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It took about twenty minutes to get to Jay's house. I actually had no idea who this Jay guy was but I was happy to meet new people. I had never ventured away from Randy when I was with him and I had never looked to get other friends then Maria and John after Randy had made his mistake. I was 

comfortable with my friends that I had, even if it was John Cena. I don't really like his character in the ring but he's a nice guy backstage and warm towards everybody.

"Adam, a quick question…who's Jay?" I asked him.

He chuckled as he turned the engine off. He sat back a little as if he was thinking. I looked at him, waiting for him to answer my question.

"Jay is Christian Cage in TNA. He used to be in the WWE under the name Christian," he explained to me.

"Oh," is all I could say.

He just chuckled and got out of the car. I got out as well and looked at the house we pulled up to. It was nice. He grabbed my hand and we walked up to the front door. I stopped to ring the doorbell but he just pulled on my hand and walked inside. I looked, wide-eyed at him.

"Adam! You can't just walk into somebody's house!" I said, pulling on his arm.

"Jay-Lynn, chill," Adam chuckled, grasping my hand tighter. "This is Jay's house and I'm like his brother, I can walk in whenever I see fit."

I blushed. I wasn't used to just walking into people's house unless it was my parents or my brother's but never anybody else's. Even when I was with Randy, I felt weird just walking into his house, even when he wasn't there but he had me check on his dogs. I felt a pang in my stomache with just the mere thought of Randy. The smile that had planted itself firmly on my face fell with an instant. I was instantly back to my heartbroken state.

"Jay-Lynn? Jaicelyn? Jaice? Jaicey?" Adam said, waving a hand in front of my face, going through every name or nickname he could think of.

"What? Oh sorry, Adam; I was thinking," I said, blushing again.

He smiled at me and pulled me into the other room where Jay was sitting on the couch with a pretty woman next to him. I watched Adam put Jay in a headlock from behind.

"What the hell? Get off man!" Jay said, trying his best to get Adam off of him.

"Ah…come on man, you're no fun any more," Adam said, letting him go before motioning me over as he sat on the loveseat and I sat beside him.

"Ooooh who's this?" Jay asked, leaning forward.

"You apparently haven't been watching RAW," Adam said, smirking at him.

"Why would I watch that crap when I can watch myself on DVR!" Jay joked.

"Why wouldn't you watch RAW and Smackdown? I mean hello, it has me and this lovely thing on it," Adam said, winking at me

I giggled a little as I looked at Edge. He distracted me from my own thoughts, which was a good thing because my thoughts always landed back on Randy.

"So are you going to introduce you to your new girlfriend or not?" Jay impatiently asked.

"This is Jaicelyn and she's just my friend," Adam said introducing me to his friend.

"Nice to meet you, Jaicelyn, I'm Jason but you can call me Jay," Jay said, extending his hand out to me.

I smiled at him and leaned across Adam to take his hand and shook it, gently and politely. I leaned back again.

"Nice to meet you too, Jay," I smiled at him.
"I'm Denise, his wife," the woman next to him said, smiling warmly at me.

"Hi, Denise, I'm Jaicelyn, but both of you can call me Jaice," I said, crossing my legs.

I smiled at the scene and we watched the tv a little while before Jay stood up and Adam followed along.

"Okay, girlies, we're going down to the game room," Jay said.

"We'll be down, we'll get a few drinks ready," Denise said, smiling warmly at me.

Adam looked at me and helped me up. He winked at me.

"You okay with that, Jay-Lynn?" he asked me.

"It's fine," I said, nodding my head at him.

"K, well I guess I'll leave to go downstairs now," Adam said, following Jay down the stairs.

Denise smiled as she watched them retreat downstairs then led me into the kitchen. She opened the fridge then handed me about six beers which I held to my chest as she grabbed a couple bottles of water as well.

"What would you like to drink?" she asked.

"Water's fine," I said quietly.

She nodded and we made our way downstairs. I guess I was still shy and not in the mood to talk but I had just met these people and didn't know what to really think of them. They seemed nice but now, I was leery of my own judgment. After we got downstairs, we put the drinks in the mini fridge and I grabbed one for Adam then walked over and took a seat next to him on the couch as Denise sat next to her husband on the love seat. I smiled at Adam as he patted my leg before turning his attention back to the tv screen.

My attention landed on Jay and Denise. They were sitting close together and even though Jay was engrossed in the video game, you could tell they were in love. I felt a pang in my heart; I had love like that at one point in my life and after one tiny little fight it goes away with an a month's time. I blame myself for it, I honestly do. If I hadn't been such a bitch towards him, he would have never walked out of the hotel room and went to that bar where he met her.

I looked down at the floor to get my attention off of the happy couple. I shouldn't want everybody to be unhappy but I do. How could I deserve this? What did I ever do to be put into a life of misery?

"Where's your bathroom?" I asked, trying not to let the tears spill down my face yet.

"Down the hall and it's the last door on your left," Denise said as she glanced at me.

I hurriedly got up and went to the bathroom. I shut the door and leaned back against it and slid down and sat on the floor as the tears spilled down my face, uncontrollably.

"Adam, is she okay?" Denise asked, glancing towards the bathroom.

Adam pressed start on the PS3 controller and glanced towards the bathroom as well as Jay, thinking the game was unpaused, continued to press the buttons on his controller.

"I don't know, I'll go check on her," Adam said getting up and walking to the bathroom.

He knocked on the door. "Jaice?"

"Go away," I said through a tear choked voice.

"Jaicelyn, let me in," he said trying to open the door.

After awhile, I slid away from the door and let Adam in. He glanced down at me as I tried to wipe the tears away from my face. He sat down next to me and put an arm around my shoulders and pulled me into him, letting me cry on his shirt.