StargateFic100: 100 ficlets featuring Sam & Daniel

Summary: This collection will eventually be home to 100 short pieces. Each chapter is a standalone oneshot based on a single word prompt from the StargateFic100 LiveJournal community.

Pairing: Sam/Daniel pairing, everything from non-romantic friendship to UST to romance to established 'ship
Spoilers: Potentially for all seasons, but will be specifically listed for each story
Rating: Ratings will be posted on each individual story. The rating for the collection will reflect the highest-rated ficlet.
Disclaimer: The only thing I own that's related to Stargate is my DVD collection. I'm not making any money off of Stargate. In fact, the reverse is true.

Author's note: For various reasons, I don't have a LiveJournal account, so my participation in the StargateFic100 challenge is completely unofficial. I do, however, recommend that you all check out the community to read the other stories being written for it. The link can be found on my profile page.

And just so everyone knows... I have the best beta in the world! Not only did she barely bat an eyelash when I told her I was embarking on a project that would ultimately end in 100 Sam/Daniel oneshots, but she also whipped this, the first official entry to that project, into shape with remarkable speed so that it could be posted today. Thraesja, you're my hero. Thank you so much. :)

Now, since I've rambled more than enough... My first prompt. It's an "author's choice" prompt, in honour of today.



Genre: Family/Friendship
Sam/Daniel established 'ship
Spoilers: None really
Season: Future season
Rating: K
Word count: 1,547


Sam slid the last plate from lunch into the dishwasher. She looked down at the five-year-old boy tugging insistently at her blouse. "Did you want something, Ben?"

"Can we read a book now?" he asked. "Please, Mom?"

"Is your room clean?"

He nodded vigorously. "And I didn't put everything under the bed this time!"

"Did you cram it all into the closet?" asked Daniel's voice from deep in the refrigerator, where he was undoubtedly trying to squeeze the milk back in between the multitude of juice boxes and the tub of homemade play dough.

"Not all of it!"

Sam shook her head fondly.

"I'll clean it out tomorrow," Ben continued. "You said we could read after lunch."

"Alright, go pick out a book. Daddy and I will be ready soon."

Ben scampered off into the living room.

Sam turned back to her husband, who had finally emerged from the fridge. "He got his cleaning skills from you, you know."

Daniel grinned. "What can I say? My boy likes to excavate."

She chuckled and followed him out of the kitchen. "What are we reading today?" she asked as they sat down on the sofa.

"This one!" Ben pulled a book off the shelf and showed it to them.

"Good choice," said Daniel, patting the sofa.

Ben climbed up between them and placed the book carefully on his lap. "Peter Pan."

His little hands smoothed over the cover, reverently tracing the embossed title. Sam smiled, watching him. He grew more and more like his father with every passing day. She trailed her hand over the back of the sofa to find Daniel's and wove their fingers together. They shared an indulgent glance over their son's head.

After satisfying himself with his exploration of the cover, Ben opened the book and began a careful study of the front overleaf. It held a colourful illustration of Captain Hook and his crew, the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, the Chief and his tribe, and of course Peter, Wendy, and her brothers. Ben was especially fond of the crocodile.

They'd just made their way to the first page of text when the doorbell rang.

Daniel got up. "Don't start without me!"

Sam tousled her son's hair. "Do you know why Peter Pan is so special?"

"'Cause he's a little boy who never wants to grow up."

"Jack!" Daniel said from the front door. "Are your ears burning?"

"What?" came the retired General's voice.

"Uncle Jack!" The boy shimmied off the sofa and bounded for the door, Peter Pan instantly forgotten.

"Hey, it's my favourite nephew!"

General O'Neill— No, Jack, Sam reminded herself, set the items he was carrying on the floor just in time to catch the flying five-year-old.

Sam smiled her greeting and then looked over at Daniel. He was frowning at the two plastic-covered packages Jack had brought.

"Jack?" he asked.

Jack turned his attention away from the laughing boy he was presently dangling in the air by his ankles. "Daniel?"

"What's all this?" Daniel waved a hand vaguely at the packages.

Jack grinned, setting Ben back on the ground. "It's Pie Day!"

"It's what?"

"I had not previously heard of this celebration," came a deep voice from the doorway.

"Uncle Teal'c!" shouted Ben.

The Jaffa embraced him, carefully keeping the package in his hands out of the way of being squished. "However," he continued. "O'Neill assures me that today has indeed been designated 'Pie Day'."

"Yup," said Jack. "Luckily, the bakeries in town weren't sold out yet."

Together, they brought the packages into the kitchen. Jack began unwrapping them. "I brought pecan, apple, blueberry, pumpkin, chocolate, coconut cream, banana cream, key lime, lemon—"

"Wow!" Ben's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head as Jack set one pie after another onto the kitchen table.

Jack grinned at him. "Gotta love any day that exists to celebrate food!"

