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The Trinity

Ships, stations and bad guys

John Sheridan had sat and listened to the story as Sam had talked and talked. From the beginning to the end he had been nothing but amazed. Earth, another alternate Earth had discovered something called a Stargate. The Stargate had been activated and for some time they had been traipsing around the galaxy battling one enemy after another.

They fought enemies, gathered technologies and made allies and then eventually they had built their own ship, the Prometheus. Unfortunately the Prometheus had suffered a vital flaw in the engines and had ended up not so long ago in an area called the Dilgar system.

There they met the Abbai who explained the situation across the galaxy, including Earth's civil war and the wars heating up over the major systems.

"We'd like to help."

John wasn't sure if this was a ploy or not, some elaborate scheme of Clarke's to capture him. He wouldn't put it past the man to try something like this.


"We have an advanced ship, but are lacking certain things…"

"Like an engine," John said with a smirk.

"Yes, and basic weapons too, but we have other things that could help your forces…"

"Like what?"

He was curious now.

"How about shields and advanced sensors?"

His eyebrows rose upwards; shields would definitely come in useful that was for certain.

"Okay. I'll need to talk to my command, but it shouldn't be that difficult to achieve."

"No problem."

"Meanwhile," John said with an internal nasty streak. "I'll introduce you to Mr Garibaldi, our chief of security. He can give you a guided tour of the station."

Sam broke out in a big smile.

"I'd like that."

"So you think she's genuine?"

John had sat down and explained the whole thing to Susan, Stephen and Marcus; he'd spent 20 minutes answering various questions before he was finished.

"If she isn't, Michael will find out."

"Or get shot in the back," Marcus pointed out. The group winced as one.

John dismissed the group.

The only other option was to use the Whitestar. The more he thought about it, the more it seemed like the right option. He sought out Susan and Marcus and told them his plan. He then sought out Michael and Major Carter and told them as well.

Sam whistled slowly as she was given a tour of the ship. The ship was an amazing amalgam of technology and organic, something which she had yet to see. The systems, engines, weapons­- hell, even the sensors were stunning. The outside was just as beautiful as the inside: the skin of the ship almost seemed to ripple, as though it was truly alive. It was a dark blue skin that could adapt to energy weapons leaving behind only the physical impact.

The inside was made to resemble the Minbari's religious culture; a lot of it was almost like a church of old England. While walking from the engine room to the bridge, the only other species she would see was the Minbari themselves. Carter, Susan and Marcus were the only humans on board, although Marcus and Susan did receive the highest level of respect from the aliens.

The ship used crystals instead of standard computers, allowing for easier and quicker commands. The ship could move at incredible speeds, was agile, and was the smallest ship known to the young races that could open a hyperspace Vortex. Once they were on board Marcus gave the command to jump to hyperspace and make way to the coordinates presented by the Abbai.

Colonel Jack O'Neill had, for the last four hours, been bored out of his freaking mind. The ship had constantly run drills, something which he was certain Ronson was doing solely to bug him. He had gone around the ship and checked out each nook and cranny in an attempt to alleviate said boredom. He'd even gone so far as to spar with Teal'c. The mammoth of a man had naturally handed Jack his ass on several occasions.

Teal'c eventually got bored of beating the crap out of his friend, said so, and went for Kel'no'reem, the Jaffa's form of sleeping. Jack had sighed, and went on his walkabout and managed to get thrown out of just about every section of the ship. One junior officer had even gone so far as to mention something about an airlock and an accident.

Chuckling, Jack had rapidly left for the other direction.

It was in the fifth hour of waiting that something had finally happened. A hyperspace vortex had opened up and a large very powerful looking ship jumped out. It was blue, sleek, and slender, and looked like it packed a mean punch.

Jack liked it instantly.

He was about to open a communications channel when the ship contacted them and Carter introduced the Whitestar. She and two others were given permission to come on board the Deadelus for a mosey. On the bridge of the Whitestar, Marcus and Sam exchanged a laugh while Susan, as was typical, simply smiled.

Susan decided to use the same shuttlecraft that had ferried them to the Whitestar. They boarded the shuttle and once there were met by Colonel Ronson, O'Neill and Teal'c; Jonas was working overtime with the crew to bring everything up and running.

Jack greeted them and introduced everyone else. The first thing Susan noted was Teal'c, the very large dark skinned alien. While human, he was not one hundred percent home brewed. He wouldn't have been allowed anywhere near an Earth Force ship with the current anti-alien hysteria engulfing Earth at the moment. This more than anything proved to her that they were legit.

They were given a tour of the ship, from engine room to bridge. Sam couldn't help but notice how much brighter Susan Ivanova seemed about the whole trip. She conversed with Teal'c throughout, asking questions about his culture, lifestyle and dealings with the Tau'ri. All questions were answered positively, much to Susan's satisfaction. She learned that the Jaffa were once humans, but were genetically altered by a parasitic race known as the Goa'uld, the 'snakes' then declared themselves 'Gods' and started carving up the galaxy.

For a long while Teal'c had served a false God known as Apophis. This God had made him do many evil things, right up till he met Jack O'Neill and his small band of warriors. They had promised to help free his people and ultimately defeat the Goa'uld. Teal'c believed Jack and turned his back on the Gods, and in extension his own people. He had been branded a traitor but had found help and comfort in the form of his new allies. To that end they had worked non-stop to rid the galaxy of Goa'uld influence.

Susan listened with interest and could tell that he was speaking from his heart; she'd seen the same look in Marcus's eyes when he talked about his fellow Rangers and their plight against the Shadows. The group ended up on the bridge of the ship. She sighed and decided it was time to tell them the truth about the state of affairs in the galaxy.

She started out slow, giving them a brief history of the Earth Alliance, its growth and involvement in the Dilgar war, to the eventual meeting with the Minbari and the near extinction of Earth. She then went on about the Babylon project, telling the story of each, how either they were destroyed by sabotage or simply disappeared until only one remained. Susan launched into the different races and told about the Vorlons and the Shadows, and their constant little spats over who was right and who was wrong, and that the war to end all wars was building up.

She told about Earth's civil war and how John had been forced to remove himself from Earth Force and declare B5 an independent nation, the battles that followed, both internally and externally, and the fact that those who had once tried to obliterate Earth had in fact become their saviours.

The crew on the bridge listened, enraptured by her voice. Marcus marvelled at this as she managed to captivate them all. When she'd finished, the bridge crew applauded.

Even Teal'c smiled and inclined his head.

"Which leaves us out here now with the burning question of-" she looked at every member of the command. "What the hell do we do now?"

Ba'al had ordered the destruction of every single life form on the planet. He wanted it secure and have it completely in his hands before he proceeded with the next stage. The Jaffa had done this, indiscriminately killing the denizens of the planet. Neither adult nor child survived the onslaught. The drones were killed and burned; he left but ten alive to experiment on. When the planet was razed, he ordered complete orbital bombardment, destroying all evidence of their arrival.

When completed, the fleet moved out and jumped to hyperspace. The Borg arrived shortly afterwards and found nothing of use except a burning hulk that was once a lush planet ripe for assimilation.

The ships found a relatively isolated planet with no humanoid life forms present. Once there, Ba'al began setting up his base of operations. Within the year he wanted to be able to create a full-scale force, including bombers and death gliders. He used the tunnel crystals that his Jaffa had stolen from the Tok'ra and began creating the underground base.

Things, Ba'al decided, were looking good.