TITLE: "Popsicle Toes (Toesicles)" (1/1)
AUTHOR: Marie-Claude Danis
EMAIL: mc@verticalcrawl.com
FEEDBACK: Would be delightful!
PAIRING: Spike/Xander
SUMMARY: Someone has popsicle toes.
NOTE: Just a lil fluffy ficlet. I've been listening to too much Diana Krall. (To which I answer: there is no such thing as too much Diana Krall! How dare you say!)

* * *

"Get AWAY from me!"



"OW! Bloody hell!"

"Touch me with that again and I'll rip it off and feed it to you."

"You're going to rip off my--"

"Your foot, pervert."


"Yeah. Keep those popsicles away from me. I have a body heat to maintain here."

"Hey. My feet are NOT cold."

"Whatever, Mr. Freeze."

"Quit it."

"Hey, you're not getting back in here!"

"I bloody well am! It's my bed too, you wanker."

"Pretend we had a fight. Go sleep on the couch. Here's a pillow."


"Oh, can the whining, fangless."

"What is this - come down on Spike day?? You're mean!"

"You're icy."

"Well I am *now*. Lemme under the covers, it's freezing."

"Alright, get in... Just - don't touch me."

"Now where's the fun in THAT."

"I'm just saying, you vamps need to work something out during the winter months. How 'bout leg warmers?"

"Ha. You're funny."

"Would you settle already, you're letting the cold air in!"

"You're such a puss. Suck it up."

"Eep! I said don't touch me!"

"But you're all warm."

"Exactly. I--"

"You're my little hot-water bottle."

"Spike, please--"





"Oh for heaven's sake. Fine. C'mere."



"There. Getting warmer?"


"Alright. Now shut it."