Yup. I have absolutely no excuse for not updating for such a long time. Lazy, perhaps. Or losing interest. Chapter eleven was in the works but my computer decided to commit suicide so I lost the stuff I had written up. So while my comp decides to stop being a bitch, or whenever my cousin can actually come over to reformat this piece of trash, I will be attempting to rewrite it.

I've been completely obsessed with RP-ing lately (roleplaying through livejournals) so that probably contributed to my non-writing-ness. Therefore I'm not entirely sure when chapter 11 will be out.

I hope I'm not losing fans over this hides but it would be unreasonable for me to ask you all to wait. Therefore if you feel like emailing me to flame, bug, or kick, please do. I love receiving emails. Even hostile ones (although no, of course I'm not a masochist insert reasonably sane smile)