If the leader is filled with high ambition and if he pursues his aims with audacity and strength of will, he will reach them in spite of all obstacles.

Karl von Clausewitz

Beta: Late for the Sky

A/N: A simple trip around the block, nice and easy, yeah right. Now they have to deal with an alternate reality, and we all know how Jack hates those. SG-1/B5/S-Trek

The Trinity

Trip around the block

Sol system

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

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The Prometheus, otherwise known as the BC-303, was Earth's first capital starship and the first ever human-made battleship. Although small compared to a Goa'uld Ha'tak, it was a large battle cruiser nonetheless.

It was a combination of human, Goa'uld and Asgard technology, combined to create the first generation of warship, which was meant to protect Earth from outside threats. The ship was captained by USAF Colonel William Ronson, who was a no-nonsense and by-the-book officer.

He had few friends among the military as he chose carefully. Too many times in the past of being burned had led to him becoming a reserved person. Ronson had come into contact with SG-1 and had struck up an easy relationship with them, which surprised him. Not that he minded; Colonel Jack O'Neill had a tendency to make him howl with laughter.

This was to be the Prometheus's first official shakedown cruise, and knowing the ship's history it would prove to no doubt be interesting. The first time the ship had been used was when the incomplete X-303 was hijacked by Colonel Frank Simmons and his team of rogue N.I.D. agents, along with the Goa'uld Adrian Conrad. The next time it had been used in a mission to the Asgard homeworld of Halla; the ship hadn't been crewed so it hadn't been classed as 'official'. This trip however was, and people were crossing their fingers in the hope that nothing would go wrong.

Colonel Ronson sat on the command chair. After a full week of training and babysitting SG-1, it had been decided that they were finally ready for deployment. "This is Colonel Ronson of the USAFPrometheus requesting go-ahead for mission start."

"Prometheus, this is Vandenberg, you have an affirmative for hyperspace window activation."

"Roger that," Ronson said with a smile. He looked at Major Gant and said, "Major, we have a go."

The blonde haired Major was sitting at her station to the starboard side of the command chair on the bridge of the ship. She started punching in buttons into the computer, "Yes Sir, activating window."

The powerful ion engines of the ship pushed it forward and the hyperspace generator activated. The ship jumped into the whiteness of hyperspace. The crew maintained battle readiness; Ronson smiled and left the bridge crew to it. Colonel O'Neill had finally disappeared with Teal'c, so he checked on Jonas and Sam who were with Novak in the engine room going over schematics or something. He was walking down the corridor when Gant caught up with him. She handed him a report which he filled out and dotted the I's and crossed the T's and handed it back.

"Run Level One Diagnostics on all weapons systems, including shields."

"Ring transports?"

"Hit all of them," Ronson said. One could never be too careful, especially with SG-1 on board. "Also, set up a hull breach simulation for 0500. That's all."

"Yes sir," Gant turned and headed back while he continued on his path, finding Colonel O'Neill waiting for him, leaning against the side of the lift with arms crossed. He entered the lift with the Colonel standing there with a big scowl and his arms folded, never a good sign.

Ronson sighed and stepped into the lift

When Ronson, with his hands in the pockets of his blue BDUs, turned to face the man, Colonel O'Neill spoke.

"Got yourself a fine crew here, Ronson."

"Yeah, you got a pretty solid team yourself."

"Yeah, I was speaking of that."

"Jack... I know that in the event of a real situation with the Goa'uld, you feel that your place would be on the bridge."

The lift stopped moving and the doors slid open, Ronson stepped out first with Jack following suit. The Colonel still didn't look happy about the hundreds of drills they were running.

"Well, if not me, you'd be a fool not to take advantage of Teal'c's expertise, and Carter's a genius!"

"You're absolutely right. But you're just along for the shakedown cruise. My crew needs to be able to count on me and on each other after you're gone. Besides, I highly doubt we'll run into the Goa'uld on this mission," Ronson said with a superior smirk. Jack groaned internally. There goes the neighbourhood, he'd done the one thing those in the SGC teams learned not to do: say it, and it generally happens, especially when Jack O'Neill was about.

"I guess I can respect that." Jack gave the man reluctantly

Jack sighed and then blinked. There was such a subtle shift in the general atmosphere that he almost didn't recognise it for what it was; he felt the movement, and remembered the tremendous force that he'd felt on Apophis' Ha'tak all those years ago when they'd dropped out of hyperspace.

"We just dropped out of Hyperspace." Ronson said. He stepped around Jack and headed off. Apparently, Ronson also had a knack for stating the obvious.

Jack wasn't cursed; Well, he was certain he wasn't. Still, he thought grimly, it would be worth checking out when he got home. He pulled out the radio and clicked it. "Carter, Teal'c meet me on the bridge!" He followed the Colonel as Lionel made his way bridge-ward. Ronson entered first and walked around the front of Major Gant's terminal, Jack closely behind him.


