Avalanche – Cave In 2

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Author's Note: Sequel to Cave In, I am picking the storyline up fairly soon after the original story finished.

Dean is seventeen and Sam is thirteen

CHAPTER TWELVE: Father and Son Reunion

Sam pushed himself against the wall and tried to make himself invisible while the hunters discussed their options. He was used to being forgotten when they got together about hunts, not allowed to really participate in anything even though he was so good with his research, research that often kept the others especially his dad and Dean safe. His back ached interminably but he tried to suck it up, he wanted to listen to their plans to save his dad, a tug at the back of his mind he wanted to follow it but this was too important. The tugging increased and then Sam realised what or rather who it was.

'Dean?' Sam cried out as he stumbled around in the darkness, 'please Dean where are you? I'm scared.'

'S-Sammy, nooo, get outta here kiddo.' Dean's pain-filled voice came from the depths of the void, 'p-please Sammy go.'

'Dean where are you?' Sam started running towards the direction he thought Dean's voice came from. 'Dean where are you?'

'No Sammy, go back, they'll find you.' Dean cried out, 'please don't let em find you.'

Sam stopped running skidding to a halt in front of a bloodied and beaten Dean huddled in a corner, with his hands bound behind his back and thick ropes around his ankles. 'Deanie?'

'Get outta here Sammy, before Payne finds ya.' Dean whimpered he tried to focus on Sam but all he could make out was his shimmering form. 'Get dad and then come back for me.'

'They're hurting you Deanie.' Sam sobbed wanting nothing more than to wrap his arms around his big brother and never let go, 'I can't even give you a hug.'

'Sammy listen to me there's three Payne brothers, there's three of them.'

A thick fog started to descend between the two brothers separating them, 'Deanie!'


Invisible hands gripped Sam's shoulders holding him tightly, 'Dean help me!' Sam cried but when the fogs lifted, the hands let him go and he found that he was alone once again: He was always alone.

'There's three of them.' Sam blurted out his soft voice silencing the adults instantly.

'Sam?' Bobby went over to the bed and sat down near the youngster, 'what do you mean?'

'There's three Payne brothers.' Sam whispered hating the focus on him, 'uncle Bobby I saw Dean, he looks so bad and scared. He told me that there's three of em, to find dad and then to find him.'

'We will kiddo,' Bobby promised, 'we'll find both of em.'

'They're gone uncle Bobby, I'm alone again.' Sam shook his head and let his tears fall, 'm'tired.'


'Just wanna have a sleep for a while.' Sam slipped down until he laid on his side facing the wall, this way he effectively blocked out the prying concern-filled eyes. 'M'tired.'

'Micah?' Bobby turned to look at the young doctor who was already heading towards his young patient.

'I'll look after Sam you guys work out how to save his dad.' The doctor smiled, though it terrified him, with the supernatural world laid out at his feet for the first time in a long time, he felt exhilarated.


John stared around at his new therapy room, it was small to the point of claustrophobic small, the only windows were small mesh ones running along the tops of the walls, just enough to allow some light in.

The walls originally painted white, now looked yellow, crusty and smelt sour with age. The concrete floor was bare, devoid of any carpeting or coverings of any description. He sat pressed against the wall, his legs encased in the barbaric braces splayed out in front of him; he lifted a shaking hand to his left temple and tried to massage the dullness away. He tried to remember what they did to him, for some reason he knew that it was important to remember. That nurse she managed to do those things again, a deep stain of red flooded his pale face with humiliation at the thought. 'Gonna kill you nice and slow bitch.' He ground out as the pain started to intensify. 'The doctor ... Payne yeah Payne,' absently John chewed his lower lip and rubbed his temple harder, 'what did he do?'

'What did who do what?' Nurse Radcliffe grinned mischievously and knelt down next to him, 'aww what's a matta honey?'

'Git away from me.' John growled and tried to push himself away from the abusive nurse.

'Aw now is that anyway to treat your lover?' She laughed as she moved to straddle him.

'You aint my lover bitch.' John could feel himself starting to respond to her ministrations and shuddered involuntarily. 'Leave me alone.'

