She was so cold. It was one of the few things her brain could register, as she slowly regained consciousness. Everything hurt, she was sure that more than a few things had to be broken or at least severely dislocated. They had left her so bare. Utterly exposed…. her stomach, her back, her breasts, her legs. Everything.

She had no idea where her clothes were, where they had discarded them. As she started to regain more feeling, the pain worsened and she could feel their juices and her blood start to leak out from her openings.

Disgusting. Contaminated. Broken.

She wheezed as she turned her head to the side and proceeded to vomit bile. There had to have been at least three of them. Three utterly disgusting, repulsive men that had surprised and overpowered her before dragging her into an ally somewhere along her jogging route and raping her in ways that she did not even know where possible. She knew it was a bad idea to go jogging at night.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. How had she let them get her gun away from her? How had she let them cut her with her own goddamn knife?! Her head was spinning now, reeling from the pain and the cold and the nausea. She realized that she had the unmistakable taste of semen in her mouth. Bastards.

That was her last thought before she lost consciousness again and slipped into the darkness.


It was 0500 when Tony walked into NCIS HQ. Gibbs was already seated at his own


"I called you an hour ago Dinozzo. What the hell took so long?" Gibbs barked.

"Sorry Boss, won't happen again." He mumbled tiredly. Truth was, he had fallen back asleep for half an hour after he had gotten off the phone with Gibbs.

"I still can't get a hold of Ziva." Gibbs said, starting to get worried.

"We could drop by her apartment…." Tony said hopingly.

"Alright, we'll stop by on the way to the crime scene. Grab your gear!"


She awoke again and, as if the misery of being too helpless to shield her private and vulnerable body parts from the elements was not bad enough, the uncontrollable convulsions in her stomach associated with the intense shivering exacerbated the pain she was already feeling in what had to be numerous fractured ribs amongst other ailments. the pain. It wasn't just in her ribs; it was all over. The pain was intense. It permeated her body, her person; it overwhelmed her.


She thought of Tony to try and take her mind off the pain. God, they had been so happy lately. They had finally admitted the way that they felt about one another and had been together a little over three months now. Gibbs was none the wiser. They knew he wouldn't be happy about them breaking rule number twelve, so they decided to keep it under wraps for the time being.

"I'm sorry Tony…" Was her last thought before slinking away once again into unconsciousness.


Tony and Gibbs stood in front of Ziva's door and knocked a few times, when they received no answer they knocked louder and Tony called her name. When they still received no answer Tony fished in his pocket and pulled out her key. Gibbs looked at him.

"And just why do you have a key to Ziva's apartment Tony?" Gibbs asked suspiciously.

Tony didn't know what to say so he just stared back at Gibbs for a moment before turning back to the door and inserting the key.

He pushed the door open, walked in and looked around. Gibbs followed. Tony called out her name before walking down the hall to her bedroom, once again, Gibbs followed him, still looking at him strangely.

Once in her bedroom Gibbs looked at her nightstand and picked up a framed photo. One of Ziva and Tony.

Tonny saw what he was holding and his eyes met Gibbs before finding something not so interesting to look at on his shoes.

Gibbs grunted before speaking. "We WILL have a long talk about this later Tony. All three of us."

"Yes Boss." Tony mumbled quietly.


Ziva woke to someone moving her. She opened her eyes and saw a man.

"No! No more! …Please!" She croaked out in as loud a voice as she could muster. This was it. She was going to die. She knew it. Her body couldn't take anymore.

"It's okay miss, calm down, we're here to help you. We're gonna help you okay? We're going to get you to the hospital."

'Thank God…' Ziva thought.

One of the paramedics found her badge and I.D. laying further back in the alley under her torn panties.

"Take her to Bethesda" He stated.

"Why are why taking her to a Naval hospital?" the other paramedic asked.

"She's NCIS."

That's all the explanation he needed.