Daniel had a sceptical eyebrow raised. "Pie Day."

"Heard it on the radio." Jack began rummaging through the cupboards, pulling out a handful of plates. "March fourteenth, they said. Pie Day. You haven't heard of it?"

March fourteenth... Sam didn't even try to hide her smirk. "I've heard of it." She picked Ben up before his probing fingers could steal any snacks.

"Ha. See?"

Daniel peered at her, clearly doubtful. "Really."

"Yeah, but it's pi as in the Greek letter, not as in..." Sam waved her hand at the collection on the table. "...pie."

Jack rolled his eyes. "Why would they have a day to celebrate a Greek letter? That's just silly."

"Yes." Daniel nodded slowly as he pressed the 'brew' button on their coffeemaker. "But a day to celebrate a dessert is perfectly reasonable."

"On Chulak," Teal'c said. "There is an annual celebration in honour of a substance you would find similar to tapioca pudding."

"Really?" Jack asked.


Sam ignored them and shifted Ben in her arms. "Why do you think we would call March fourteenth Pi Day?"

Ben scrunched his brows together, exactly the same way his father always did. Sam smiled as she saw realisation cross Daniel's face and winked at him. They watched their son, waiting for him to figure it out too.

Sure enough, his thoughtful frown cleared, and his face lit up with a triumphant grin. "March is the third month," he said excitedly. "Three point one four! Pi Day!"

"You are so smart." Sam pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"Indeed," Teal'c said.

"Too smart," grumbled Jack. "Wonder where he gets that from." He looked accusingly from Sam to Daniel and back again before heaving a melodramatic sigh. "I suppose this means you want me to take all this pie away?"

"No!" shouted Ben. "Please can I have some pumpkin pie, Mom?"

The pleading look he gave her made it impossible to say no. That was yet another thing he'd inherited from his father. "Well, you know pumpkin is Daddy's and Uncle Teal'c's favourite. Do you think there will be any left when they're done?"

Ben squirmed out of Sam's arms and turned his undeniable charm onto Daniel and Teal'c. "Can you save me a piece, Daddy? Please, Uncle Teal'c?"

Daniel rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Well..."

"Just a little one?" Ben was practically bouncing now. "I'm not big! I don't need much!"

Teal'c smiled. "I believe there will be enough, Benjamin Jackson."

"Thank you!" Ben clapped his hands giddily before launching himself at his uncle. Teal'c picked him up for a great big Jaffa-hug. Ben planted a kiss on his cheek, and Teal'c laughed heartily.

After more rummaging in the cupboards, Jack triumphantly waved a pie spatula in the air. "So who wants the first piece?"

"You do," Daniel said.

"Well, of course I do. But it would have been rude to take the first piece of my own pies. Jeez, Daniel, what kind of manners are you teaching your kid, anyway?" Jack pulled the pumpkin closer to him, winking at Ben. "If you get first pick, you don't have to worry about everyone eating your share."

Sam stifled her objection to the very generous piece he handed to Ben. It was sure to spoil his supper, but she supposed it could be forgiven. Pi Day only came around once a year, after all.

Instead, she gave her former commanding officer a pointed look. "You do realise that you're not leaving until the sugar high you're fuelling has subsided."

Jack grinned. "Yes, ma'am." He served himself a slice pecan before relinquishing control of the spatula to Teal'c.

Two large slices of chocolate pastry and a cup and a half of coffee later, Sam rubbed her stomach. "Too much pie," she groaned. Leaning back against Daniel's side, she rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. "I think I need a nap right about now."

Daniel's hand slid around her waist and took over rubbing her too-full tummy for her.

Teal'c settled himself down on the sofa. "I believe our first celebration of Pi Day has been a great success."

"Me too!" said Ben as he bounced his way across the room. "This is the best Pi Day ever!"

Behind her, Sam felt Daniel's chest shake with silent laughter. "You're up, Uncle Jack," she said.

"Come here, you little rug rat." Jack caught him on his next pass and swooped him up into the air.

"I'm flying like Peter Pan!"

"Uh, Jack," said Daniel. "Are you sure that's such a great idea right now?"

Jack chuckled. "Yeah. Maybe not." He set the boy on the floor again.

Sam picked up the book that had been abandoned on the coffee table. "Ben, why don't you start reading your book to your uncles?"

Ben grabbed Jack's hand and dragged him to sit next to Teal'c on the sofa. He took his book and wedged himself between the two men.

Sam smiled as he began to read. Daniel pressed his lips to the tender spot behind her ear, and she turned her head for a kiss. She reached back, curling her fingers through his hair as his mouth moved with hers. When they parted, she sighed happily.

Sitting in her husband's arms, listening to their son read to their extended family, Sam decided this was definitely among the best days ever, Pi or not.


Happy Pi Day, everyone!