'What is going on in here?' A man's voice echoed in the small chamber, the nurse quickly stood up and adjusted her clothing before she turned to face the interloper. 'I asked what is going on in here?'

'Who are you?' Radcliffe spat out staring at the young doctor.

'I am Doctor Micah Zimmer, and I repeat nurse what is going on here?'

'I ah was just checking the patient.'

'Get an orderly with a gurney I want this patient off the floor now.' Micah demanded angrily, he couldn't believe his luck when he stumbled on John's holding cell just after starting his first shift but then he found the nurse openly molesting a seemingly catatonic John Winchester.

'Doctor, he is Doctor Payne's patient...'

'I don't care if he's God's personal patient ... I want that gurney in here and I want this patient off this floor now.'

Radcliffe visibly shook as she stepped back and hurried from the small room; once he was sure that she was gone, Micah crouched down next to John and quickly checked him over. 'John, hey John can ya hear me?'

'M-Micah?' John whispered chalking the doctor's appearance up to a hallucination.

'Yeah that's it, I'm here with the others to get you outta here.' Micah stared horrified at the braces covering John's legs, encrusted with blood and what looked like a yellow-green puss. 'Damn it.'

'Doctor?' Radcliffe came back with the gurney and an orderly.

'Help me lift him up,' Micah said to the man totally ignoring the nurse for now. Together the two men easily lifted the ailing hunter and carefully placed him onto the gurney. 'Get those things off his legs now nurse.' Micah all but snarled at the woman.

'Yes Doctor,' she nodded wondering where the hell Payne was while she struggled with the buckles. She had heard the rumours of a handsome young doctor starting at the prison hospital but she didn't expect this.


Caleb stood over the unconscious man a tight smile on his face, 'gee doc you should watch where you're going.'

'Dammit ya eedjit will ya hurry up.' Bobby snarled as he backed the truck up towards Caleb and the fallen man.

'Yeah, yeah keep ya panties on Singer, we're ready to go.' Caleb grinned, 'though a hand would be nice.'

Bobby smirked and got out of the truck, 'geeze and here I thought yer were Superman.'

'Oh funny, hardy haha.' Caleb deadpanned and placed his hands around Payne's armpits and chest while Bobby grabbed his ankles together they slung the unconscious man none too gently onto the truck bed, then Caleb jumped up and quickly tied their prisoner's hands and feet. 'Let's get outta here fast.'

'Preachin' to the choir boy.' Bobby slapped Cal's shoulder and hurried back to the truck's cab, the tranquiliser was going to start wearing off soon and he wanted to be out of sight well and truly before the next phase begins.


Sam woke with a start and stared around confused, he was still at the motel room, that was for sure but he seemed to be the only one there. Immediately he started to panic, his nightmares were coming true, he was alone truly alone his dad and Dean were gone.

'Sam?' a gentle and familiar voice brought him back from his panic attack 'Sam son it's alright just breath nice and deep.'

'P-Pastor J-Jim?' Sam panted as he forced himself to calm down again.

'That's it kiddo, just breath nice and slow.'

'S-Sorry I ah...'

'I know you got a fright, I'm sorry I was on the phone outside so I wouldn't disturb you,' the cleric truly looked apologetic and Sam started to feel a little childish.

'It's okay Pastor Jim.' Sam muttered, 'where are they all?'

'Well I was just speaking to Bobby, him and Caleb just got the Doctor Payne who had your father, and Micah is at the hospital now with your dad.'

'He found dad?'

'Yes he did.' Jim smiled softly and patted Sam's arm, 'how about we get you up and showered hmm? You might feel better.'

'Can I leave the brace off?' Sam asked as he gazed up at the preacher with his infamous kicked puppy look.

'See how you feel after the shower.' Jim smiled knowing that he wouldn't be able to say no.

For the first time in a long time, Sam actually looked happy, not ecstatic but happy, 'thanks Pastor Jim.'

'No thanks needed Sam now let's get you up and going.'

With the Preacher's help, Sam made his way to the bathroom and was soon standing under the warm jets of water; the liquid washing away the grime and sweat clogging his pores. Without warning flashes of a bloodied and beaten Dean came at him in horrific detail and colour; he lay on the floor of the shower curled tightly into a ball trying to protect himself, 'Dean?' Sam whimpered when he heard the pain filled cries echoing around him. 'No Dean.'

