Avalanche – Cave In 2

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Author's Note: Sequel to Cave In, I am picking the storyline up fairly soon after the original story finished. Dean is seventeen and Sam is thirteen

If you haven't read Cave In, go back read it then return, the story will still be here when you get back!!

CHAPTER 1 Happy Birthday Sammy

Dean carried the bags into the cabin and looked around in amazement, balloons hung around the walls tangled with strips of streamers and a battered banner made from a few different ones hung over the fireplace, 'HAPPY 13 BIRTHDAY SAM' in garishly bright colours finished it off.

Dropping the bags on the floor Dean turned around and hurried back to the car where Pastor Jim was helping Sam to steady himself after the confines of the long trip to the cabin.

'Hey Sammy there's something you gotta see.' Dean grinned mischievously, 'I don't think we're the only ones here.'

'What you talkin' bout Dean?' Sam grumbled, sleepy and stiff he glared at his brother as he started to limp towards the building.

'You'll see Sammy.' Dean said before turning to Pastor Jim and mouthed 'birthday surprise.'

'Dean what's going on?' Sam yelled as he moved slowly into the cabin and saw the decorations, 'when?'

'Not my doing Sammy.' Dean said, 'must've been the birthday fairies.'

'Nuff of the fairies squirt.' Bobby groused as he came through the door leading to the kitchen, Caleb following close behind carrying a cake with thirteen candles blazing on it.

'Blow em out Sam before they catch fire to the place.' Caleb huffed as he lowered the cake onto the table.

'I – I don't understand...'

'We didn't want to miss your birthday kiddo, thirteen is an important age.' Bobby playfully ruffled Sam's hair, 'ya know that yer daddy would be here if he was able...'

'Yeah sure.' Sam muffled still in awe of the cake and decorations.

'So whatcha waitin' for an invitation in the mail? Blow those candles out kiddo.' Caleb said grinning madly, 'I picked the cake myself.'

'Thanks Cal, Bobby, Pastor Jim and Dean, thank you.' Sam said with a shy smile before he took a deep breath and blew out the candles. Laughing at Bobby and Caleb's antics over cutting the cake Sam settled into a chair and was soon covered in presents, a new shirt and underwear from Pastor Jim, from Bobby a book on myths and legends, Caleb gave him the latest Superman comic and then, when, the others were getting drinks Dean sat down next to his brother and handed over his present.

'Dean?' Sam blinked and looked up at his brother.

'Open it Doofus.'

'Wow.' Sam's eyes widened when he saw the beautiful hunting knife with Sam's name and birth date carved into the handle. 'It's truly beautiful Dean.' Sam breathed stroking the handle reverently, 'thanks.'

'And oh yeah there's this to keep you outta my hair.' Dean handed over the book roughly wrapped in newspaper.

'Lord of the Rings the Two Towers thanks Dean I so wanted this.'

'Yeah I know, I think I'll wait for the movie.' Dean ruffled his brother's hair and stood up.

'Hey Dean?'

'Yeah Sammy?'

'I'm sorry.'

'What for?' Confused Dean stared down at his younger brother.

'Your birthday, you missed it coz of me.' Sam said staring down at the presents on his knee, 'I didn't give you anything.'

'Yeah ya did squirt.' Dean said suddenly feeling embarrassed.

'No I didn't give you ... it was all screwed up and I'm sorry Dean.'

'You survived and you're walking Sammy that's the best present anyone could have given me.'

'Aw Dean.'

'Repeat that and I will have to kill you.'

'Repeat what Dean?' Pastor Jim said as he came back in carrying sodas for the brothers. 'Want to cut your cake Sam?'

'Umm could the cake be for both me and Dean?' Sam asked staring up at the others, 'his birthday was in January but coz of me he missed it.'

'Sam you don't ...'

'Yeah I do Dean so shut up and enjoy it.' Sam smiled cheekily at his brother, 'my birthday I get to say stuff like that.'

'Yeah you'll keep runt.' Dean said unable to stop smiling himself, it was so good to see Sam actually happy.

A dog's growling and snarling broke up the good natured ribbing between the brothers while they tucked into the cake and the small group of hunters fell silent and looked at each other. 'Jim yer stay with Dean and Sam, Caleb ya'll come with me.' Bobby said taking the safety off his gun. 'Probably jus' a rabbit.'

'Yeah Ranger wouldn't know the difference between a rabbit and a werewolf.' Dean joked trying to stay positive for Sam's sake.

'Dean?' Sam whispered the smile gone from the teenager's face. 'Who?'

'Nothing to worry bout Sammy, just Ranger going mad at something.' Dean reassured his brother while checking his pistol again.

Jim checked the salt lines on the windows and doors before moving upstairs to check the loft style bedroom and single bathroom up there.

Ranger's barking became more insistent and Sam tried to stay calm but the sinking feeling he used to get was back and he knew that it was going to get bad very soon.

'Sammy don't you get off that chair.' Dean said his playfulness gone and was now replaced with his full hunter-mode. 'Dad will rip me a new one if you get hurt again.'

'Kay Dean.' Sam said not wanting to show Dean just how scared he was or how much pain he was in he sat quietly and stayed out of the way.

'You boys alright?' Pastor Jim asked as he came downstairs.

'Yes Sir.' Both boys answered in well practiced unison.

'Dean, Ranger stopped barking.' Sam said a sad look forming on his face, 'Ranger?'

