I couldn't fit all of this into the summary so I will explain; I felt like writing a story entirely based upon Delilah. So here it is. It is centred on my OC, Jizabel, Cassian, the owl and Alexis. No, my girl is not with Jizabel. He's meant for Cassian, we all know that. So no worries. This story will have no Cain, Riff or Mary. You might hate it, but I thought they all deserved some attention.

This takes place before Cassandra's death so Cassian still looks like a boy. Imagine it happening in one of the earlier volumes where we never saw much of the society

Chapter One: Alku (Beginning)

The Page of Swords
(The Princess of the Rushing Winds)

A good personal emissary, although sometimes a card associated with spying or surveying others from a detached viewpoint. A person of grace and dexterity, diplomatic and skilled in the ability to work out the true nature of things.A person who can negotiate expertly on behalf of his peers.Detachment is one of the true qualities of this figure.

The crack of the whip was the only noise in the cavernous hall. The marble floor sent distorted echoes of the sound back up towards the ceiling, filling the chamber with the sound of suffering. Yet, there is no noise other than the whip.

Jizabel opened his eyes and let his gaze fall on some random patch of floor, not moving when the whip tore into his naked flesh. He used to wince, once. He used to cry out but found it had no purpose. The only testament to the fact he was being flogged at all was the blood running in rivulets down his back and pooling on the white floor.

"Enough," Alexis said smartly, dropping the whip and turning on his heel. "Now perhaps you will think twice before disobeying me again, little Jizabel." He laughed. "Or perhaps not. Perhaps you will just be more careful about it."

Jizabel listened to the steps as his father left the chamber, back still turned to the door. He didn't move but waited; Cassian would normally come running in about now and they would have the usual argument about whether Jizabel needed help cleansing his wounds or not. After a few minutes casual bickering, Jizabel would give in and delight in the small smile Cassian would wear in triumph. It almost made the pain worth it. Almost.

He heard steps approaching. Cassian. He wouldn't move yet, no need after all. The footsteps paused and Jizabel jumped to his feet as instead of Cassian's familiar tones, a woman's soft voice floated down to him.

"That's a strange fashion statement."

He spun around, clutching his discarded coat to himself. Who was she? He would never have allowed a stranger to see him like this…within Delilah, Jizabel was thought of as the detached, arrogant doctor. Only Cassian and – by horrible fate – Cassandra knew his weaknesses. And now this girl had seen him at his worst.

She smiled a little at his panic, as though she could read him like a book. Jizabel opened his mouth to berate her for being out of place and then realised she was carrying a card; she was a member of Delilah. A new one to still be carrying her card around but a member nonetheless. Now he knew that, she did rather look the part.

She was tall and slender, wearing tight trousers and a sort of bodice much like Ida, The Moon chose. Her arms were wrapped in white ribbons and a silver chain sparkled at her throat. What struck Jizabel as strange was her hair; it was long and curled but certainly, she hadn't been born this way…

"It may be a strange fashion statement," he replied at last. "But not as strange as having hair which is half white, half black, do you agree?"

She laughed, a high musical sound. "You may be right there. If only either of us were really this way because of fashion, hm?"

Jizabel scowled, finally losing his temper. "How long were you here?"

"Long enough to see the card master leave. Why would he be whipping you, Jizabel?"

"Who gave you the authority to use my name?" he asked sharply. "You can't be any more than a trump card."

"Ah, but you're wrong there." She held up the card between two fingers and took a step forward. "I'm the new Page of Swords, though I don't expect to be here long. I'm going through the test tomorrow you see, to become one of the major arcana? It's always been a goal of mine and I'm pretty sure I can handle it. I need to be able to talk to the card master on almost equal terms and some things just don't come easy."

Jizabel was silent for a moment and then recovered himself. "You talk too much." He said quietly, shrugging his coat back on and wincing as the material touched the raw and bloody flesh of his back. "Telling me all of that was a bad move. You can't really trust anyone here, especially if you aim to be one of the major arcana. You won't be able to make any friends in the inner sanctum, no matter how much you talk."