'Sammy?' Jim called out when he heard Sam's panicked cries, deciding to bare the brunt of an embarrassed teenager if he was wrong, the cleric hurried into the bathroom, 'Sammy?'

'Help him please Pastor Jim help him.' Sam cried pointing to the empty shower base.

'Sam there's no one there.'

'No, no Dean needs us he's hurt so bad please help him.' Sam lifted his head and stared at the preacher, his tears mingling with the shower water, 'please.'

Jim shut the water off and then wrapped a thick towel around Sam's shaking body, 'come on son let's get you out of here.'

'I saw him Pastor Jim, I saw Dean he's hurt so badly.' Sam cried openly now, burying his face against the man's chest Sam sobbed his fingers twisted in Jim's shirt unable to let go.

'Let it out Sam, dear boy let it all out.' Pastor Jim repeated softly as he hugged the teenager closer and rocked him gently. 'Let it all out.'


Micah finished dressing John's legs, after cleaning out the dead and infected flesh he smeared the limbs with antibiotic cream and placed gauze bandages on both of them. Once finished with his legs, Micah checked John completely, mentally cataloguing each and every injury. Although what worried him most was the blank look in the big man's eyes.

'John, John Winchester it's Micah remember me?' He bent down closer to John and tried to catch his gaze.

'M-Micah? Doc?'

'Yeah that's it, I'm gonna get you outta here get ya back to your boys.'

'My b-boys?' John blinked and shook his head slightly, 'c-can't.'


'C-can't m-m-move.' John pushed the words out, 'b-broke b-b-back.'

'John, listen to me, please your back is not broken.' Micah said as forcefully as he could muster, 'they've been drugging you with some sort of paralysers you have not broken your back.'

'Not broken?'

'Nope not at all, I've seen the reports John they doctored them to get you in here.'

'B-Boys dead?'

'No, no they're not I know for a fact that Sam is with Pastor Jim Murphy as we speak.'

John stared at the doctor with a mixture of hope and disbelief on his face, 'Sam?'

'I know it's confusing but we have to get you out of here.' Micah said as he finished his ministrations, 'I have to get a wheelchair, I'll be right back.'

John nodded and closed his eyes for a moment, trying to digest what Micah had told him, was it true? Was it all drugs and lies?

'Ah John we're alone at last.' Radcliffe smiled as she shut the door behind her, 'that pesky new doctor is gone.'

'Wh-what do you want?' John demanded he tried to clear his thoughts, 'I don't need a nurse.'

'Oh yes, yes you do Johnny.' She smiled lasciviously as she pressed a hand on his thigh, tapping her fingernails on his inner thigh.

'No, no, don't.' John's eyes widened, he definitely felt that, Micah was telling the truth.

'You are so handsome aren't you,' the nurse continued without taking notice of him or anything else in the room, 'so hot and built.' Nurse Radcliffe crumpled to the floor her breathing stuttered for a second and then evened out as complete unconsciousness overtook her.

'Th-thanks.' John whispered looking up at Micah who stood just behind the fallen woman with a syringe in his hand.

'No problems, okay big guy let's get you out of here.'


Caleb wiped his knuckles and flexed his fingers, he was breathing heavily but damn did it feel good. With a sigh he went out to find Bobby, they had to get going to meet up with Micah. 'Hey Singer you ready?'

'Yeah, yeah keep ya hair on, he, he, that's right you aint got any.' Bobby smirked as he glanced over at the unconscious man tied to the chair, 'sure he won't be going anywhere?'

'If he does then he's friggin Houdini,' Cal said with a last glance over at Payne, 'anyway it aint him we gotta worry bout.'

'What's going on?' Bobby asked as they drove away from the small cabin and headed back to the prison-hospital.

'Well after a bit of persuasion it seems that the three Paynes are the spawn of the bitch John and the boys first encountered in that cave.'

'Come again?'

'She's a kid collector or some shit like that,' Caleb said 'apparently she saved him and his brothers heavy emphasis on the saved.'

'So she collects them and what?'

