Hey! The first chapter of my new story is up. It's called Dear Bella Swan, you're Playing with the Big Boys Now.

Summary- All Human. One day in gym class, Forks High learns that Bella Swan can kick. The football team needs a kicker. The result of that: Bella makes the football team. The problem: None of the guys want a girl on their team

Also, please go check out my story The Power of Candy Heart which is an entry for the Epic T Rated One-Shot Contest that is hosted by Bronzehairedgirl620 and (in memory of) Daddy's Little Cannibal.

Summary- Rose needs to tell Emmett something but doesn't know exactly how to tell him. And how are candy hearts involved?

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Here are some questions that people have asked me about Fighting Temptation.

Is there going to be a sequel?

Answer: As of now, there is no sequel. I have other stories I want to write. I don't think I'll ever end up doing one since it takes me so long to finish my stories in the first place and I do have other story ideas.

What is Clapp's problem? Why did Edward have to move, he and Bella were only holding hands.

Answer: I really don't know what Clapp's problem is since the characters tend to write themselves. I guess he has the same attitude as the gym teacher in Mean Girls. "You will get chlymidia and die." I assume he just thinks that all high school couples are doing the dirty and when he found them sharing a bed together, he assumed the worst while in reality, all Bella and Edward were doing was sleeping. With him reacting so strongly to them holding hands and making Edward move, he was still upset about the bed sharing and was worried that Bella and Edward were going to get too cozy and would go at it like monkeys in the back seat. Hard to imagine that happening but that is how some adults see teenage couples these days.

Were Jared, Jaclyn, and Reid based off real people or did you just make them up?

Answer: I made them up. Actually, now that I think about it, Jaclyn is very similar to me so I guess the true answer is Jared and Reid are made up and Jaclyn was based off of myself.

Whatever happened to Lori?

Answer: Umm…good question. She was still at the basketball camp but I guess she decided she didn't want to cause any more drama; she left all of the troublemaking to Reid.

That's two times that Reid has assaulted Bella, so why didn't she report him?

Answer: I honestly never though of that. While I was writing, I honestly considered it to be strong persistence instead of assault. I never knew it would appear that Reid had assaulted her because that's not how I intended it to be viewed.

In the chapter 'The truth' Bella dropped a ten-pound weight on her foot. Wouldn't that have broken her foot?

Answer: It might have but not necessarily. In gym, I dropped a twenty-five pound weight on my foot and I didn't break my foot; I just got a lovely baseball size bruise on my foot.

Why do you respond to every review?

Answer: Unfortunatly, I don't have time to answer every single review but I try my best to answer most of them. I respond to them to show you how much I appreciate your reviews. If you take your time to review then I'll take the time to respond.

What was your favourite chapter to write?

Answer: Tough question. The truth or dare chapters are always fun to write, so are the really fluffy chapters. If I had to pick one, I would say my favourite chapter to write was The Truth.

Where does Lucas go or get watched by while Rose and Emmett are working?

Answer: A babysitter

Thank you everyone for your support and for even reading my story. I truly appreciate it.

~!~ Dobber17 ~!~