Only A Wish Away

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tossing his jacket over his chair, Captain Jack Harkness rubbed his eyes. It had been another long day catching Weevils and administrating Retcon to the people who'd been unlucky enough to catch a glimpse of them. They were undoubtedly scary things if you hadn't seen them before, never mind if you hadn't seen any alien life forms. Jack had never been in that position; even when he was a child there was always alien knowledge all around you. Now he was over 100 years old, he had seen and done more than his fair share of alien dabbling.

Looking up, he saw Gwen standing at the entrance to his 'office', looking more than a tad concerned.

"You alright, Jack?" she said, in her heavy Welsh accent.

Smiling, Jack shook his head. "Nah, I'm OK. A bit tired. Nothing to worry about!" he said, certain that a night of sleep would do him the world of good. He hadn't slept last night, worrying about Owen – he was worrying more than that man deserved – and was no shattered. Even though he was immortal, he still needed to sleep.

"Alright, then." Gwen said, reluctantly, knowing that if there was anything seriously wrong then Jack would admit it. "We're just gonna write up the reports for the Weevils, then we're gonna head home, I think. Tosh is going with Owen again – I don't think anyone wants to leave him on his own in his condition." She said, her eyes dimming slightly. Jack looked at her, as she brought her head back up, the sparkle returning to her eyes. "That OK?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure. Just tell me when you're finished." Jack said, ushering Gwen out the door and turning back to his desk. Sighing, he pulled a stack of paperwork to him, picked up a pen, and began to write.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"He's getting weirder."

"Is that possible?"

"Well, he's acting stranger." Gwen said, looking sideways at Owen with whom she was having a discussion with. "Tired. He's never tired. Never."

"'Course 'e is!" Ianto said, through a mouthful of pizza. Swallowing, he turned to Gwen. "He's immortal, I know, but surely he must get tired like the rest of us lesser beings?" he smirked, taking another large bite of his Meat Feast pizza.

Owen looked at the pizza, following it as it made its way from the plate to Ianto's mouth. "Don't. You're torturing me here!" he said, pointing to the pizza. It bummed him that he wasn't allowed to eat, drink, sleep, or even piss. It was shit, and Owen hated it.

Seeing Owen's deep scowl, Gwen turned the conversation back to Jack, who was still shut in his office. "Don't tell me you haven't noticed!" she said, her eyes wide. "Ever since he came back from being away, wherever he was, he's been different. Reminiscing a lot more than he used to." She said, looking at the others, some of whom were nodding in agreement at her statement.

"I suppose …" said Tosh, who turned away from her computer long enough to catch the end of Gwen's statement. "He never used to mention his past, even before you came. Ever more so before you, actually. You unearthed a few things – especially that comment about "finding the right doctor" that's the one I'm most curious about, myself." She said, picking up a slice of pizza herself, as Ianto batted Owen's hand away from the pizza as it automatically reached for a slice. Owen scowled at him, as Ianto smirked back.

"Really?" Gwen didn't know this, and was slightly intrigued. She'd always thought that the rest of them knew a tad more about Jack that she did, and that had always narked her off somewhat. To be honest, knowing basically nothing about your boss except the fact that he was immortal and his name narked her off on a permanent basis, which was why she was so dedicated to shifting some light onto the intricate character of Jack.

A buzzing from Tosh's computer attracted the group's attention, but they soon all turned back to the pizza, apart from Tosh, who was now completely immersed in whatever the computer was saying. The rest of the group, however, turned their attentions back to the conversation at hand: Jack.

"So who's this 'doctor' person then?" Gwen asked, knowing that they'd probably know more than she did.

"Dunno." Owen said, always the helpful one. The glances that Ianto and Gwen gave him sounded this comment. "He's never mentioned him directly," he said, backtracking, "only that he was 'waiting for the right kind of doctor'. Maybe a chiropodist?" he suggested, his smile letting the rest know that he was joking.

"Seriously, though, does no-one know anything about the one thing from Jack's past that keeps cropping up?" she asked. "Is he the thing that made Jack immortal?"

"Maybe." Ianto said, rolling his head around his shoulders, "But I don't think so. Just by the way he talks. It doesn't seem like it. I'm sure he'd gush a lot more."

"Wait a minute." Owen said, holding up his hands. "When Martha was here, she said they were, what was it, 'under the same doctor', yeah. And she said they go 'forward and back'. And he said he relied on her when the world was ending."

"How can you go 'forward and back'? And sorry, but the world hasn't completely ended anytime recently. When did the world end for him and Martha?" Gwen asked, her expression puzzled.

"No idea. But I don't think it's something we are going to get to know anytime soon." Owen said, cocking up a smile. Gwen returned it as Tosh made a gasping noise.

"Guys, you better see this." She said, before getting up off her seat and rushing to Jack's office, pulling the door open with unnecessary force. "Jack! Rift activity!" she said, excitement evident on her face. She rushed back to her seat, swivelling round as she slammed into it, before turning back to her computer and punching some random keys (or what it seemed like to the other members of the team) and a list of statistics appeared on the screen.

"Rift activity about three minutes ago. Just outside of here, it seems. At the water tower." Tosh said, hitting the keyboard again. "Just trying to see the correct CCTV footage for that time," she said, her eyes screwed up in concentration, before suddenly relaxing. "There!" she said, pointing to a fuzzy yellow line that split down the left hand side of the screen, slightly to the left of the water tower that stood in the middle of Cardiff.

"You can barely see that!" Owen said, squinting, as the rest of the team were also doing.

"Sorry, let me fix that," Tosh said, before punching the keys. The image suddenly became a whole lot clearer as the yellow line got brighter and something came out of the rift.

"A person?" Ianto said, looking around. Jack, Owen, Gwen and Tosh were all equally as stunned. They'd never seen a figure come out of the rift before, least of all walk out like they were strolling to the supermarket.

"A girl." Jack said, as the figure became much clearer. It was a girl, a teenage girl. Her hair was the colour of chocolate, and she was wearing a black top and jeans. The group all looked at each other before grabbing coats, preparing to go outside to see this girl.

"Wait." Ianto said, beckoning them over to the CCTV. "You better see this." Everyone grouped around the computer again, and a collective gasp was heard from all five members of the group.

The girl was walking away, her back to the camera. Printed on the back, clear as day, was the Torchwood sign, with the words, "TORCHWOOD LONDON" printed underneath.