'They do what she wants, little demonic kiddies, though they never seem to leave her no matter how old they get.'

'So they are young when she takes em?'

'Yeah the younger the better, that's why she zeroed in on Sammy.' Caleb scratched his chin and glanced over at Bobby an unreadable look on his face, 'though she prefers them even younger again.'

'Ah shit, and she's got Dean.'

'Yeah she breaks em down and then feeds em a special mix...'

'Let me guess demon's blood milkshake?'

'Something like that.'

'Okay we need to get to the hospital and back to Sammy afore anything else happens.'


Micah managed to get his patient to the basement area without too much hassle, he shook his head in disgust at the lax attitude of the staff towards the patients who all seemed to be kept too docile for it to be natural. He heard the more violent ones yelling incoherently from the locked ward; apparently, the staff left them alone most of the time, ignoring pleas their constant pleas for help.

'John, now I need to get you up on this gurney, there's one small thing I do have to tell you.'

'What?' John blinked he was so tired he could barely keep his eyes open as it was.

'I need to give you a very small dose of the paralyser just enough to make it look like you have passed away.'

'No, no please.'

'John listen to me, this is a prison-hospital the only way I can get you out of here without notice is by making you look like a corpse.'

'I – I ...'

'It is nothing like they were pumping into you, just enough to get you out of the place.' Micah hated to take advantage of the ailing man but he had no other choice, 'sorry John.' He pressed the needle into the crook of John's elbow and injected him with the drug before he could register what was happening. 'Just for a few minutes that's all.'

'D-Doc why?' John pushed out as he felt the all-too familiar freezing of his body inside and out.

'Sorry John.' Micah covered his face with a sheet and added a toe tag on John's bare big toe. He took a deep breath and pushed the heavy gurney through the double doors to the loading bay.


Bobby dropped Caleb off at the rear entrance to Mount Grey hospital, the fake employee tag hanging off his jacket's lapel, with a curt wave Caleb blended in with the rest of the new shift of guards and medical staff.

Bobby watched until he was safe inside before pulling away and sedately drove down the road planning to pick them up about a mile down the road.

Caleb slowed down his pace enough to let the rest of the shift to go in ahead of him, luckily the place was big enough that he could blend in without too much fuss and that those who actually worked there, only did so because no one else would give them work or were ex-cons themselves. No one really cared who looked after the criminally insane housed in the place. They were the worst of the worst.

'Hey dude I'm new round here and have to pick up a corpse where's the van?' Caleb asked the guard checking off the employee's as they went inside.

'Yeah go round the back, the vans are parked with keys in the ignitions.'

'Isn't that inviting trouble?'

'Nah, the inmates are too doped up to worry bout them trying to steal the vans, anyway we have extra insurance on them for not trying to escape.'

'Yeah what's that?'

'All inmates are lo-jacked, when they get put in here, all of em get a tag same as they microchip dogs.'

'Cool, that's brilliant.' Caleb grinned and waved as he headed off to find the vans, 'damn that's put a spanner in the works' he chewed his lip as he started up one of the vans and followed the signs to the loading bay.

He saw Micah waiting for him with a covered gurney; at least the doc was on time.

'Hey doc we got a small problem.' Caleb said without any preamble.

'What's that?' Micah frowned as he started to push the gurney towards the rear of the van.

'They lo-jack the inmates, John here has got a microchip somewhere.'

'Damn, okay it should be somewhere ...' Micah ran his fingers over John's shoulder and neck area a small smile played on his lips when he felt the barely noticeable bump just under the skin. 'Got a knife on ya?'

'Yeah this do?' Caleb produced a small finely sharpened knife, 'just for emergencies.'

'Good to know.' Micah grinned as he took the knife and the lighter Caleb offered him quickly he ran the blade through the flame a couple of times and then with expert precision he nicked the skin just above the microchip. In less than a minute he managed to remove the chip using the sheet to press on the wound to minimise the bleeding. 'Want to do the honours?' He passed the tiny chip to Caleb.

His grin growing wider Caleb glanced over at the guard heading their way, 'watch and learn doc.' He intercepted the armed man just before he reached the gurney, 'hey how ya doing.'