"Oh really?" she raised an eyebrow and a strand of white hair fell into her left eye. "Well, it's good I'm not out to make friends, isn't it? Do you have any friends, Jizabel? I'm pretty sure the little boy in black counts as a-"

"Stop using my name," he snapped. "And one more word about Cassian and I will personally see to it that you never make it to the trial tomorrow."

She grinned. "Touchy subject, eh? I'll leave him for a while then. As for your name…how about we trade, since I'm so rudely using yours?"

"I have no use for your name." he muttered. "I'd only be using it on your headstone."

"Now now, be nice." She laughed again and took a step forwards so that they were standing directly in front of each other. This invasion of personal space annoyed Jizabel even more. "You may have need of my name yet. I'm Sisko, pleased to meet you at last…Death."

Jizabel smiled thinly. In a way, her arrogance was almost bravery and he admired her for it. Shame that arrogance brought nothing but death unless you used it wisely. He wondered why she was even in the society, what kind of special skill did she possess? He thought back to the meaning of the Page of Swords. Detachment was the most important factor so…a spy maybe? He could see her making a good spy. It may be why she talked so much when she was able. But still…why would Alexis have chosen her and what was the meaning behind her two tone hair?

"Sisko," he repeated slowly. "That's an unusual name."

"It's one I took myself," she not-quite-explained. "In my language, it is a rather ordinary word but nobody here speaks it so I'm safe."

There was a clattering on the marble and Cassian ran in at last, arms full of bandages and ointments. He ran around Sisko without acknowledging her and almost slid into the doctor.

"Sorry I'm late, doctor," he said quickly. "I didn't know you were going to be-"

"Quiet, Cassian." Jizabel made sure to hold Sisko's gaze; he didn't want to give her anything to question. "We have company."

"Oh." Cassian turned to see Sisko and shrugged. "Her? Yeah, I've seen her around. You're the creepy girl from the arctic, aren't you?"

"Well done." She said smiling, not in the least offended. "And now, if you'll excuse me gentlemen, I have to go prepare for the test tomorrow. I've heard its awful but I'm sure I can-"

"Don't underestimate him." Jizabel said before he could stop himself. He glanced down to see Cassian frowning, knowing that he was remembering Jizabel's own trial too. Who knew what kind of painful secrets Sisko would be holding? Cassandra could destroy her if he wanted.

"Warning me, Jizabel?" She laughed and turned away before walking out quickly. "You shouldn't be underestimating me."She called over her shoulder.

After she had left, Jizabel silently removed his coat and sat down so that Cassian could clean the wounds. Cassian was wise enough not to ask why there was no resistance today and neither of them spoke to the other, not until they were somewhere else entirely and working on their next project from the card master.

Jizabel often wondered why he found it hard to talk to Cassian and always came to the conclusion that it was because he didn't trust himself. Human's were evil by nature. He could never allow himself to become any more attached to one than was necessary, Cassian included.

Sometimes, he found this awfully hard. He didn't need the likes of Sisko questioning him about it.


The Owl gently put down his violin and turned to his visitor.

"You succeeded?"

"Maybe. I'm closer than with anyone else, that's for sure. If I can just get him to trust me, nobody will suspect a thing. Nobody will follow it back to you."

"To us." The Owl said firmly. "There is no me and there is no you, there is only usremember? What we share is stronger than any of his tricks. Have you forgotten that?"


"We will show him what it means to love."

"Yes. I will never forget, Viulu."

The Owl picked up the violin again and gently began to play into the night. After a while, a voice joined in and the music drifted out over the city, heard by no one.


Short, odd chapter I know. It's just to get you into it and to introduce Sisko, my little lovely OC. All will be explained in the end. Reviews please? I'd love them.