"We were supposed to be in hyperspace for another nine minutes, Sir. I don't know what happened."

As the Major was speaking, Ronson found his seat. He looked between the two as Carter walked over to Gant's terminal and started pressing buttons while Jonas went to the chart behind the command chair.

"What's our position?"

Major Peter DeLouise, the ship's Pilot, looked at his terminal and said, "40.62 light years short of the target, sir."

Sam was looking at the screen; it cast an eerie green glow over her face as she read the information.

"Something must have caused the hyperdrive to shut down automatically."

"The only way that would happen is if the computer detected some instability in the Naquadria powering the engines."

Jack winced and turned around to Jonas. He felt sorry for the kid; he'd actually forgotten he was there.

"He's right sir, diagnostics show a massive power surge in the hyperdrive. The fail-safe's kicked in to shut it down."

Ronson smiled and nodded at Gant, "Have you begun restart procedures?

"I've tried, but the computer wouldn't let it start up."

"Dammit," the group looked at Jack, "I forgot to tape the Simpson's."

"Do you not have Tivo, O'Neill?"

"No," the Colonel frowned and Teal'c inclined his head. Jack sighed and looked at the blonde haired Major,


She looked up from the screen that flashed red and yellow repeatedly and reported "Engines offline" at O'Neill, who was standing between Jonas and Teal'c. She opened her mouth to say something, but he cut across her.

"You promised me it would work!!!"

"It did work."

"No, it didn't."

Sam frowned and sighed, "The hyperdrive was fitted with a buffer, like a surge protector. It was designed to modulate extreme fluctuations in the energy coming from the Naquadria. This shouldn't be happening."

" Yet it is happening." Teal'c stated flatly, his lips twitching ever so slightly as he said it. Ronson, as he watched the group, got the feeling the Jaffa was enjoying it immensely.

"Yet it is. See? No melodrama." Ronson smiled.

"Something must have damaged the buffer." Gant said in an attempt to break the tension.

"Sir, with your permission I'd like to take a look."

"Yeah, me too," Jonas quipped in the hopes of not being forgotten.

Ronson nodded at Sam, "Take Major Gant with you. Report back to me as soon as possible."

"Yes sir." Sam and Gant responded at the same time. Gant removed her earphone and Jonas and Sam headed for the exit, followed by the blonde haired major… the other 'blonde haired major. Jack looked annoyed and disappointed and started pouting.

"Teal'c, remind me when we get back to buy Tivo."

"I shall remind you, O'Neill."

Ronson rolled his eyes.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

Lord Ba'al was, if anything, cautious of those would gift him with powerful technologies, as he himself had gifted others with treasures that had exploded when opened. Live by the sword die by the sword. Still, he couldn't deny the tremendous sense of joy he'd had when he saw the size of the ship that the recently returned Anubis had gifted him with. It was truly a masterpiece. The half-ascended being had decided not to crush the Tau'ri just yet, but had promised Ba'al the personal satisfaction of killing O'Neill again. The pleasant thought of torturing the man for hours on end brought a smile to his age-old face.

The dark haired Goa'uld sat on the comfortable seat and looked around the bridge with a smile. It was nice, lush and with many female slaves. Unlike some of his counterparts he simply didn't go with the whole stone seat thing; it made long journeys painful on the rear end. The room lights dimmed slightly and a hologram appeared. The strange godlike being, who was always wearing a cloak with nothing but darkness underneath appeared. It gave him- What was the term O'Neill had used?- the heebie-jeebies.

"Lord Ba'al."

Ba'al stood up, bowed deeply, and then looked up at the being.

"I will crush those who oppose me."

"Yes, my lord."

"You will proceed with the next plan."

Ba'al nodded. "Yes, my lord."

The hologram disappeared and the bridge lighting turned back to normal. Ba'al sat back down and looked at the Jaffa. The servant then did the same thing to him, as a sign of respect.

"Activate the temporal generator, we have a universe to conquer."

The Jaffa beamed at the thought of the conquest to come. There would be much blood, but there would be much victory. The second of its design, the massive Ha'tak powered by what Anubis called "Zero Point Modules", activated its engines and pushed forward. The other thirty Ha'taks, smaller designs but no less deadly, followed him in perfect union.

A blue window opened up and swallowed them all. Soon, they vanished into nothingness, passing beyond the veil of time and space.

Anubis sat on the bridge of his Ha'tak, deep in thought. Lord Ba'al would prove to be useful; he would bring him many wonderful technologies to use. Herak stood waiting for the command to begin moving the fleet. He couldn't see it, but he got the feeling that Anubis was smiling. Indeed, the god's words confirmed that.

"It begins."