'You the new guy ... Dwayne Johnson?' The guard asked staring down at the tag dangling from Caleb's jacket.

'Yeah that's me, people call me DJ. Aint it the pits though, my first day on the job and they got me on the corpse run.' Caleb gave a shudder, 'typical.'

'Yeah they like to test ya. Paperwork in order?'

'Yep just signed off, now I take him to the county morgue?'

'Yeah they usually use the stiffs for research and stuff,' the guard said dismissively and then went to leave. 'Have a good one.'

'Thanks you too dude.' Caleb clapped the man on the shoulder and watched him leave; turning to the doctor, he gave him a wink and started to load his precious cargo into the van. 'You hop in too Doc we're getting you outta here just in case.'

'In case?'

'Things go south quick.' Caleb gave him a mischievous grin. 'Hop in.'

Micah slid into the passenger seat and turned to look at Cal, 'so why am I with ya on a morgue run?'

'Your car broke down on the way to work and I'm dropping ya off to pick it up.' Caleb said without a twitch.

'Wow, how do you think of these things so quickly?'

'What can I say? It's a gift!'


Pastor Jim Murphy paced the small hospital room and silently prayed while all of the time he kept his gaze fixed on the young boy sleeping on the large bed. Even though the boy was thirteen years old, he looked impossibly younger and smaller than his tender years suggested. His fingers curled into fists poked out from under the edge of the blanket, he slept on his side with pillows tucked in behind his knees and hips.

His pallor sickly and pale with bright splotches of red high on his cheekbones, tear-tracks stood out from the sleep-crusted eyes and the dark smudges just underneath them. A hitch in his breathing another indication of how unwell he was, as pain lines creased around his mouth and eyes tightening ever-so-slightly with each caught breath.

'I am so sorry Sam, so very sorry.' The pastor muttered, Sam had cried himself to sleep in the man's arms. Exhausted and in pain Sam finally succumbed and fell into a deep but restless sleep.

The sound of Bobby's truck pulling up out the front brought relief to the cleric as he hurried out to greet them, deciding to let the boy sleep a while longer. 'How did it go?' He asked watching Bobby climb from the truck's cabin.

'See for yerself preacher man.' Bobby grinned as he led him around to the back, 'whatcha think?'

'John?' Jim breathed out in relief, 'how is he?'

'Fine starting to bitch and bite.' Caleb said, 'so I'd say that he's feeling better.'

'He's right here.' John muttered as he gave the cleric a grin, 'good to see ya again Jim.'

'You too John.' Jim smiled, 'how about we get this man inside?'

Micah passed down the wheelchair they had appropriated from the hospital before Caleb gave him a hand to lift John off the truck bed and into the chair, 'I want to give you a proper check up when we get inside John.' The young doctor said taking note of the fine tremors running through his patients body and the pastiness of his face.

'Yeah whatever doc.' John hated sounding so weak but the drugs took more out of him than he cared to admit too. With help from Caleb and Bobby, they got the wheelchair up onto the veranda and into the room where Sam still slept. 'Where's Dean?' John asked as soon as he got inside and his gaze fell on Sam's sleeping form.

'We don't know John, he was taken by the child collector and her spawn, now we got you we can start to search for him.'

'They've got Dean?' John mused staring at Sam, 'but Sam is still here?'

'Don't you dare John Winchester,' Jim hissed angrily, making all of the others to step back and stare at the normally mild-mannered cleric. 'I had to sit there and hold your youngest while he cried himself to sleep terrified that you and Dean were never coming back to him, that he was going to be alone. He's being terrorised by demons sending him visions of his brother beaten to death, if they're not doing that they're telling him how much you hate him and blame him for everything. So tell me John are you going to be his father or are you going to prove those demons right?'

'Jim ...'

'Now or never John, coz if you don't accept Sam for who he is now then leave before he wakes and sees you here.' Jim finished his anger filled the air with a static charge.

'Jim ...' John shook his head and closed his mouth sure that if he said anything to defend himself that he would only end up making things worse. Instead, he managed to wheel himself over to the bed and reach across to brush his hand down Sam's cheek. 'Sammy?'

Sam murmured sleepily and tried to nestle deeper into the blankets, John chuckled softly and ran his fingers down his son's face again, 'Sammy wake up son.'