The sound of heavy footfalls as someone ran towards the cabin door had both Dean and Jim standing watch over Sam. An explosion sounded startling the occupants of the building, instinctively Dean dropped and covered Sam with his own body as another explosion rocked the log walls. Jim aimed and waited as the first creature breeched their defences, the rock salt pellets quickly dissipating the ghoul.

'Get Sam out of here Dean.'

'No Pastor Jim, we're not leaving you.' Dean said firmly, 'we don't leave anyone behind.'

'Deanie?' Sam pushed himself against his brother to get his attention, 'where's Bobby and Caleb?'

Another explosion sent shards of glass over the trio as the windows shattered, fragments of wood and large pieces of debris followed immediately behind the glass. Pastor Jim hissed as a large piece of glass embedded itself in his shoulder, 'get him out now Dean I'll be right behind.' He yelled pushing Sam towards his brother, 'keep him safe.'

'Pastor Jim?' Sam turned wet eyes to their trusted 'adopted uncle' 'come with us please.'

'I'll be right behind you now go.' Jim barked out the order as another crashing sound deafened them.

'Jim? Boys? Get out of the cabin ... run.' Caleb appeared in the fractured doorway, blood running down the side of his face giving an almost comical mask effect in the fading light.

'Come on Sammy.' Dean wrapped his arm around Sam's shoulders and guided his shocked brother out of the rear of the building. 'Shit.' He ground out when they came face to face with a grotesque looking creature, human in feature but with a melting face and clawed hands, it stank of rotting meat. Blasting it with his pistol Dean knew it would only keep it away from them for so long.

'Dean over there.' Sam pointed at the ghouls lining up along the edge of the forest, the cabin, nestled in a small valley surrounded by thick forest and mountain peaks was the perfect hide out until discovered then it became a nightmarish trap.

'Crap come on Sammy.' Dean guided his brother to the side of the house, he knew that the trucks were too far and would be out of commission now anyway so he led Sam to the forest. The only hope that they had of staying safe. Throwing a last look over his shoulder Dean watched Bobby struggling to hold his own against two creatures, Caleb and Pastor Jim were still inside and out of view. Sighing heavily Dean knew that he had to protect Sammy no matter what and they moved further into the welcoming protection of the trees. Almost magically, the trees surrounded the boys and hid them effectively from anyone looking for them.

Dean made sure that Sam stayed well hidden while he watched out for any signs of the other hunters, the sounds of fighting and gunfire soon faded and all they could now hear were the sounds of the forest. 'Sammy you okay dude?'

'Yeah, yeah I'm fine.' Sam sat up a little more and rubbed his aching back, 'just a little sore.'

'Sorry bout having to be on the ground bro, we shouldn't have to wait too much longer.'

'Dean what ... what if they?'

'Pastor Jim, Caleb and Bobby are all fine Sam honestly they're all fine.'

'Uhhuh ... Dean did you hear that?' Sam cocked his head and listened intently. 'Sounds like heavy breathing.'

A clawed hand reached into the brush searching for the two boys, scraping over Sam's head, Dean took aim and fired his gun taking grim satisfaction when he heard the creature yelp in pain.

'Come on Sammy.' Dean helped his brother up, wrapping his arm around Sam's waist as they moved deeper into the forest towards the mountain, every so often Dean looked over his shoulder but there was no sign of anyone good or bad following them. They were on their own.


Pastor Jim Murphy groaned and tried to sit up, he felt the warm trickle of blood running down the side of his face his entire body ached from head to toe. He was getting too old for this stuff. Holding his arm close to his chest to try and keep the glass embedded in his shoulder stable, Jim managed to stand swaying drunkenly he staggered towards the doorway, he could see Bobby slowly sitting up in the front yard, Caleb sat slumped against the side of the cabin that hadn't collapsed in the explosions.

'You look as good as I feel Preacher.' Caleb said with a bubbling laugh, blood trickled down his face and coated his mouth with a grotesque lipstick of blood.

'The boys?' Bobby croaked as he managed to get to his feet and lurch towards the others. 'Where?'

'Sent them into the forest to hide.' Jim answered wincing when the glass shifted slightly in his shoulder, 'what's going on Bobby?'

'Not sure what, but this aint no party crashing, they knew where the boys were going to be and when.' Bobby said.


John opened his eyes and tried to focus on his strange surroundings. The room was small with a high window, his was the only bed, a small closet against one wall, a chest of drawers by the bed and a leather chair the only furniture in the room. With two doors, one leading assumingly to a bathroom. Sighing he ran a hand over his face and tried to sit up. Swaying he laid his head back on to the pillows, instead he gave himself an internal once over. He could feel his broken ribs, each and every bruise, his broken wrist, tenderness in his abdomen where he could feel thick dressings. But what made him cringe the most was the collar still fixed around his neck preventing him from moving his head. Then the next realisation hit him: he couldn't feel anything below his hips.

As his awareness grew John, found the IV port in his left hand, the cast itching on his right wrist, and the massive headache forming behind his eyes.

'John?' A familiar voice broke through his morose thoughts, blearily he tried to focus on the face.

'Joshua?' John's voice sounded strained and raspy from so long without use. 'Where?'

'Saint Michael's Mercy Hospital.' Joshua explained as he took a seat and slowly met John's direct stare with his own, 'you've been here for three weeks.'

'The boys?'

'Safe with Jim, Bobby and Caleb at the cabin.' Joshua said with a small smile, 'they're celebrating Sam's birthday.'

'It's Sam's birthday?' John frowned trying to remember, 'he's, he's thirteen?'

'Yeah dude, you alright John?' Josh asked his worry spiking when he saw John grimace in pain, his breath coming in short sharp gasps, 'John?'