Responsibilities of Phasing

Isabella Marie Swan. She was the love of my life, and yet the furthest thing from my mind as I raced through the forest. This life, this freedom…if I chose her I would have to give it all up. Being a werewolf is something I can't change about my past, but for her I would give it up in my future.

Already I had to be on pins and needles around her. After Sam's attack on Emily we all were. Phasing because of anger was something not easily stopped, and yet I had to find some way to control it. Always she was accompanied by the stench of those leeches…her vampires, she called them. And sometimes he was there.

Edward Cullen. The very bane of my existence, at least were Bella was concerned. After he left her, it was by responsibility to protect her; fix the hole in her heart. And I did. I know in those few months, stuck together in my dingy old garage fixing the motorcycles, she fell for me. Of course, I was already head over heels for her, but finally she'd come around! Then it wasn't my responsibility anymore, it was my right to be with her.

Every day we spent together was a gift. "Jake!" She would call, running into the house. "Jake, I'm here!" The way she said my name was beautiful.

But I was still a monster. My sweet Bella, danger magnet to all sorts of things, had already loved another monster: that vampire. And now, here she was with me. If anything, my claws and sheer size was a match for the venom in his fangs.

It was my privilege to be with Bella. She was an angel among the strangers of the world, and yet she chose to spend her time with me. I loved feeling her cold form huddled against me in those cold days we spent together.

But then he came back and reminded me how much of a privilege I had. It seemed like one day Bella was there, and the next she had been ripped away from me, leaving me with the hole this time. My responsibility was gone; I was free to go back to the wilderness and let my instincts take over.

And I did. I left La Push and Fork, my powerful legs pushing me farther and farther away with each passing second. It was not my right to love her, it was his.

With that thought, I ran even faster, letting the tears fall. Soon, the urge became too great, and I fell on all fours, feeling my bones bend and break until I was a wolf.

I needed to get away, leave it all behind. If I ran away, maybe I would eventually forget. But in the same instant, I knew I could never forget her. If I did, I would stop existing as Jacob Black.

So I pushed my legs faster and let Jacob Black disappear behind me.

AN: Just a school writing prompt that I had to do last week: "Responsibilities and Rights" Very boring, but I managed to crank this out in about 20 minutes. Hopefully my teachers thought it was good…...I spent the rest of my time to write it making Death Note finger puppets. :D Yes, I am a dork.Quote from Eclipse's ending