'Five more minutes please dad.' Came the plea but then two sleep-filled green eyes peered over the blankets at the large man hovering over him. 'Dad?'

'Hey Sammy.' John smiled and swallowed heavily not wanting to ruin the moment by crying.

'Daddy?' Forgetting how old he is, Sam reached his arms out to his father for a hug. 'Daddy.' He wailed happily burying his face against his father's shoulder.

'Ahh Sammy.' John breathed in his baby son's scent and let his tears fall, he didn't feel the pain coursing through his body, or the last of the numbness wearing off he just felt the warmth coming from his son's embrace.

Jim watched the reunion for a moment, his stare not softening until he saw the genuine tears rolling down John's face; he motioned for the others to give the father and son time alone.

'Dad? You okay?' Sam finally pushed away from his dad enough to look at his face, 'really?'

'I am now son,' John smiled and suddenly there was a duelling battle of dimples as they openly celebrated their reunion but then as fast as the smiles came they left as the realisation of one missing cut both of them.

'They got Dean dad, they got Dean an' their hurtin' him.' Sam wept hanging his head he moved out of his father's embrace, and readied himself for the barrage of guilt that was sure to come his way.

'I know son, we're gonna get him back I promise,' John said as gently as he could, he pushed his ingrained negativity to the background, playing the blame game or the self-pity game was not the way to go. He had to piece together his fragmented family for good.

'She's still out there,' Sam went on still unable to meet his dad's stare, 'they ...'

'We're gonna find him alive Sammy, I promise you.'

'Thanks dad,' Sam risked a glance at his father, 'I ah didn't have the tests done before we came.'

'Tests?' John's eyes darkened as he felt a prick of anger, 'Sam what tests?'

'Umm Micah wanted to find out why I'm still having so much pain in my back and sick headaches.'


'It's okay I think dad he just wanted to check things out,' Sam felt a blush staining his cheeks and inwardly cursed himself for looking so weak in front of his father.

'Sam look at me.' John took a deep breath and stared at his son, for the first time in seemingly ages he took a good look at his youngest child. The once vibrant pre-teen with bright inquisitive eyes and a cheeky disposition was gone and replaced by a teen in constant pain and fear. 'I am so sorry Sammy, I really am.'


'You should be safe in a hospital getting better, not being dragged around the countryside wearing a back brace and having to take pain meds, I am so, so very sorry.'

'Christo.' Sam whispered with a sly grin and waited with baited breath for his father's reaction. John stared at Sam for a nano-second before he burst out in a gruff laugh.

'You spend too much time with your older brother.' John playfully ruffled Sam's hair and then sat back, 'looks like we're both got some healing to do.'

'Dad ... Dean umm he had a soft walking cast on his leg.'

'What about it?'

'He ah wasn't wearing it when they took him.' Sam said his good humour fading again.

'Sam, Sam look at me.' John ordered when he saw just how fragile Sam's emotional state was, and the biggest revelation hit him without warning, he was a major contributor to that fragility. 'Dean's alive and we're gonna find him together alright.'

'Yes Sir.' Sam nodded but kept his gaze averted.

'First though we're heading back to Pastor Jim's you need those tests done and I need to get out of this contraption.'

'But dad what about Dean?'

'We're not abandoning him but neither of us are in any condition to hunt those things that have him. We get back to Jim's, we get patched up and then we regroup. We will find him and bring him home I promise Sammy.'

'It's Sam.' Sam automatically answered and then looked up at his father with a sheepish look on his face.

'We will find him Sam, and when we do we're gonna send that hag and her spawn back to the unholy pits they came from.'

'I know dad.'

Father and son, both so similar and yet so different agreed on their plans with their shared determination and stubbornness they called the others in, time to make plans.


Author's Note: This story will conclude in the next instalment of this trilogy, Landslide – Cave-In 3

Sam and John join forces to rescue Dean, can they stay focussed enough on their mission or will their personality clashes and stubbornness get in the way?Coming Soon!

Author's endnote: disclaimer – I have no medical training whatsoever; all things medical were researched where possible otherwise were products of my ADD suffering imagination.