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Love Through Centuries
**sequel to Future Meets Past**

By: Ketsuki Ryu Shinwa


Sailor Saturn, the one of Death, of Destruction, the holder of the power of silence, gripped her Silence Glaive with agitation. Her lips were pressed tightly together in a pinched line, frowning deeply. Her eyes seemed deeply troubled, the beautiful light violet darkened into a dark black. Her other hand laid clenched at her side, as she kept herself from blowing up. Her face revealed nothing, although it was evident she was confused. She lifted her eyes up slowly, looking up to stare at the person who stood in front of her. Then her eyes strayed to the person who stood next to her, and her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Then her gaze drifted to the person on the other side of the person in front of her and her black eyes hardened into blocks of ice.

The person in front of Sailor Saturn was a vision of beauty and lovliness. Her crystal saphhire blue eyes sparkled whenever she laid her eyes on someone. But now, her eyes were clouded with shame. Her face was twisted into a frown, as she contemplated what to say. Her silver blond hair streamed past her, falling in two carefully tied pigtails that fell from two buns twisted on the top of her head. A small crown was settled on her head, hiding the bottom half in her hair. It was golden with red jewels adorning the front. Strands of curled hair framed her beautifully bright face. Her hands was clasped in front of her, fingers laced together tightly. The dress she had on was white with golden designs near the collar and white fabric wings that fit her perfectly. She was Neo Queen Serenity, ruler of Crystal Tokyo, formerly known as Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, and Sailor Moon, super heroine who defended the city of Tokyo.

The person next to Neo Queen Serenity was the total opposite of her. She had long wine bottle green hair, falling past her shoulders and nearly to her knees. However, she had a small bun twisted at the back of her head. Bangs fell past her eyes but did not hide the beautiful but mysterious garnet orbs, her eyes that held millions of years of wisdom. She wore a sailor fuku, with the green bows and the green skirt and long boots. In her hand was a tall staff, which held a large jewel atop the staff. It was a large heart, with a garnet orb nestled in the center of the heart. She hugged the staff close to her, as if it was very important to her and no one could dare to take it away. She was Sailor Pluto, Guardian of the Time Gates, Protector of the Past, Fighter of the Future.

Last of all, the person on the other side of Neo Queen Serenity was a young teenager. The person, however, looked quite plain next to the three majestically beautiful and evidently noble people who stood near him. He had tousled brown hair, strands falling in front of his eyes. His eyes were a colour of light brown, but in a certain angle, would seem almost hazel. He had sharp features, almost looking like he was drawn with an ink pen. We wore a white shirt with brown trousers. The most peculier part of him was that he had a blue pacifier in his mouth. All three of them was staring at Sailor Saturn.

"Why?" an almost unaudible sound came from Saturn's mouth as she stared at her Queen.

Neo Serenity shut her eyes tightly to not reveal the tears. She knew her senshi was suffering...but what other way could there be? "Saturn...It has to be. It was pre-destined. Please cooperate with us".

Saturn hardened her glare as her grip on her glaive tightened. "I don't care if it was pre-destined..." Saturn turned pleading eyes towards her queen. "Don't send me away...I know you need me here to fight the Black Moon Family..."

Neo Serenity shook her head. "Understand, Sailor Saturn of the planet of destruction. We were not meant to win. Chibi-Usa has to go back to the past to meet my past self, and only then would Usagi face the revelations she has to face. Or else the entire world will be completely destroyed by one simple time snap. Correct, Pluto?"

The green haired woman turned to the queen and nodded, her garnet orbs not betraying nought a single emotion she must be going through.

Saturn narrowed her coal black eyes. She lowered her head a bit to use her bangs to cover her hateful gaze towards the young teen by Neo Serenity's side. "So we purposely lose...?"

"...We must...I must be encased in a crystal...and...I am not allowed to tell. But Sailor Uranus and Neptune must return to the Solar System and once again become the SS Patrol Team once more. And you have a much more important position. You must return to your job", Neo Serenity commanded sternly.

"Demo - "

Neo Serenity suddenly rushed forward and threw her arms around Hotaru, hugging her petite body tightly to her own. Tears gathered at the edge of her beautiful eyes and began to roll down her cheeks. It seemed like that was the signal to start the floods of tears. Saturn burst into a round of sobs as she slowly knelt onto the ground, being her queen with her. They hugged, crying harder and harder.

The queen then released her and brought her face up with her two hands, letting them meet eye to eye. "Hotaru-chan...I'm scared too. I'm scared I won't survive this onslaught and all the things we've worked for will crumble at our feet. My Inner Senshi has to guard the power from the Ginzuishou that holds this palace together. Onegai, Hotaru-chan, trust me on this one. We're all scared and doesn't seem to have faith in our past selves. But we must learn to face what we fear and overcome it. I am ready to face my destiny. Are you?"

