"I can't help but do that John" Elizabeth told him, as more tears slid down her face.

"Elizabeth. Look at me" John lifted her chin up so her eyes met his.

"There is no way you can blame yourself for this. Carson told us that it wasn't anything that you did. It... It just happened." Elizabeth nodded her head and rested in on Johns shoulder, gripping his shirt tightly.

"Oh God Elizabeth. I love you so much. You know this is not the end right? We'll try again and get it right this time."

"I know. I love you John." Elizabeth said as she looked up into his glazed eyes. She rested her forehead against his and hugged him tighter. John Sighed, one day, she would sit in there chair with their son or daughter in her arms. He promised himself. A promise he vowed to keep.

I keep thinking in a moment that

Time will take them away

but these feelings won't go away.