The Big Bang Theory

Well, I haven't got much to say this time (apart from what was that with Rose in the Poison Sky? She was like on the TV for a millisecond) and congrats to Billie Piper about her baby if the rumours are true. :)

And also thanks a bunch to my wonderful amazing cousin Ella, aka SonicScrewdriver. Thanks El for helping me in my time of need (!), and I hope you enjoy this chapter. :) Big Battle stuff in near chapters. Starting next chapter. :)

Everyone stood looking at each other, barely breathing.

The Doctor was shocked. This girl, standing in front of him, was a Tyler. She looked "Don't bother. We'll deal with this." She said, nodding to Mickey, who walked went up to Tosh's computer before inserting a CD-like device into the hard drive; a few button clicks made the Rift lock back up, closing off this world from the Daleks. Mickey looked smug and retrieved the CD, saying thanks to Tosh before walking over to Tala.

She was the spit of Rose; her eyes were exactly the same, hazel and round that could squint into slits to throw off evil looks but still managed to look wide-eyed and amazed when extraordinary things happened. Her face was also similar, but it was her hair that stood out. Since he was used to seeing that face and those eyes (abet a little bit older) with blonde hair, it was startling to see them with chocolate brown hair. It suited her, but it was still strange to him. He imagined she must be Rose's sister – Rose had said on the beach that Jackie was three months pregnant. It all fitted.

Jack's voice broke through the silence. "Fine. Whatever. Hi, Mickey. Nice to see you again." His voice was ironic. Mickey scowled. "But we have Daleks coming through the rift. Can we leave the domestics until after we've defeated the deadliest creatures of the universe?" He asked sarcastically, looking to the other members of his team to assist him. Moving towards their stations, they were stopped by Tala.

"Done." He said simply. "What's the situation?"

"I don't know. It's probably got worse. Everyone was in a right state." Tala said quietly, the whole group standing watching the pair, even the Doctor; he had opened his mouth several times as if he was about to say something, before deciding against it.

Tala whipped out her mobile phone again, and spoke into it softly. "Hey, It's Tala … Yes, I know … Sorry, but we've found them! … No, I won't do it again … What's it like? … Oh great … Right, ok. … I'll get everyone back soon. Gotcha. Love you, Bye!" she said, hanging up before the person on the end could mutter another word.

When she turned to speak to the group again, it was Mickey she was addressing. "It's pandemonium. They're getting through. Unfortunately they're too far through to use the Rift Reinforcers; they've almost completely broken down the barrier's we've set up. Caitlin and Jake are preparing everyone for a fight. Mum's plane is somewhere over the Weimar Republic, apparently. She should be home soon, but everyone wants us back now. And we've got the bring this lot with us." She finished, pointing at the group. "How many do you have?"

"Five." Mickey replied, patting his jacket pockets apparently looking for something. "You?"

"Five as well. Do you think that will be enough?" she said, counting the group. There were 9.

"Yeah." Mickey said. "One spare." He smiled at her, as he brought out circular yellow buttons the Doctor had seen before.

"Oh no you don't." the Doctor said, finally finding his voice. "What have I told you about those buttons? They tear holes in the universe!" He stressed, looking wildly from Mickey to Tala. Mickey started defiantly back, while Tala looked confused.

"We've improved them." Mickey said. "We've worked very hard on them. They don't tear holes in the universe anymore. Well, not big ones, anyway. And now we've got the software back on out Earth to patch them up." Mickey again adopted a smug look. "Now, we've got the get back home." Mickey said, while Tala started handing out buttons to everyone in the room.

The Doctor took one, but did not put it over his head like everyone else had done. He was still apprehensive about this; he did not like the idea of having the repair another hole in the universes and having to go through the mental torture of what he'd had to go through before. He also knew that if he went with them, he's see Rose again. Would she look the same? Would she have moved on with her life? Married, with kids and a house and a dog with a nose? He knew that he wanted her to have a fantastic life, but a very small and very selfish part of him was hoping that she hadn't. That she'd still be the same old Rose he knew before. He held the button in his hand, staring at it. "You said you had one spare." He said, looking at Tala, and idea forming in his mind that would probably prove useful as a back-up. Plus that fact he didn't go anywhere without her.

"Yes." She said, nodding slowly.

"I know where you can use it." He said, and deftly caught the button thrown at him by Mickey. Walking up, he hooked it over the TARDIS light, so that she would get transported with them. Mickey rolled his eyes.

