Hey guys!!! This is my first story so I hope you like it. This first chapter is just an intro so it is really short. Well I hope you review it, I love to read comments on anything.

Chapter 1- Pilot

"Sam, I'm telling you I heard something back there," Dean whispered, edging his way down the hallway of the old, abandoned house.

"Like what? A voice or a spirit or somethin'?" Sam asked, following his brother and readying his shotgun.

"No, more like someone creeping around in that room up there. Don't think those dumbass kids are back do you?"

The two brothers eased their way into the room at the end of the hall. It had clearly been vacant for years. The antique couch was coated in an inch of dust and the curtains were so thick in dirt that they blocked all sunlight from the room. The only light came from that pouring in through the open doorway. This room had obviously been safe from the fire.

Dean looked around but could see nothing other than the aged furniture and cobwebs, although he held his grip on his gun none the less. Sam walked pass him to study an old picture on the far side of the room. Dean was about to follow when the door shut behind him, swallowing them in darkness, and the snap of a loaded rifle filled the room.

Hope you liked my little intro to my story and I hope you continue to read. The title of my next chapter will be titled: Old Friends. Enjoy.