When a Good Girl met a Bad Boy

Intro: Differences

A/N: This is my first shot at doing a SasuHina that doesn't include ninja activities. Please no Flaming! I am not a friggin Barbeque!


Many men thought nineteen-year-old Hyuuga Hinata to be the perfect girl. She was everything a man could want. Hinata was intelligent, caring, and was always ready to listen to her friends' problems. In High School she was at top of her class. Every boy in at the school wanted her and she dated a few, but being shy she never got too serious with her relationships.

Hinata was the daughter of a wealthy Business Head. Hyuga Incorperated was a multnational business that dealt with computer engineering but then became interested in bio-technilogical advances when Hiashi's wife became sick. Although their technology extended her life she eventually died.

Hinata and her sister Hinabi were heartbroken when their mother died and her father tried to commit suicide. The business lost money due to Hiashi's grief. Hiashi eventually got back to normal but was never the same caring father as before. He was quick to lash out at his daughters for anything less than perfection.

Hinata was always sure to please her father so that she would not be yelled at. A few times he would actually be compassionate to his children and would take them out for family time. Hinata grew up loving her life and eveything in except her mothers death. On the aniversary of her death she and her family would always spend the day away from the office building and paying respect to the woman they loved.

When Hinata turned eighteen her father told her that it was time she started to learn to take over for him. Hinata had always been afraid of running the company. She thought that she would make the wrong descions and everyone would hate her, but she was determined to do her best.

Her father was going to send her to the best business school he could think of. It was all the way in Tokyo. Hinata and Hanabi were sad that Hinata was leaving Hong Kong but Hinata had promised Hanabi she would visit during her first break. She hugged her father and then boarded the plane that would take her to the neighboring country.

During Hinata's first year she made many new friends but still remained shy around the opposite gender. She had her eyes set on the colleges star Basketball player, Naruto Uzumaki. They had talked but they wern't dating. When the first term ended she went back to Hong Kong to get first hand experience from her father on running the huge industrial empire. Hiashi was proud of his daughter after her first year and was sad to see her go back, but knew she had to finish her education and training before becoming president.

Sasuke Uchiha, age 21 was the perfect boy in different ways. Sure he had looks and a body that made girls sigh and gaze at him dreamily, but he was also dark and mysterious. This feature about him drew them in more than his looks. A few people knew about his troubled childhood and spread it around as gossip until it became a mixed story.

Some people would say that Sasuke at the age of six murdered his whole family except his twin brother and killed the police who came to investigate. Others said it was both Sasuke and Itachi who slaughter their parents and the police. Few people besides Sasuke, Itachi, and the police actually knew the truth. Yes, their parents were murdered when they were six but they weren't the ones who did it. The killer was never caught so the rumor about the boys continued to spread.

Sasuke and Itachi had no one after their parents death. When they were put into the orphanage they refused to be spilt into seperate families. The brothers didnt form any friendships with the other children because they knew the pain of loss. They were adopted by a couple at the age of eight. Even when they were in the new family which consisted of a girl two years older than them they still refused to acknowledge her unless it was important.

During school the boys behaved as politley as they could without talking to other students. They were praised for their prodilogical minds and were even bumped up a grade because of there high test scores. During their high school years the innosence they had growing up left them. Both of them were annoyed by the many girls who chased after them. They often refused to acknowledge the squealing fan girls and dated very few. Their relationships never lasted more than two weeks. to the twins girls only had one purpose and once it was fufilled it was time to move on to the next.

They graduated from high school leaving behind many bitter and broken hearts. This didnt affect them though. It seem as if nothing affected them, that was untill tragedy struck their lives again. It was during their nineteenth birthday. Thier sister had been walking home from work. She was kidnaped and held ransom for three days. On the third day the kidnappers killed her after recieving the money.

The brothers cried for days. They had never let her know how much she meant to them and now they never could. The three kidnappers where known criminals and put on death row. Sasuke and Itachi were at their execution but got no pleasure watching the murders die. After her death they broke away from everything. No one could break through their shell. They began to hate everything about life. The only thing that kept them alive were each other. They entered the same college hoping to major in different but symbiotic roles. Sasuke was studying bussiness and leadership while Itachi was working on accounting and computer technology.

During their first two years the boys went through the same problem with girls as they had during High School. They decided that they would get one girl in order to keep the rest away. Itachi had found a girl who was tolerable but Sasuke was very picky and still hadn't found a decoy girlfriend. Now their third year of college was starting and Sasuke was dreading the return of the females chasing after him.