"Now we can go." He said.

"Go where?" Martha voiced everyone in the room's thoughts.

"Three, two, one…" Mickey counted, before pressing his hand against the button, and Torchwood Three was deserted.


On contrast, Torchwood One in Alternative London was in chaos. Everyone was rushing around, some people where screaming, while some were barking orders. The moment the group landed, a man that the Doctor recognized ran over to them, who would have looked as through he was popping into a meeting if it wasn't for the stressed look on his face. Pete Tyler looked a completely different man; he was almost completely bald, and his face had considerably more wrinkles.

"Tala!" he said, and the girl ran up to meet him; he squeezed her tightly before letting go. "Are you OK? I know they shouldn't have put you through there, I'm so sorry…" He said, trailing off to hug her again.

"I'm fine." She smiled, her voice muffled since her face was still pressed into his suit.

"Good." He said, shaking hands with Mickey before noticing the Doctor. He stared for a moment, and then swivelled back to Tala, who was smirking.

"You did it." He said simply. He walked up to the Doctor and extended a hand, which the Doctor shook. They smiled at each other before Pete addressed the rest. "I'm Pete Tyler, Head of Torchwood One." He said. "Call me Pete."

"Jack." Jack Harkness stepped forward and shook Pete's hand.

"Jack? Rose has mentioned you before." He said, smirking at Jack's beaming smile. He turned back to Tala with a proud smile on his face. He looked at the Doctor, then back again at Tala. "Well done." He said, beckoning them to follow as they entered Pete's office. "Jacks didn't think you could do it. But, between you and me, I knew that you would do it. You're a Tyler, and we don't give up." Pete said to Tala, although it was not quiet and the whole group heard him.

"What?" The Doctor stopped, looking confused and a little hurt. "You came through to this universe to find me and bring me back here?"

"Yeah, kinda. Sorry." Tala said, rubbing her neck as a light and almost undetectable blush stained her cheeks. "It was my assignment. You were my assignment."

"So that what all the manic laughing and hitting Mickey and stuff was about?" Jack asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Yeah. Sorry. Trying to establish an environment of intimidation so you guys would do what I said. Sorry again. Didn't work though, did it …" she trailed off, looking a bit disappointed as she realized her oh-so-cunning plan didn't exactly work out.

"Why me?" The Doctor asked, looking at Tala.

"Because, frankly, we need you."

"Need me? What for?"

"The Daleks have been breaking through the barriers for about three months now." Pete started. "Luckily we now have such advanced software that we were able to detect them getting in pretty early. Rose told us you were the only hope of defeating them, and you were pretty much out of the question. Until Tala said she'd been working on the buttons that allowed us to jump from one universe to another."

"You?" Owen asked, pointing at her. The whole of the Torchwood team and Martha had been quiet, listening intently.

"Yes. Me." Tala said, staring him in the eyes. "It's a personal project. Something for someone. To help them. They deserved it, and I knew that only I had the ability to fix them. So I did." She cast her eyes down to the ground, before Mickey rested his hand on her shoulder. Looking into his eyes, Tala snapped back into action before anyone could say anything.

"People, we all need to work together to help fight them." She said, slapping her hands together.

"Don't you think that the Doc should take charge? No offense, Tala, but he's more experienced." Jack submitted, pointing in the Doctor's direction.

Tala rolled her eyes. "Be my guest." She smirked, letting the Doctor know he was welcome to have full reign over this. She turned to Pete. "I'm going to find Andie and Katie, okay?" She said, waving as she shut the door.

"My daughters." Mickey said, in answer to most people's questions.

"Right, we need a - " Pete started, before all the lights flickered just as they had at Torchwood Three.

A woman ran in, looking slightly harassed. "Mr Tyler, sir, most of the power on the lower floors has cut off. The generator is working but it's powering up. We're expected to lose power in ten minutes." She said.

"Thanks Mandy." Pete replied, just as the TV behind his flickered, Tala's face coming into view.

"Granddad? You there?" Tala said, obviously typing in something as her head was done.

"Receiving, Tala." He said, turning around.

"Mum's back." Tala said, before being shoved off the TV, with an indignant "Oi!"

"Dad, I can't see you. Can you see me? I think the screen went with the power." Rose's face appeared.

"I can see you. Did Tala tell you she had succeeded in her assignment?"

"Yeah, she did." Rose said, before breaking into a smile. "Hello, Doctor."