Saturn stared at her queen's trusting and loving eyes and looked away, letting the queen's hands fall to her side. Her bottom lip trembled in fear as she shut her eyes tightly, trying to stop the tears. Yes, she was scared. What if the Fates decided to play around and instead, the Black Moon Family destroyed Crystal Tokyo? And she won't be here to help? Millions of doubts coursed through her mind as she stared at the floor. Her tears were beginning to dry, leaving shiny streaked lines on her face.

Neo Serenity stared anxiously at the silent Saturn. She could tell her senshi was deep in thought, not sure how to answer. She looked up to glance at Pluto, worry in her eyes. Pluto smiled hesitantly, then turned to stare at Saturn.

Saturn looked up, a small smile on her face. "Hai, I am ready".

A huge smile split across Neo Serenity's face and she hugged Saturn tightly. She led Saturn to stand and then turned to the young teenager that had not uttered a word. He looked very embarrassed to be a witness to such an emotional scene.

"Allow me to introduce to you, Koenma-sama, Sailor Saturn, Senshi of Death and Destruction, the legendary proclaimed Goddess of your world. Sailor Saturn, this is Koenma, Ruler of Reikai, and the one who sends souls to either heaven and paradise, or hell and eternal punishment".

Saturn nodded in acknlowedgement and Koenma bowed, awe on his face. "You're the first Queen of Reikai, the one who created the entire spiritual world. You also created Meikai, the netherlands represented as Hell. It is an honour to meet the One of Death and Destruction", Koenma said.

Saturn frowned, then nodded again. She turned to Pluto with pleading eyes. "Must I go now?" she asked, a silent plead in his voice.

Pluto nodded. "Hai, Saturn. You must. Gomen ne, we don't have much time before the Black Moon Family attacks and I must send Chibi-Usa to the past. Go with Koenma-sama, Saturn. And be sure to not reveal your true identity to others. Or else everyone will be after you for many reasons", Pluto warned.

Saturn nodded and reached forward to hug Pluto. Pluto awkwardly returned the hug and stepped back. Saturn then hugged Neo Serenity tightly. "Be careful, Saturn. No matter what emotional revelations you go through, never reveal your identity. Good luck, Firefly", Neo Serenity whispered in her ear and stepped back. Saturn's eyes filled with tears and nodded before turning to Koenma.

Koenma lifted a hand for her to hold on to. Saturn looked back one last time and tried to absorb every last detail of the room, the furniture, her friends. She then turned and took Koenma's hand with her left hand, while her right hand tightened on her glaive.

Koenma took his pacifier from his mouth and concentrated. A green light erupted from it and enveloped them both. Within seconds, the teleportation was done and they were both gone.

Neo Serenity sighed. "Pluto...Let's just hope this was the right decision - "

"Neo Serenity-sama!" Sailor Neptune and Uranus burst into the room, eyes wide with panic. "The Black Moon Family's here! Pluto, you must send Chibi-Usa to the past now. The Inners and the elite planetary forces are defending Crystal Tokyo, but they won't last long. Endymion-sama is bring Chibi-Usa down here at the moment. We must go, Serenity-sama!"

Neo Serenity turned her now hardened eyes towards Pluto, no sorrow on her face once again. She had a destiny to fufill, and although she wished Saturn, the dear little Firefly was with them now, she couldn't ponder any long.

Pluto nodded and took off, out the door. A flash of silverish purple and she was gone. "Come, Neptune, Uranus. We shall fufill Usagi's destiny. And...settle Saturn's worries".

With those last words, all three Senshi swept out of the room, leaving it bare and empty. All three was ready to face their destiny.


End of Prologue.

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It seems that Koenma is really from the PAST in the twenty-first century of Tokyo. Pluto had went back and brought him to Crystal Tokyo to bring Hotaru back with him so that she could learn more about the happenings and such and such of what happens to the dead and how to respect them and to study the energy that is needed to hold the entire Reikai together. Hotaru, OF COURSE, meets Kurama, and a whole lot of stuff happens that I cannot tell you about but you can be sure it will be just as fascinating as Future Meets Past or my dragonball Z/Sailor Moon crossover. You can bet your life on that.

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Koenma is really from the Crystal Tokyo time and King of Reikai. He is suppose to apoint Hotaru as a temporary ferry girl so that she can enter Reikai secretly. No one is suppose to know she is actually Shinomegami no Densetsu no Reikai. She is suppose to accompany Koenma to diplomatic meetings and missions, and help him with his paperwork. She is also suppose to learn how to support the energy that sustains the entire Reikai. They go to Makai for a meeting with the three rulers, Hiei, Kurama, and Yusuke (Yomi, Mukuro, and Raizen are obviously dead by now) and then another whole lot of stuff happens.

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